Domesis Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair Recliner Review

When it comes to the best rated recliners, few chairs offer the comfort & convenience a recliner can achieve. That’s why we think the Domesis Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner is easily among the best products you can get for your family room.
Whether you use it for gaming or for simply watching television, this couch comes with all the crucial factors that could possibly make it an excellent chair to have. From its excellent Renu leather to its superb space-saving design and sleek looks, you can expect no less than an outstanding experience.
This chair is actually one of the most exciting opportunities for those on a low budget. Here we will explain everything it offers and more. Care to join this review? Don’t hesitate and scroll down!

Domesis Renu Leather Power Recliner Overview

Known for its wall-hugger design, the Domesis Renu Leather recliner doesn’t leave anything to the mind. As soon as you see it, you find out it is a small but pretty comfortable option for anyone on a low budget. And still, it manages to offer high-end features that you won’t find anywhere else.

The classic design with an eye-catching finish will blow your brains out. You won’t believe such a beautiful couch can be this affordable.

Coming with rugged construction, you can expect this chair to last for several years before showing any sign of wear of breakage. And what’s even more important, it handles tons of pounds and works well with all kinds of people, so it becomes an excellent choice for more demanding users.

The best of all is that you’ll need no more than a few minutes to assemble, reassemble, or modify if required. Being small and saving space in your house was never such a pleasure.

Whatever you could need, you have it with this recliner. You’ll even get a breathable grain leather fabric and unique frame that will take your comfort to another level.

Advantages of the Domesis Renu Leather Recliner

All the living room furniture pieces come with their own set of essential features, and the Domesis Power Recliner is not an exception. Here we explain the most important factors about this magnificent chair:


Small Design Means Easy Setup

It needs no more than 4 inches of wall clearance, using almost no footprint, and still boasting a beautiful Renu leather look you won’t find in any other chair. This makes it outstandingly convenient for the tiniest houses and apartments so you can bring it without taking much space and adding a touch of style to the room.

But with this small design, you also get another considerable advantage: it is one of the easiest to assemble.

You won’t have to visit the hardware store or ask for your best friend’s help. Instead, you can set it up all by yourself in a matter of minutes. And if you don’t like it, you can easily carry around your house as it fits almost all types of doors easily. Otherwise, you can put it back into the box in no time.


Huge Support & Comfort

The ergonomic support with fully padded high-density foam for a plush feeling will help you enjoy long Sunday afternoons in front of your TV without any side effect.

And of course, all this while feeling the most relaxed you’ll ever feel in a couch – just let your back, legs, and torso rest to an unbeatable comfortable experience.

Note that this recliner can fit people of all sizes measuring 33-inches large, 30-inches wide and 28.75 inches tall and still hold up to 300 pounds without problems.


Handy Functions

There’s not much to say about the functionality of this recliner more than highlighting how easy it is to use. Whoever sits on it just needs to decide whether he/she wants to bring up or down and that’s it.

The recliner comes with a two-button control that makes overall operation a piece of cake. Just push one of the buttons, and the chair will do its job, bringing it to your desired level in a matter of seconds. All of this happens thanks to the electric lift system, making it a hugely convenient couch.


Unique Renu Leather Build

Renu leather is one of the few fabrics that you could easily say stand the wear of time and feels softer than a baby’s butt at the same time.

The rugged capacity of this fabric makes sure you get a product that works for many years non-stop. But this also means you get a product that feels precisely like top-grain leather without breaking your wallet as the real leather type does.

And this also adds to its looks. You can expect it to match any kinds of lounge styles without having to make much of an effort. You just need to pick between four different Renu leather colors, and that’s it – you’ll have a beautiful product that offers excellent comfort & looks.

Disadvantages of the Domesis Renu Leather Recliner

As a TV-watching and gamer chair, this product also has some flaws we need to mention. You won’t like to find out one month after buying it that it’s not a perfect couch – so here we explain these beforehand:

Not Independent Reclining

Sometimes, you just want to relax your back a little and recline the backrest a few inches back. But with this reclining effect, you may not like having your feet lift up the floor as well. And that’s precisely one of the main problems of this chair.

While many other options also offer a back & footrest moving together, it can still be slightly problematic for some users. It’s totally understandable for the price, yet a small flaw that’s important to mention.

Inclines A Little Too Much

The reclining capacity of this chair is impressive. But that doesn’t hide the fact that you’ll feel as if the inclination brings your body forward more than it should.

This doesn’t leave you in an uncomfortable or unsafe position, but it will still make a slight difference when it comes to the overall feeling. You may or not like this, but it’s essential to have it on your mind before deciding you buy or not.


Easy to use two-button remote control so everyone can operate it

Superb Renu leather build for softness, comfort and exceptional durability

Top-notch support & comfort with plush high-density design in backrest and seat

The small wall-hugger design fits anywhere & offers straightforward installation


Backrest and footrest don’t move individually making it slightly inconvenient

Overall chair inclines too much forward which can be a little uncomfortable

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How long is the chair while fully reclined?

A: This chair is 5-feet long, so it fits people of all ages.

Q: Can you use the chair from far away?

A: No, the only way to use it is through the control that’s plugged via cable.

Q: How long is the cord of the remote control?

A: It is about 45 inches long and comes with its own side pocket for storage.

Q: Does the chair come with a folding mechanism?

A: No, this is a static chair that reclines. It doesn’t fold unless disassembled.

Q: Is Renu leather easy to clean when needed?

A: Yes, Renu leather is actually polyester fabric with a unique seam. This means it is far easier to clean than any real leather.

Bottom Line

While it is not the best chair for gamers, you can still feel close to having the most amazing experience with it. Coming with only two small problems in its reclining process, you could say this is an almost flawless chair – and that alone puts it high up there.

So if you are looking among the best rated recliners, this one will probably stand out with its amazingness & coziness.

Whoever is on a low budget and wants a more-than-decent recliner for his living room or gaming deck, will probably find this one a perfect choice. If you are this person, then don’t hesitate and get it now – you won’t be disappointed.