Ashley Furniture Signature Design Acieona Recliner Loveseat Review

Having a reclining loveseat with center console is always a magnificent option. There’s no doubt about it. And with Ashley Furniture Signature Design Acieona, you’ll get exactly that.
It’s hard to find good choices nowadays, especially in the recliner market for loveseat sofas. Luckily, Ashley Furniture always has something interesting to offer. This time, they come with one of the most reliable, comfortable, and attractive options you’ll find.
As soon as you set your sight on this loveseat, you’ll find out that it is not a simple recliner like many others. Instead, it looks, feels, and delivers what no other products can. And that’s a lot you can get advantage from.
In this article, we’ll explain all of this and more in-depth. Care to find out? Then come further!

Ashley Signature Design Acieona Loveseat Overview

You won’t find a reclining loveseat with cup holders as exceptionally well-made and resilient as the Acieona. It just takes results to another level, starting from its comfort and ending up with one of the sturdiest wooden frames in the market.

One of the most thrilling parts is the Chenille fabric. Not only it is as soft as no other sofa out there, but it is also amazingly good-looking, so you can get a pretty sofa for your living room.

This goes well with the thick cushioning in the whole couch, adding superb comfort so you can rest for hours non-stop. And this goes amazingly well with the excellent support, keeping back pains and other issues away.

Let’s not forget it also comes with a handy middle console with plenty of features for those who want increased convenience. And surely, it still manages to offer a solid & durable construction that will last years before it shows an issue.

All in all, this is a loveseat that makes it easy to relax on any day. It’s also pretty easy to install, and will undoubtedly look fabulous wherever you place it. If that’s not enough to say this is a fantastic product in every way – then nothing is.

Advantages of the Ashley Signature Design Acieona Recliner

This sofa spreads excellence all around. That’s no mistake. But it’s still important to learn why. Here we’ll explain all the worthy things the Acieona loveseat from Ashley offers:


Remarkable Upholstery

The first thing you’ll notice with the Acieona is an outstandingly beautiful design. It looks like no other sofa of its kind, and that’s a lot to say for its relatively affordable cost.

This happens because it uses Chenille fabric, a polyester creation that produces some of the best-looking designs out there. And it becomes an even better design when you add the modern stitched details that increase its overall look exponentially.

So it’s not only good-looking for its excellent material, but it’s also adorned to stand out on any living room. And let’s not overlook that it is also a total pleasure to feel with its plush-like surface.


Strong Build

Another exciting part that will not disappoint from this sofa is the hugely reliable construction. Just as it is beautiful and comfortable, it is also one of the safest in the market, so you can use it for years without having to worry about anything.

This happens because you’ll be receiving a corner-blocked frame that makes sure not even the highest weight can break it. And with the metal reinforcements on all the seat plus nailhead trim and tuftings, you will never experience a cracked or broken plank.

Let’s not forget about the Chenille fabric, also a pretty resistant surface that stands years of use effortlessly. And with the resilience foam cushions, you can enjoy comfort and support without losing anything over time.


High Comfort

What this sofa does best is being comfortable. There’s no doubt about this. And it all starts on the surface, with one of the softest feelings you’ll experience when it comes to loveseats using Chenille fabric.

Then you find the ultra-plush padding. With overstuffed cushions, you can enjoy tons of hours sleeping or just sitting comfortably without any problem. This becomes even better with the high support and padded pillow top armrests that won’t give any place to discomfort.

This sofa even prevents back pains or other discomforts from getting worse using the bustle back support. So you can eventually use it for long hours and never become tired of it.


Small but Handy

This is not a large sofa that will host several people at the same time. But as a loveseat, it will let two people sit on it and enjoy the utmost comfort without problems. Measuring 79-inches in width, this is a pretty small yet spacious-enough option for two people.

You can place it almost anywhere and enjoy everything it offers thanks to this tiny design. Among the many extras you get two cup holders, a console storage space in the middle, and even a power strip with USB ports so you can charge your devices while working, watching TV or just resting.

The best of all is that the loveseat comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste any time before using it. Just get the couch to the place you want to install it, and that’s it. You’ll be able to use it right away.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Signature Design Acieona Recliner

There’s no mistake this chair and a half recliner Ashley Furniture is an excellent product to have. But that doesn’t get it free from having some issues. Here we explain what the loveseat doesn’t do well:

Padding Losses Firmness

What will probably set many users off this chair is the unreliable cushions. They are fluffier than any other, and with almost no firmness at all. This makes the couch likely to hold even the heaviest user without issues, but only for the first few months of use.

After a year or a little more, the sofa is going to start losing some of the fluffiness and the little firmness it has, and instead, become an almost pure upholstery loveseat.

This happens because of the quality of the medium-density foam with fiberfill, which will lose its comfy properties over time. And that will not be a good thing for most users, especially those who initially picked it for its great padding.

If that sounds too bad for you, then this recliner won’t be really that good.

Incredibly Heavy

Despite being a loveseat couch, it weighs almost the same as the largest sofas in the market. And while that will make it pretty strong and durable, it also makes it incredibly hard to move around and install at first.

If you are someone who likes to fit the sofa inside your house rapidly and then start enjoying it, then this one may not be ideal for you. And because it comes pre-assembled, it becomes more of a problem at first.

It will happen the same with users who expect to be continually re-arranging the living room – they will eventually find out this loveseat was not as handy for that as expected.

If you identify with any of the previous subjects, then you may not find the ideal sofa in this one.


The minimal design allows it to fit almost any place without problems at all

Thick padding & soft fabric allow a hugely comfortable experience

Exceptional build with corner-blocked frame, nailhead, and tufting & metal reinforcements

Superb Chenille fabric achieves unbeatable looks in its grayish color

Great design with middle console and cup holders for extra handiness


Can be really heavy and awkward to handle when placing or moving inside the house

Tends to lose firmness in the padding which makes it a little unreliable

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I disassemble this sofa?

A: No, this sofa comes already pre-assembled from the factory, and you can’t reassemble.

Q: Does the reclining system work electrically?

A: No, this is a totally traditional recliner that works with a non-electrical mechanism.

Q: Will my back and neck pains come back while using this sofa?

A: No, it has an excellent headrest and lumbar support that will make sure you feel no pain while using.

Q: Do I need to do any special maintenance to the Chenille fabric?

A: No, just make sure to keep it clean and avoid liquid spills, so you never experience stubborn stains.

Q: Is this loveseat also a rocker or glider?

A: No, this recliner only can recline. But it also has cup holders and console storage for added convenience.

Bottom Line

All sofas from the Ashley Furniture Signature Design series are merely fantastic in almost every essential factor. And the Acieona is not an exception.

This reclining loveseat with center console takes comfort to a whole new level, provides one of the most beautiful designs using high-quality materials, and still manages to last several years with a sturdy & reliable build.

With its large design and exceptional fluffiness, it will easily become a favorite furniture piece to have at home. And that’s something you won’t like to miss.

Still, remember that this is a sofa that may let you down in terms of padding quality. And surely, it is a small recliner, but it’s as heavy as the biggest ones.

Everything else this sofa offers will probably go a step beyond what you are expecting. So it’s easily among the best options you’ll get.