Divano Roma Furniture Power Electric Recliner

Something that sets the best leather recliners  from the rest is the ability to look fabulous without leaving any comfort or functionality behind. That’s what you get with the Divano Roma Furniture Plush Power Electric Recliner.
It is a chair for those users who want genuine leather but at the same time unimaginable levels or comfort that will promote an instant relaxing feel no other recliner offers. You just need to sit on it, push the reclining button, and it will do its job to leave you in a perfect relaxing position.
But there’s a lot more to this chair that you need to know about. That’s why we want to make a review of it and explain all the crucial factors that set this one apart from a vast array of other options.
Care to learn what this excellent recliner offers that others don’t? Then take a peek further into this article and find out!

Divano Roma Furniture Power Electric Recliner Overview

For many people, Divano Roma Furniture is one of the top rated recliner brands due to the fantastic style & soft touch feeling that all of its chairs deliver. Following with high-density foam and with the most fantastic builds, you can expect Divano’s chair to last a lifetime without elevating the price tag.

You can start with its supportive design, coming with excellent lumbar care, so any person with back problems doesn’t feel any type of discomfort. Then it follows with supportive armrests and headrests, so any person can relax in a matter of minutes and sit comfortably for hours.

Then you get a hugely practical electric system that allows you to quickly bring the chair up or down depending on your needs. Pair this up with a simple construction that can stand tons of pounds without any stability problem and you’ll get a completely functional chair.

Whoever wants something comfortable that leaves no practicality behind, will find this chair a great choice. Even the assembly & set-up is a piece of cake – so you can expect lots of great experiences with this recliner.

Advantages of the Divano Roma Furniture Plush Recliner

Doesn’t matter how many recliner reviews you go over, in all of them there will be highlighted features to consider. With the Divano Roma Furniture Power Recliner, you have these features to know about:


Comfy and Supportive yet Stylish Design

The stylish leather surface of this chair will immediately put it among the top best-looking chairs in the market. Even though you get it for a reasonably affordable price, you can expect this model to add a fantastic touch to any room without any problem.

This bonded leather still manages to come with thick padding inside that makes it one of the most supportive & comfortable in the market. From the armrests to the headrest and even the footrest itself comes with so much padding that you won’t believe how well it is made until you try it.

But with this comfort, it doesn’t leave the critical support for the lumbar & upper back sections behind. Anyone with back problems will fare pretty easily on it, making this chair an excellent choice for whoever needs something support & reliable for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.


Large but Simple Design

Something that stands out the most about this excellent recliner is the ability to host all kinds of people without problems. While it is not the largest option out there, it still handles people of all sizes & weights following 40-inches of height at 36-inches wide and up to 37-inches in depth.

The best of all is that despite its significant size, you can still assemble the chair in a matter of minutes. It’s a process that takes little to no effort so you can expect a straightforward installation that you can start using after connecting it to an outlet.


Practical Reclining Function

Boasting the electric system, you just need to touch a button, and the reclining feature will do its job to bring your body to the most comfortable resting position. And it does it all quietly without any struggle or screeching sound that makes other chairs a headache to use.

After coming at the completely horizontal position, you will be able to take a midday nap or sleep like a baby throughout a whole night without problems. And whenever you need to stand up, just push the side button again, and the power function will bring you back to a seating position.


Resilient Despite Its Cost

At less than the 300 dollar mark, you can say this is one of the most affordable recliners – but still, it manages to be one of the most resilient.

You won’t have to worry about it to malfunction as it comes with an extremely reliable motor & electric mechanism that stands several hours of use without drawbacks.

The bonded leather is completely stain-free and even provides the ability to resist scratches and all kinds of wear.

As for weight capacity, it holds up to 300 pounds without issues. Just remember it’s not precisely the most durable chair, especially for its price. Even when wholly reclined at a 45-degree angle, this chair will hold nicely without rocking or falling.

Just avoid making any weird movement or maneuver while sitting on it and you’ll get a chair that stands a lifetime of use.  

Disadvantages of the Divano Roma Furniture Plush Recliner

It doesn’t matter if you have the best sofa in front, all chairs will come with at least one drawback that’s crucial to mention. In this review, we couldn’t leave what stuff Divano Roma Furniture fails to do well – such as:

Unreliable Frame & Padding

While the frame is sturdy and pretty reliable in the seat, backrest and reclining option – it is the armrest that fails to be as resilient. It is common for this chair to break the armrests internal woods as they are fragile and easy to break.

Something similar happens with the padding. Especially on the back and head area, this padding feels comfortable but tends to compress with time. While it doesn’t end up like a rock, it will lose its thickness and eventually become slightly comfortable over the years.

Lack of Convenience

Being a really cheap chair, you can’t expect it to have it all. That’s why it’s important to mention that it doesn’t come with remote control for smooth operation. The same happens with the practical pockets that many chairs have at their sides.

All of this reduces the overall convenience of the chair. But you can’t expect more from a recliner that costs half of what less comfortable alternatives do.


Superb bonded leather with thick padding adds a considerable layer of comfort & support

Extraordinarily affordable but still reliable construction and sturdy build

Large, medium-sized design that fits all types of people without any problem

The straightforward reclining function makes overall operation a piece of cake


Lacks control remote for smooth operation & side pockets for storing capacity

Not the most reliable of builds with thin armrest wood & low-quality padding

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many levels of recline does it have?

A: It doesn’t have levels of recline, but you can stop at any angle or just let it recline completely flat.

Q: Can people taller than 6 feet fit comfortably on it?

A: Yes, it works for people up to 6.5 feet without any problem.

Q: How many colors does this recliner offer?

A: You can pick either Black or Brown colors.

Q: Does the reclining option work when there’s no power?

A: No, it only works when it’s connected to electricity. Otherwise, it works like a standard straight sofa chair.

Q: Can you move the footrest and backrest individually?

A: No, they function together as soon as you push the side button.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to find the best leather recliners when there are so many options to choose from. Luckily, some of them offer what no other offers for a magnificent price – and that’s precisely what you get with the Divano Roma Furniture Plush Power Electric Recliner.

The comfort, handiness, and overall looks it offers are simply unmatched at such a price range. You won’t find anything as close as this one with such a fantastic set of features.

Just remember that whatever you pay for, that’s what you ultimately get. So while it delivers several sought-after features that everyone wants in a recliner, it also comes with a few drawbacks to consider. Overall, however, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants something reliable without breaking the bank.