10 Best Recliners from $700 to $1000 – Quality Recliners at an Excellent Cost!

Quality furniture is always worth it. Every chair, sofa, or loveseat you get at a decent cost but for an exceptional build will undoubtedly provide everything you need and more.
And what better to match that description than the best recliners under $1000? With these pieces of furniture, you can achieve the ideal appearance on your living room, a flawless experience of comfort, and ease of mind with a product that will last years.
But not all recliners in this price range are really worth your money. That’s why we want to help you pick the right one with some of our reviews. Care to learn more about the products we have here? Then keep reading! 

10 Best Recliners from $700 to $1000 Reviews

We chose 10 of the highest-quality recliners below the $1000 limit so you could learn more about each and get the ideal one for your needs. Here’s what you should know about them:

ComfortMax Commander Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar + Wired Control

Catnapper Cosmo Glider Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Swiveling & Gliding Mechanism

Human Touch iJOY 4.0 Massage ReclinerHome Furnishings Rancho Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Ultra-Low Design + Massaging Mechanism + USB Charging Port

Zimmerman Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Center Console Storage & Cup Holders

Homelegance Chai Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Two-Tone Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Cushioning

Mac Motion Oslo Collection Mandal Chair and Ottoman Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: PTop-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Lumbar Support + Ottoman

eSmart LC5100 Ultimate Massage Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Zero-Gravity Reclining + S+L Massaging Mechanism 

Homelegance Center Hill Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Nail-Head Trimming + Classical Design

Ootori Q7 Full Body Electric Massage Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Zero-Gravity Reclining + Shiatsu Massaging System

Catnapper Soother Power Lift Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Chenille
  • Extra feature: Ultra Soft Padding + 4 Terrific Color Options

The first one we need to talk about is the ComfortMax Commander. This is a massive design for big people that offers everything for a more comfortable and issue-free experience.

The upholstery looks simple, but it boasts top-grain leather that feels soft and provides a unique smoked Mushroom color that will make your living room cuter. This matches well with the fluffy padding all around the piece, using pillow-top cushions that make sink your body when sitting.

One of the things that impresses about this chair is the power headrest and lumbar, so you can move them according to your needs to achieve a superbly comfortable experience.

When reclining, it goes really far back to achieve an almost unbeatable position. This leaves you utterly cozy at any time. You control everything from a hand-wand by only pushing buttons. On top of that, it comes with a USB-charging port and a pouch on the side for extra convenience. 


  • Exceptional top-grain leather upholstery
  • Adjustable headrest & lumbar for extra comfort
  • Very convenient operation from a remote control


  • Huge and heavy design can be challenging to install
  • The remote control position can be tough to reach

A chair under 1000 doesn’t have to be the most complex piece out there. The Catnapper Cosmo, for example, offers everything you could need in a recliner without going over the top.

The only thing you’ll find about this chair that is better than many others is the size. This recliner is enormous in every way, so it offers a very comfortable experience when using. 

The comfort gets really good when you consider the memory foam padding all around, covered in high-quality bonded leather that lasts years. You get a piece that looks amazing as well, coming with black color and white stitching that stands out in your modern living room.

When it comes to build, you’ll find a steel reclining mechanism that activates with a simple pull of a lever on the side. And this goes well with a solid hardwood frame that you can expect to last for years. Add the superb gliding motion, and you’ll have an almost unbeatable piece. 


  •  Good-looking black bonded upholstery & stitching
  • Fluffy & comfy memory foam padding
  • Superb quality build with metal mechanism & hardwood frame


  • It can feel a little unstable when reclined
  • The position of the reclining lever is a bit problematic to reach

We wanted to bring every single type of recliner to this list, so we also brought the best massage chair under 1000. The Human Touch iJoy 4.0 provides every single feature you want on a recliner without a hefty cost.

The chair comes with a compact design that hosts any person. It is not the larger or the widest, but it still manages to provide a hugely comfortable experience. Especially when you add the decent plush padding in the headrest – you can find it utterly comfy. 

But what really makes this recliner fantastic is the massaging feature. You get a duo-massage motor that delivers vibration to different parts of your body. It helps to stimulate muscles and achieve ultimate relaxation in seconds.

The reclining feature is entirely smooth, so you can sit at your favorite position. And with the Tech Cradle function, you can even charge your devices with a USB port. To control it, you just need to use the remote, and that’s it.  


  • Small but magnificently comfortable for most people
  • A handy USB port for charging devices
  • Excellent massage feature in back and seat


  • The tiny design can make it unusable for some users
  • It doesn’t recline too far back

At this price range, you will also find sofa set designs for small living room that you shouldn’t dismiss – and the Zimmerman Power Loveseat is precisely that.

It boasts a classy design that overfills your living room with elegance while adding a touch of beauty with its polyurethane leather. But it is not only good-looking but spacious and convenient, with two wide seats plus a center console with storage and cup holders.

The design also manages to provide excellent breathability, both for the perforated back and seats as well as for the unique leather construction. 

The frame of the piece is also amazing, using pine wood and plywood parts that improve how well it stands the weight of time. And with its foam padding, you can be sure it will feel comfortable for many years to come. 

Let’s not forget it’s also a power recliner, so getting on your back is a total piece of cake with the simple touch of a button. 


  • Superb appearance & breathability with PU leather
  • High-quality pine wood construction
  • Convenient storage console with cup holders


  • It doesn’t recline too much 
  • The installation can take more time than expected

We couldn’t like one of the best sofas behind when talking about contemporary living room furniture on this price range. And of course, the Chai couch is an excellent piece from Homelegance that’s more than worthy of a review.

When you see this recliner, you immediately find it has one of the most exciting appearances out there. It has a combination of soft contemporary style in the sides and bottom with a leather-like dark brown fabric, plus a modern and stylish suede-like microfiber on the seats and armrests.

It looks fantastic with this contrast of colors, two tones that also feels amazing with the microfiber upholstery. But what really adds comfort to the piece is the high-density foam overstuffed padding, that you can enjoy as soon as you sit.

The two extremes of the sofa recline down, also featuring a gliding mechanism for extra relaxation. But this wouldn’t be possible without a robust plywood wood frame that can stand up to 900 pounds of weight – so you can imagine how sturdy it is. 


  • Stunning appearance with two-tone microfiber
  • Hugely comfortable with high-density foam
  • Durable & reliable plywood frame


  • The light microfiber gets dirty fast

If you want the highest comfort possible at work, then the best office chair under 1000 will not let you down. And of course, the Mac Motion Oslo Collection Mandal is the only one that matches that profile.

The sand and walnut finish gives this recliner a magnificent appearance that you will simply love. It is entirely durable thanks to the top-grain leather upholstery, ideal for a superb experience since the moment you buy it.

In comfort level, it doesn’t let you down either, coming with a pillow-top back and seat padding that feels as fluffy as it gets. And with the 360-degree swivel function and ottoman, you can expect tons of coziness from this piece.

The chair still comes with lumbar support and reclines with a simple knob on the side. Using and enjoying this piece will make your life better – and your office more stylish. 


  • Outstandingly beautiful with top-grain leather
  • Comfy & soft with pillow-top padding
  • Sturdy wooden build despite unique design


  • Installation can be a hassle
  • It doesn’t support as much weight as expected

Finishing an article for recliners under 1000 wouldn’t be possible without having some of the best zero gravity massage chair reviews. And to introduce these magnificent types of recliners, there’s no better model than the LC5100 from eSmart.

The whole design of the chair is upholstered with polyurethane leather, giving a soft feel and reliable build. With this surface, you get decent padding all around, using thin memory foam that adds a ton of comfort when sitting.

But if you really want to get the best out of this chair, you’ll have to turn on the massager. It scans your body entirely and gives a Digital Readout so you can optimize each massage to your needs. Working in your whole body with 42 airbags and 6 modes – this chair will take you to a whole new level of coziness.

It is a pretty durable and robust product still, with several years of lifespan easily. And it gets better when you add the remote control, so you can make it work with just a simple push of a key. 


  • Unbeatable massage system
  • Soft & good-looking leather upholstery
  • Convenient remote control & Digital Readout system


  • The chair feels firmer than most
  • The ON-OFF switch is on the back which can be difficult to reach

Homelegance always has excellent living room sets under 1000, and the Center Hill collection is one of those. This time, the sofa recliner makes its way to deliver one of the most stylish and comfy options.

The couch comes with a bonded leather surface that looks glossy, paired up with nail-head trimming on the armrests that deliver the classy look most people love. It fits any kind of living décor easily, as it comes in either Brown or Black tones. 

In terms of comfort, it delivers high-density foam that feels firm but cozy enough for a relaxing experience when sitting. And when you add the pull-tab double-reclining system, achieving full comfort will be as easy as peeling an orange.

The piece is very durable still, using a plywood frame with metal reinforcements on the seat that can stand 300 pounds effortlessly. Put it all together, and this chair surpasses even the most demanding expectations. 


  • Good-looking bonded leather upholstery
  • Highly comfortable foam padding
  • Reliable plywood build with metal reinforcements


  • The reclining system can be a little problematic
  • It doesn’t recline too much

Want the best massage chair under 2000? The Ootory Q7 Full-Body Massager Recliner is the option to go for. 

It has a humanized design that looks futuristic and adds a comfy touch, using memory foam for the padding and bonded leather for the upholstery.

But it is not the appearance or the cushions that make it an amazing option, but the outstanding massaging function that will take you to a whole new level of relaxation. It comes with 3 massage modes that work in your entire body.

The reclining mechanism doesn’t stay behind either, placing you on a zero-gravity position that will relax you in just minutes. And with the 8 massage roller heads in the chair, you’ll have a fantastic experience from beginning to end.

Despite all that, this recliner still handles up to 350 pounds of weight and even the tallest person. In short, this is a chair you don’t want to overlook. 


  • Modern & stylish design with bonded leather
  • Fantastic massaging feature
  • Sturdy build with a high weight capacity


  • Enclosed chair design may feel a little uncomfortable
  • The seat does not contain much padding

To finish our list of reviews, we need to bring another massage chair under 1000 that looks simple but offers tons of comfort. That’s the Catnapper Soother Power Lift recliner – an excellent choice for anyone.

The first thing you’ll see is the unique chenille fabric that provides a fluffy and soft appearance. And it comes in different colors such as Vino, Galaxy, Woodland, and Autumn – so you can make it work on your living room accordingly.

You can guess it feels comfy too using high-density foam padding all around so you can relax as soon as you sit on it. But that’s not only because of the padding but because of the superb massaging & heating features.

The ability to vibration and give your body warming feel at any moment makes this chair a unique option, even for the price. And on top of all that, it is still pretty sturdy with a plywood frame and steel base for extra durability. 

This chair even lifts with remote control, using the Direct Drive crossbar system. If this isn’t a fantastic piece of furniture to have, then nothing is.  


  • Magnificent chenille fabric for a unique appearance
  • Extremely cozy with massaging & heating feature
  • Sturdy & reliable plywood frame with steel base


  • The chenille fabric gets dusty fast
  • The remote control can be hard to use

Best Recliners from $700 to $1000 Buying Guide

Getting recliners in this price range is not as difficult as it seems. You’ll have many alternatives to pick, but it all comes down to knowing what to really look for. Here we explain the most important factors to think about:


There are various types of fabrics and leathers to consider when it comes to high-end and mid-end recliners. You should know what you want before buying anything.

The highest-quality type of upholstery you will find in this price range is top-grain leather. It is undoubtedly among the best options you’ll have the chance to get, and it offers the advantages only real leather provides. From durability to a fantastic appearance, nothing beats top-grain leather.

A similar option but way cheaper and less durable is bonded leather. It is a pretty common sight in this price range. Usually, this leather is shinier or glossier than real leather because it is artificial, but it still offers excellent results.

Then you’ll find fabrics such as microfiber or chenille. Microfiber tends to be smooth and very soft, similar to suede. It lasts enough time and looks well. Chenille is similar but thicker, with a softer and fluffier feeling, and lasts longer as well. These two are cheaper and feel different than leather.


Nothing compares to a practical recliner, so we think it is also essential you get something with additional features such as a lifting or massaging system.

A full body massage chair, for example, can make your sitting one-hundred percent better. And a lifting mechanism will help you or any elderly people stand out from it more easily. 

Other functions, such as heating, rocking, and gliding, are also handy to have. Plus, any feature such as storage console, cup holders, and more are always practical. 


Lastly, you need to think about the build of the recliner. We always recommend the hardest woods possible, but there are several types to consider.

The first you’ll find at this price range is hardwood. Several sorts of hardwoods stand out, such as pine and walnut. Anything that says hardwood or any name of a strong tree will be an excellent choice.

Then you’ll have solid woods like plywood. These aren’t the sturdiest builds you’ll find, but always come handy as reinforcements or adding a lighter frame to the recliner. 

But apart from materials, we also recommend going for corner-blocked construction if you want the best results. As long as you pick something strong enough for your needs, that will be enough. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I get several functions for my recliner at this price range?

A: Yes, you can always get a heated massage chair recliner that also lifts. They are as durable and reliable as the most expensive or less practical models. The Catnapper Soother Power Lift Recliner is an excellent example of that. 

Q: How much maintenance do these recliners need?

A: They don’t demand much maintenance apart from constant cleaning. As long as you keep dust, liquids, and dirt from the surface, most recliners can last several years or even decades. But you should also use them carefully and try not to break their mechanisms with harsh usage. 

Q: Are recliner sofas at this price range really worth it?

A: Yes, there’s always discount furniture of all kinds of sizes that you can get without losing any quality. All the chairs, loveseats and sofas in this list are entirely reliable and excellent choices in their entirety.

Bottom Line

After reading all our reviews, it’s time you decide and get the one. It all comes down to choosing the recliner that best meets your demands. But even with our reviews and buying guide, this can still be tough.

That’s why we recommend the Mac Motion Oslo Collection Mandal Chair and Ottoman as an excellent option in the list. From its top-grain leather upholstery to the comfort & convenience it offers – this one will come like a gem for your modern living room or office.

But if what you prefer is a large piece, then the Homelegance Chai Sofa will come like a flawless alternative. Everything it offers makes it an undoubtedly fantastic product. And surely, it has almost no drawbacks we could mention.

Overall, however, every single review of the best recliners under $1000 we have here will improve your life exponentially. So you still have lots of different options to pick from. Just make sure that whatever you get, it’s something that you will get the most from.