How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest – Three Different Solutions

Footrests are one of the parts of a recliner that tend to malfunction. This happens very often and hurts the experience of many users. 

But learning how to fix a recliner chair footrest is not a hard job. You just need to learn about the different parts that could get damaged, and you’ll be ready to tackle your footrest issue.-

Whether it is because the footrest is stiff, stuck, or it just doesn’t want to adjust – there’s always a solution. Here we are going to go over three of them.

Want to know what are the common reasons for a recliner footrest to malfunction? Care to learn how to fix every one of these issues? Then keep reading, and you’ll find out everything you need to do so. 

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest That Feels Stiff

Every recliner footrest should go up and down smoothly. If any footrest does not go up and down smoothly, there’s probably a lack of lubrication.

This could also be due to screws or bolts loosening too. And in any of these cases, it is always critical to fix the piece before it’s too late. 

If you have problems with lazy boy parts feeling too stiff, then you’ll want to both lubricate and try to fix any loose screw or bolt. Here, we will tell you how to do both. 

This video has some valuable information you can take a lot from:

Tools You’ll Need :

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Lubricant oil (WD-40 or grease preferably)
  • Towel cloth
  • Screws or bolts

Steps to Take :

  1. The first stage you need to go through is to turn your chair recliner upside down. This way, you can get into the footrest and mechanism to see what’s really happening.
  2. Here you need to see if any screws, bolts or pins are rusted or loosen. If you see any piece that needs either to be tightened or replaced, then proceed to do so. This will probably help to fix the stiffness problem once and for all.
  3. You can decide to change the broken or rusted screws for new ones using larger pieces. They will stay tightened to the wood for longer and with greater strength than without. You should also secure any other parts that look loosen. 
  4. After tightening up everything, you may have fixed the piece. But even if you have, it’s still recommended to proceed and use some lubricant in the bushings of the footrest.
  5. Before you apply any lube, try to have the towel cloth close so you can clean yourself. Also, place a large towel or newspaper below the recliner to prevent any damage to your floor. Afterward, you can continue to get the oil working.  
  6. You should spray or apply the lubricant in every place you see joints and bushings. This will help you remove any dust, rust, or just get the part working correctly. If something was happening, you could try to move the arm or component up and down to see if it moves smoothly now.
  7. After applying lubricant and checking to see if the components are working correctly, you can then continue to put all the screws together and check they are tight.
  8. Finish up by using the towel cloth to clean the excess of grease or oil.  Then you should be ready to enjoy your recliner footrest without any stiffness issue.

If the footrest is stiff because there are some parts broken inside, it is always better to call an expert or bring your recliner to a manufacturer’s repair shop. This would be a better idea instead of doing it yourself and risking damaging the piece forever.

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest Adjusting Mechanism

Another common issue with recliner chair footrests comes from the spring that adjusts the piece in position.

This spring tends to loosen up from time to time or just break. And when this happens, the adjustment feature doesn’t work.

This could produce several problems including a footrest stuck or really hard to move up or down, the footrest staying mid-path and not rising or going down entirely, and more. If you suspect that your recliner has a footrest problem related to the spring, then you’ll want to know how to fix it.

Here we explain how and a little more.

Tools You’ll Need :

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Replacement springs for recliner chairs

Steps to Take :

  1. Again, you’ll have to turn the piece upside down so you can take a look at the reclining mechanism and footrest closely.
  2. Here, you should look for a spring-like piece that connects the arm of the footrest to the bushings. This spring-like component must have an issue such as rust or breakage, to work incorrectly. Sometimes, it just happens that there’s a screw loosening.
  3. To fix this, you should proceed to grab your screwdriver and unscrew anything connected to the springs. There could also be other small springs around – take them out too.
  4. After getting the spring out, you should then continue and install the new spring the same way. Make sure to check that everything is tightened up.
  5. After tightening up the spring, try the mechanism or arm once again to see how it works. You should first move the furniture to an upright position. If it moves smoothly, then you’ve successfully fixed a footrest spring problem.

The adjusting mechanism is responsible for how the recliner stays in different positions. If it doesn’t work correctly, then it needs to be dumped. But if the spring still looks and works properly, you can always keep it and try to see if there something else causing the issue. 

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Footrest that Gets Stuck (Ratchet)

The final kind of lazy boy recliner parts that tends to be an issue when it comes to the footrest is the ratchet. This part has the same purpose as the spring, but it only works in certain kinds of recliners such as La-Z-Boy ones.

When ratchets don’t work, the consequence is a stuck footrest. Luckily, it also has a solution like all the other recliner footrest problems. You could either adjust or replace the piece depending on the severity of the issue. Here we’ll explain how. 

In this video, it is explained in-depth and with some solutions:

Tools You’ll Need :

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Replacement ratchet (optional)

Steps to Take :

  1. To start fixing the footrest ratchet, you’ll have to place your recliner upside down once again. Then you can proceed to disassemble anything that prevents you from reaching the ratchet. Among the many screws, arms, and other things, there’s always a bar. Get that bar out by loosening the screws or bolts.
  2. After getting the bar out, check the ratchet carefully to see how it is working or the state. If it looks like it needs some adjusting, do so. But if it looks worn down or broken, then you’ll need to replace it.
  3. To replace the ratchet, you’ll have to take it out. We recommend starting by taking the screws out and the springs or pins that keep it attached to the mechanism. This doesn’t take much more than a few seconds once you know where the ratchet is.
  4. After that, you can grab the new recliner chair replacement parts or ratchet and install it in place. Make sure to screw or bolt everything down again. Every piece should be properly adjusted and tightened.
  5. Once you do that, then you’ve probably already fixed the recliner footrest, and it won’t get stuck anymore. Remember to check by placing the piece in an upright position once again and try to activate the mechanism as usually. It should move and down without problems.

Remember that the ratchet is an essential part of the footrest. It has a crucial function in managing the position of the footrest, so it gets stuck when it needs adjustment or replacement. 

After fixing this part, there shouldn’t be any other similar problem. If there’s still a problem, then it is not related to the footrest. You can check our How to Fix a Recliner Mechanism guide to learn more about the different reasons this could be happening. 

Bottom Line

Providing proper maintenance and care to your recliner is essential. This way, you can prevent most common issues with a recliner footrest that could arise.

But even with the right maintenance, certain parts of a footrest can start to worn down or just break. And then, you’ll be glad to know how to fix a recliner chair with our advice.

So don’t let your recliner footrest become an issue and start fixing it now. With our guidance, you can do so like an expert.