RecPro Charles 67″ Powered Double RV Recliner Sofa Review

RecPro is a brand that never lets you down in terms of overall quality. But this time, they went beyond expectations to deliver a magnificent sofa that will meet anyone’s expectations without even trying.
It is a go-to option for those looking for something new & sleek, something that stands out and delivers what no other products can. This power reclining sofa comes with every single feature that demanding users expect their couches to have, and this one does it all amazingly well.
It is still the most comfortable of its kind, reasonably reliable, and provides a superb array of functions that will put it up there in the highest-ranked options when it comes to convenience. Whether you want something sleek, practical, or completely well-made – the RecPro Charles at 67-inches will match your needs without any hesitation.

RecPro Charles 67″ Powered Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa Overview

Once you place the Charles recliner sofa at home, RV, apartment, or just anywhere it fits – you’ll totally appreciate everything it delivers. From the massive comfort to the unbeatable set of practical features alongside a fantastic design – this sofa will take your expectations to another level entirely.

Among the best electric recliners on sale , only a minimal few will match the capacities of this exceptional couch. It doesn’t matter where you look at it, this product was designed with the whole purpose of standing out among its competitors – and you’ll find that out at first sight.

You can get this couch in many colors including Mahogany, Putty, Toffee and Chestnut, all of them making it look fabulous no matter where you place it.

The attractive design works wonders when you add the power system, helping to achieve superb comfort without having to move your body while sitting. And with the additional smooth reclining operation, you can relax for many hours non-stop while traveling in your RV, watching a movie in your living room, or just sleeping in your bedroom.

It is also one of the strongest in the market and comes with a long-lasting fabric that you will appreciate how it feels & looks. It doesn’t matter what you’re expecting from this sofa, it will probably surpass all of your expectations.

Advantages of RecPro Charles Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa

When you’re looking for a living room recliner , the first thing you need to consider is all the advantages the product offers over others. As we want to make it easy for you, here we brought all the positive features you’ll find in the RecPro Charles 67-inches power recliner:


Handy & Straightforward Design

Everything this sofa offer makes it completely easy to use and one of the most convenient options regarding power recliners. From the console for storage to the cup holders, the straightforward installation and much more – if you want something that focuses on convenience, this is probably the ideal sofa to get.

The center console comes with a pin-and-groove locking system which helps to achieve easy installation without having to make much of an effort. This goes amazingly well with the thick armrests this console brings, alongside the hugely functional storage space so you can place anything safely.

The installation procedure takes little to no time, and works wonders when it comes to installing. You just need to get rid of the boxes and peel in pieces and get on with the setting-up process that takes little time. Just place the parts on the desired room and attach everything together without wasting time or effort.

For further handiness, this sofa manages to come with removable backrests that you can take off with the snap of a mechanism. This way, you can take the couch off the RV or room you placed it in a matter of minutes, and without thinking of elaborated plans.


Roomy & Well-Made

Additionally to its huge convenience, comfort, and superb-quality power system – this sofa is still one of the roomiest and most durable in the market.

It starts with Siberian Lumberjack wood frame alongside metal components for the reclining mechanism. Paired together, you’ll get a product that works for years without breakage while still delivering the same smoothness and comfort you got when it first arrived.

Anyone will fit on the seats comfortably as well, but this also comes with a design that needs almost no clearance at all. With only 3-inches behind, you’ll be able to place this sofa practically anywhere without problems.

Measuring 67-inches of width and 37-inches in depth, plus 39-inches in height, you’ll receive a relatively large product that allows almost anyone to sit cozily at any moment. Alongside its low-profile design and hugely reliable construction, you can expect this couch to last a lifetime without losing value.


Hugely Comfortable & Good-Looking

The first impression this sofa leaves to the unfamiliar eye is that it looks like any other alternative, but in reality, it uses a fantastic Suprima fabric alongside the superb Tiona pattern. This makes the overall surface of the couch stand out from its equals thanks to a unique set of colors and design that match any room while adding a remarkable touch of style for better looks.

And with the smoothness and softness of this upholstery, you’ll be getting one of the most comfortable sofas in the market. Add the thick padding that feels fluffy at all times, and you’ll get the cozier option of its kind.

Let’s not forget you can also recline using the parachute grip handle mechanism that smoothly reclines away so you can achieve the most relaxing position possible. This will add to an already comfy design, so you can use this sofa for whatever purpose and reach the utmost relaxation in a matter of minutes.


Amazing Electric System

A power recliner always comes with an electric or mechanical system that makes it much more convenient than manual options. And with this RecPro Charles sofa, you get an excellent set of functions that stand out enormously.

It starts with a set of buttons that allow you to either recline or sit upright depending on your needs. With the simple touch of the button, you can get to the position you prefer without wasting any time or effort. Just push it, and the sofa will move by itself.

Then you get a button that allows you to add LED light to the cup holder. You’ll get a sofa that looks amazing due to its fabric choice but also because it adds a touch of coolness with blue lights, for a more aesthetically pleasing sofa in its entirety.

And finally, this electric system comes with a USB port for charging your devices. Close to the cup holder, you just need to connect your USB cord and then attach your phone, and that’s it. This is unquestionably one of the most complete & convenient power recliners out there.

Disadvantages of RecPro Charles Wall Hugger Recliner Sofa

It is a fantastic choice no matter where you look at it, but there still are a few things say about this recliner that may not be so satisfying to hear. Here we’ll explain what the RecPro Charles doesn’t do well:

Very Heavy Build

When you add a power reclining system with rocker and a magnificent Siberian Lumberjack body, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the sofa ends up being very sturdy & challenging to transport.

Even at the moment it first arrives at your house in three pieces, you’ll find this sofa takes a lot of effort to place in the right room. This could make it a little inconvenient when it comes to putting in the right area and installing. But overall, it shouldn’t be much of a problem as long as two people carry out the operation.

Reclines Slowly

The reclining function doesn’t have to be fast, but it is always better when you can just recline without waiting too much. And this is something this sofa will leave you stranded with.

You won’t be able to recline by pushing the backrest in a matter of two or three seconds with a manual mechanism. Instead, you’ll have to wait for the electric system to recline the backrest automatically in a matter of 10 seconds or a little more.

While this is not necessarily bad, it could be a little frustrating for some users who want instant recline.


Spacious design helps to host all kinds of people without any issue

Comes with the strongest Siberian Lumberjack body & metal mechanism

Superb electric system with LED lighting in a cup holder, USB charger & automatic recliner

The completely straightforward installation process with only three pieces & snap system

Extremely comfortable with thick padding design and soft Suprima upholstery


The pretty slow reclining system takes a more than expected to recline fully

Complex build delivers one of the heaviest sofas in the market

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does this power sofa come with lumbar support?

A: Yes, the couch comes with the ideal lumbar support to prevent back pain and avoid back problems to advance.

Q: How many colors does this sofa offer?

A: The leather color options for this sofa are Mahogany, Putty, Chestnut, and Toffee.

Q: Does this power recliner ships directly to my house/apartment door?

A: It depends on where you buy it. If you get it from a good store, it will probably arrive directly to your door. Otherwise, you may need to pick it up at a shipping facility.

Q: Can a 300-pound person sit on this sofa without problems?

A: Yes, this couch has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, so it fits a weighty person easily.

Q: Can I install this sofa on my RV or camping trailer?

A: Yes, the design is small and comes with a reliable feet system that keeps it sturdily on place when driving your trailer or RV.

Bottom Line

It is not the best sofa you can get, but it is probably among the most practical, attractive, and well-made options you’ll find. Along with everything it offers and the superb style it adds to either your living room or RV – this sofa will meet all your expectations without breaking a sweat.

We know it is a little difficult to find worthy, but we also know that’s easy to be sure when something delivers exceptional quality in every way. And guess what, that’s precisely what the RecPro Charles at 67 inches distributes – a hugely enjoyable design that anyone can get great experiences from.

If you are looking for a black, gray, or brown power reclining sofa either your trailer or house – then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t let pass. We know what we’re talking about, so believe us when we say this recliner is an unbeatable chance. Get it, and you won’t be disappointed in any way!