Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Reclining Sofa Review

You don’t need the most exquisite leather recliner arm chair when you can get a pretty large sofa for your living room. This way, you’ll host family, friends, or just anyone without having to share a small couch. That’s what the Ashley Furniture Hogan Mocha Reclining Sofa offers, so getting it won’t be an incorrect catch.
The whole design is oriented towards superb comfort and convenience. It still looks amazingly exciting and will impress even the most demanding of users. And all of that for a pretty affordable price considering its size & quality. So you can get a product that goes beyond what’s needed.
You won’t have to look for more options when you have this fantastic sofa. Here we will explain everything it offers and all the extra info you need about it before buying. Care to learn all this and probably a lot more? Then grab your mouse and keep scrolling down!

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan Overview

The design this sofa handles will catch your eye at first sight. Candid and straightforward, good-looking, and still wholly reliable – this sofa tackles the hardest factors without reflecting on the price.

It starts with a brown leather recliner chair style that impresses anyone. You’ll feel like this chair belongs to the most stylish living rooms. The Hogan design sets it apart from others and still manages to feel as soft like no other option, thanks to microfiber upholstery & a very spacious build.

The pillow-top armrests feel cozy and dependable, the whole stitching doesn’t leave anything to be desired, and the sturdy frame will hold up to 600 pounds without any type squealing so you can expect this couch to last a lifetime.

Everything about the Hogan Mocha chair stands out from all other options in the market. For a chair of its kind, it is also pretty affordable and manages to look fantastic no matter the room you place it at.

In short, this is a beautifully made couch for those who want quality over anything else. If this fits with what you’re looking for – then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t dismiss.

Advantages of the Ashley Furniture Hogan Reclining Sofa

When you look for a sofa, it means you’re in search of something that comes with all the most useful features possible without breaking your wallet. So here we want to explain precisely all these features the Ashley Furniture Hogan sofa delivers:


Soft & Beautiful Surface

Polyester fabric often seems as not-reliable in the market of sofas, but it’s actually one of the most widely used, durable, and soft as well. And of all that comes for the best price you could get.

That’s why Ashley Furniture decided to add such a quality fabric to their Signature Design Hogan mode so you can enjoy one of the softest and most delicate surfaces of any couch you’ve seen.

Boasting its mocha-like chocolatey color following with a lofty texture, you can easily find out this sofa is comfortable like any other without even touching it. Just look at it, and you’ll want to stay on it forever.


Large Family-Oriented Design

A spacious design always manages to increase the overall convenience of a product, especially when you’re talking about sofas. It makes the statement that it’s not just about comfort, but also about holding as many people as possible without upsetting the fabric, frame, or any part of its build.

While it is large enough to host a family, it is also resistant enough to stands years of use. The 96-inches large with 44-inches deep design will pair up really well with the 42-inches of height. You can fit this sofa in any room, enjoy the amount of space it offers, and still get a fantastic time with your family without drawbacks.

And all of this comes due to the firm foam cushions with polyester fabric, a corner-blocked frame that prevents undetected wood breakage, plus metal reinforcements all around seats & footrests, so the couch lasts a lifetime without any siding problem.


Comfy & Relaxing

The padding is magnificent, but it’s not alone. You don’t have to expect much apart from the perfect soft feeling the chocolate-like upholstery offers. But when it comes to the padding, that’s where this sofa stands far away from its competition. You won’t even believe you’re on an actual couch when sitting or lying down on it.  

This happens due to a comfortable design with a wide-enough space that holds an entire family easily  And with the plush padding and the reclining feature you get a chair far away from those low-quality and harsh couches that don’t intend to even feel a little soft. But this sofa does it all well.

You can be assured of this as soon as you sit on it that the chair is not a simple one. The supportive comfort and thick padding will make sure that you can feel the lofty experience even in your neck, lumbar, and arms – something that sets this recliner apart from the rest.


Exceptional Hogan-Mocha Style

Beautiful designs that match even the most stylish of rooms, that’s what the Hogan Mocha mode from Ashley Furniture wants to deliver – and this brand does it like no other.

It’s contemporary but with a touch of elegance, leaving no comfort behind and still providing a rich finish that catches the eye at first look. Whatever you expect from this chair, you’ll get it. But it comes even more certain when you consider that it’s primarily designed to fit all kinds of room styles without hesitation.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Furniture Hogan Reclining Sofa

It’s common to find discount recliners for sale with several drawbacks. But it shouldn’t be the case for a brand-new Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hogan. Here we will explain the flaws that put this chair away from a perfect design entirely:

Hard to Clean

The polyester fabric of the Ashley Furniture Hogan sofa is soft & durable, but its suede-like surface also lets a lot of filth to stick. Apart from that, the whole fabric tends to create wrinkles that eventually produce some crevices which are incredibly hard to clean.

Put it all together, and you’ll have to waste several hours of your time to clean this sofa entirely. It will not be easy to do, so it’s essential you know that before getting this couch. Maybe you aren’t the cleaning type, and this sofa becomes a huge turn down only because of that.

A Little Hot in the Summer

With the thick padding and lofty feeling plus the polyester fabric make this sofa one of the hottest out there. It’s not that you’ll feel completely uncomfortable and warm at all times, but it will probably feel warmer than you expect – especially in the summertime.

So while it feels excellent in cold months, you may not like it in the hottest summer places. If you aren’t a fan of warm furniture, then this couch will probably not be of your liking.


Large & spacious design that fits whole families comfortably and conveniently

Extremely comfortable thick padding plus soft upholstery with polyester fabric

Top-notch Hogan design for a more beautiful and stylish touch to your living room

Outstanding polyester fabric with reliable construction for a durable product entirely

A very easy-to-use reclining system that adds a layer of convenience to the whole product


May get pretty warm in hot areas which can add a little discomfort

Suede-like polyester fabric can be a considerable problem to clean

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where can I buy the Ashley Furniture Signature Design?

A: You just need to look for a reliable online shop, and you’ll find the perfect place to buy one of these.

Q: How much weight does this recliner sofa support?

A: It can hold more than 500 pounds of weight so it can hold up to 3 or 4 people comfortably.

Q: Does this sofa need any kind of assembly to set up?

A: No, the sofa comes pre-assembled.

Q: Can this sofa recline fully to the back?

A: Yes, this chair can go far back to an almost flat position, so it does recline fully.

Q: Can a person taller than 6 feet use this sofa comfortably?

A: Yes, it fits people larger than 6 feet without any problem.

Bottom Line

As soon as you see the Ashley Furniture Hogan Recliner Sofa, you can view this is a leather recliner arm chair for those who want something comfortable but also wholly well-made.

It lasts a lifetime thanks to the superb leather that improves the looks of your living room but also provide extreme reliability that you can enjoy for years to come.

If you want your whole family to sit together and enjoy TV Shows or movies, family games, or just whatever – this is the sofa you want. With the looks and the comfort it offers, you won’t find any recliner couch as useful as this one.