Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alzena Recliner Sofa Review

In your search for the best leather recliner couch for your living room, you may encounter hundreds or even thousands of options that seem less than decent and not worthy of your money in any way. Luckily, not all of them are like that.
The Alzena sofa bed from Ashley Furniture is all the opposite from the majority of recliners in the market with a couch size that you can enjoy with your whole family. With a roomy, convenient, and pretty comfortable design that will make even the most demanding user happy.
But there’s so much about this sofa that it would be a mistake not to explain the many features, quirks, and flaws it has. If you are in search of a great choice to bring home, then you’ll want to find out more about it. So take a step further into this article and learn!

Ashley Furniture Alzena Recliner Sofa Overview

Every piece of leather reclining furniture for your home needs to be reliable, comfortable, soft, and provide enough space to fit cozily inside without leaving anything behind. And with the Ashley Furniture Alzena recliner, you get all that and much more.

The Gunsmoke design this sofa offers puts it on the top of all other couches in the market, for a heavyweight of sofas that matches even the most stylish living rooms. It boasts faux leather and comes with a set of beautiful stitch details, all of it making this sofa unique.

For comfort, you get the softness of the leather plus excellent padding, along with the fantastic spacious design that put the user in a particularly comfortable position. And you get all that with the chance to host up to four or five people comfortably.

But that’s not all this recliner is about, as it’s also one of the sturdiest and most reliable comprising a corner-blocked frame, high-quality cushions, and the most resilient fabric. You can expect this sofa to last a lifetime, and that would still be little time.

So there’s no doubt this is a couch that goes a step beyond what others are willing to meet the needs of those who want quality over anything else. If you are looking for a sofa that offers precisely that, then the Ashley Furniture Alzena will be an option not to overlook.

Advantages of the Ashley Furniture Alzena Recliner

As soon as you look at this sofa, you find out this is not a really affordable couch in any way. But with the slightly high cost, you also get a wide array of features that put this recliner ahead of others in many ways. Here we explain what this sofa does better:


Amazing Looks

Getting the Alzena Signature Design from Ashley Furniture is also getting one of the most enticing sofas in the market. With the Gunsmoked style, you can instantly get drawn into what this couch has to offer, making it the most exciting option at first sight.

This happens because it uses faux leather, one of the most environmentally friendly but also unique types of fabric out there. It manages to stand out a smoked style that alongside jumbo stitching and a suede surface attract all kinds of users.

This sofa is a pure translation of what significant quality constructions offer, and it does this without leaving quality behind. So while it looks impressive, you’ll also get something that stands the weight of the years, without losing even a piece of finesse no matter how long you use it. That’s what makes this magnificent sofa so amazingly good-looking.


High-Quality Construction

When a sofa is comfortable, you don’t like to get up as soon as you lie on it. This means that the couch will have to stand thousands of hours of use throughout the years. And for that to happen, you’ll need a sofa that’s reliable, durable, and well-made.

And guess what? That’s precisely what the Alzena provides with a polyester/polyurethane construction that stands millions of hours of use without leaving behind softness. Add the corner-blocked frame for even more reliability, and a set of thick cushions with a high-resilience build that won’t lose padding capacity for several years.

The sofa even comes with the back and seat cushions wholly attached to the frame, which adds even better results throughout the years. Whatever you expect from this couch, it won’t let you down.


Supportive & Comfortable

The split-back construction of the Alzena will make you completely comfortable thanks to an essential addition of padding that promotes the most relaxing experience you can think of. And when you pair this up with the recliner function, you may get in love with this couch at first use.

But there’s a lot more to it. Especially in the armrests, you can get plush-like padding that puts your body into the most comfortable state possible. Add the lumbar support and the double-stuffed seats, and you’re getting a product that matches thick padding on the back with even more comfort in the bottom – making it a sought-after sofa for all kinds of users.

Finally, just make sure you use the reclining function, and you’ll have nothing to complain about. Wherever you put it and whoever uses it, sitting on this sofa will be a synonym for relaxation, as it relieves stress, calms your muscles, and gets rid of tension. As if everything else wasn’t enough.


Pretty Large Family Design

This sofa has a width of 91 inches, 39 inches in depth, and a height of 42 inches so you can guess it can hold up to four or five people without issues. But the real benefit comes when you consider the overall weight capacity and the great design it offers so you can pair it up with either other Alzena leather furniture or with all kinds of chairs or coffee tables.

It is a family couch in its entirety, reliable, durable, and capable that will match any living room effortlessly. If you want to host your family, bring friends, or just have a meeting or anything related at home or at the office, this will be an ideal large sofa for the place.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Furniture Alzena Recliner

Even for a high-end living room recliner, this sofa is not exempt from problems. Despite its amazing overall set of features, comfort and excellent looks, it has some flaws you need to know about – here we explain them:

Threads May Loosen Up

One of the things most customers complain about this sofa is the surprising amount of threads that start coming off from the fabric. This happens due to a low-quality sewing process that leaves some threads in a weak position, so they start getting out with wear and use through the years.

This will not immediately break the sofa or eventually make it look bad, but will probably start having more severe problems after a couple of years or a little more. So if you want something that doesn’t have any drawback in terms of fabric quality, this couch may not fulfill your desires.

Fragile Wooden Frame

This is not a sofa that will stand more than 600 pounds. Instead, it is the perfect recliner to have a fantastic time along with two or three more buddies or family members. But once someone starts jumping on it, or several people just start sitting without considering that it may not hold the weight – then it’s very likely to break.

Many customers have complained about this already. While using it with care won’t cause any trouble to the couch, even the slight misuse may eventually produce the sofa to fall apart. So if you expect a sofa that lasts a lifetime, this one won’t let you down as long as you don’t get crazy on it.


Excellent size & roomy design that holds up to four or five people effortlessly

Top-notch construction with corner-blocked frame & high-quality leather for durability

Highly comfortable and support cushions & padding for the most relaxing experience

Unique Gunsmoked faux leather that adds exquisite looks and classy style to any room

Outstanding leather construction with polyester and polyurethane for superb toughness


The wooden frame doesn’t stand over-weight usage

Some threads may start to loosen off after some time which could cause further problems

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the padding firm or soft at first?

A: As most sofas at the first uses, the padding feels firm and thick. After some time, the stuffing starts to soften up and become more comfortable.

Q: Does this couch recline automatically?

A: No, it works with a manual lever that helps to recline the backrest and the footrest together.

Q: Can you use this recliner as a wall-hugger?

A: You cannot use this leather sofa as a wall-hugger, as you will need about a foot of space behind it to make the whole sofa work right.

Q: Does the sofa arrive pre-assembled?

A: Yes, this sofa arrives at your house wholly pre-assembled and in one piece. This could be a problem to get through doors or simply transport, so be careful before ordering.

Q: How can you clean this couch?

A: As a recliner, you’ll need to be careful when cleaning. We recommend a damp towel

Bottom Line

There’s no doubt you want the best leather recliner possible for your living room, and the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alzena recliner sofa is probably your best choice.

As a superb sofa with its faux leather design and its high-quality construction, this leather sofa won’t let you down. Even though you’ll get a few drawbacks with the thin wooden frame and unreliable sewing, the couch will still stand over the years and provide a comfortable experience as long as you take good care of it.

If you are someone who loves a Gunsmoked design, this will be an ideal choice without a doubt. Just make sure to place it in the right living room, and you’ll have an almost flawless couch.