Ashley Signature Design Mitchiner Recliner Sofa Review

Most recliners nowadays are pretty modern with thousands of features and extravagant designs, making it difficult to place on a nice & regular living room. And on top of that, these over-the-top sofas tend to be really expensive, sometimes almost without purpose.

Luckily, this Ashley fabric recliner is none of that. It looks amazing without overdoing it, provides a comfortable experience without exaggerated features, and still manages to last many years without disintegrating money in the process.

When it comes to high-quality recliner sofas, few options will be as reliable as the Mitchiner from Ashley Signature Design series.

As we know there’s not much information out there about this sofa, we’ve decided to make a review of it. Come further and learn more about this sofa than you can imagine!

Ashley Signature Design Mitchiner Recliner Overview

In terms of overall quality, few brands deliver what Ashley Furniture can. This is easily among the most quality-oriented brands in the market, and it still manages to provide such exceptional results without breaking the wallet.

We could easily say that this recliner chair covers  all the major factors a good sofa should have. It all starts with the plush-like fabric, a unique version of polyester upholstery that takes comfort to a whole new level.

This goes really well with the amazing pattern throw pillow design and the superb reclining seats on the sides. And let’s not forget it also comes with superb padding, making it one of the most comfortable in the market at such a great price.

And all of this comes along with an excellent construction and a wide array of additional features you can enjoy watching TV or enjoying some time with family or friends. There’s nearly nothing about this sofa to complain about.

Advantages of the Ashley Mitchiner Recliner Sofa

It is always important to know what all the major factors that set a recliner from others are, so we decided to explain all the positive ones here. Keep reading and learn more about the Mitchiner sofa:


Unique Fabric Design

Boasting a foggy gray color, the polyester woven fabric of the Mitchiner is unique. Yes, you won’t find many sofas out there with such an amazing upholstery option. It looks fantastic in every way, with a gray tone that stands out among all others of its kind.

The appearance is not only stylish, it’s also modern and adds a touch of sleekness to any living room. You’ll be able to place this recliner anywhere you want and enjoy how much it makes your house better.

The best of all is that this fabric is not only beautiful but resistant. Unique of its kind, it delivers exceptional results for years, reducing stains and keeping the surface cleaner than other polyester alternatives. And that’s a huge plus you don’t want to miss.


Long & Spacious

Above the excellent fabric, the top-notch padding, and the wide array of features it offers, what really sets this sofa apart is the width.

Having 87 inches of total width, this is easily among the most spacious options in the market. And it gets even better when you add the 70-inches of total reclined length so even the largest people can sit on it comfortable at any moment.

All this pairs up well with 40-inches in depth that fits big people easily, and 42-inches in height – so it doesn’t disappoint anyone.


Superb Comfort

The polyester fabric on this sofa is beautiful, but what really stands out is the softness it offers. Yes, as soon as you touch the recliner you find out this is one of the softest options you’ll find thanks to the polyester woven design it offers.

But that’s not all, this fabric covers all the cushions which are simply amazing. A high-resiliency set of padded seats, armrests and backrest that will make the sitting experience outstandingly comfortable.

You’ll be able to sit for long hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. And with its breathable fabric, the fluffiness becomes fresh even in the hottest seasons.


Amazingly Convenient

But being comfortable is not everything this sofa does well. It’s also one of the most convenient out there. This happens because of the smooth reclining system for the two seats on the sides. You and another person will achieve maximum comfort in the reclined position without making much of an effort.

But that’s not all. In terms of handiness, the really amazing feature is the drop-down center seat. Yes, the backrest on the middle seat can go down to resemble a table on the sofa. This way you can add some snacks while watching TV, a book for when you want to read something before napping, or even a laptop so you can work comfortably on it.

If that doesn’t make this sofa a magnificently convenient option, then nothing will.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Mitchiner Recliner

Everyone likes flawless products, but the Mitchiner is not that. Even though it is close to being a perfect sofa, there are still several important points to mention about this stressless recliner:

Hard to Keep Clean

This is one of the most usual problems with polyester fabrics – they are pretty hard to maintain. Compared to leathers, this fabric holds much more filth, dust, and stains much easily. And that’s a huge problem for almost any user.

It’s still one of the most resistant and reliable fabrics out there, but you’ll have to take good care of it if you want to have very long-lasting sofa upholstery. Otherwise, it will stain fast, get really dirty and smelly, and probably even tear due to bad keep up.

So if you’re someone who wants a recliner that needs little care, you may not find this sofa suitable.

Tricky Drop-Down Table

While all the rest of the sofa works wonders, there’s a slight issue with one of the most interesting features of this sofa: the drop-down table can be difficult to use.

This happens because the mechanism to drop the backrest down is located in a difficult position between the cushions. And that makes it a little frustrating to drop the table down when needed. Especially when you are holding something like food or beverages, having to drop this table can be a huge issue.

It would be worse if you didn’t have the table, but still it’s no excuse to have such a tricky process to use it.


Excellent fully-reclined length allows tall user to sit more easily than in other models

The high-resiliency padding and plush fabric offer great comfort entirely

Excellent polyester fabric looks really amazing and offers top-notch durability

Very wide and spacious design allows three users to fit without any issue

Additional drop-down table feature adds tons of convenience


The drop-down table can be a little tough to use

The polyester fabric is really fragile to dust, filth and stains

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does the drop down console come with cup holders for beverages?

A: No, but it is sturdy enough to hold all kinds of glasses or beverages without spilling.

Q: Can I use this sofa as a wall hugger?

A: Yes, this sofa only needs 3-inches of clearance from any wall or object behind.

Q: How many pieces does this couch come with?

A: It comes in three pieces you’ll have to assemble. This makes easier to get inside your house and remove if needed.

Q: Is this sofa on the firm or soft side?

A: This is a soft couch in its entirety, starting from the plush-like polyester fabric on the surface.

Q: Do I need to do special maintenance to this sofa?

A: No, all you need to take into account is common keep up which means cleaning it at least once a week.

Bottom Line

So, are you willing to go above and beyond in terms of coziness and convenience with this exceptional sofa? Then don’t waste more of your time and get it.

This is not a simple Ashley fabric recliner, this is easily one of the most reliable, good-looking, comfortable and handy options you’ll have. From the surface to its excellent mechanism to recline and unique features, it will surpass all your expectation without effort.

It’s not perfect though. You may have some issues with its drop-down table that can be tricky to use. Or you may eventually have problems keeping the sofa clean. But overall, it will completely satisfy you, especially for such an amazing price you won’t anywhere else.

Is this a sofa recliner worth having, then? Yes, it is easily one of the best and you shouldn’t overlook it.