10 Best Sofa Recliners to Relax with Family or Friends!

Spending quality time with your loved ones is probably among the best experiences you’ll have in life. And for that, you’ll need a place to enjoy along with those people you appreciate.
If you’re looking for a new piece to add to your living room that provides a space to sit comfortably – then you need to know all about the best sofa recliners.
Whether it is watching TV or movies, playing some family games, drinking games, or just having a lazy Sunday afternoon with those closest to you – then a sofa recliner is the best piece of furniture to have.
If you want to know everything they have to offer and find out about the best alternatives, then come further into this article to learn!

10 Best Sofa Recliners Reviews 2019

We want you to know all about the best recliners out there, so we reviewed ten sofas for you to learn more about. These pieces will improve everything about your living room. Want to know how? Then read them up!


Coaster Home Furnishings Sir Rawlinson Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Nail-Head Trim for a Traditional Style

New Classic Jasper Dual Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Polyester Chenille
  • Extra feature: Handy Button Panel + Nail-Head Trimming

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Linebacker Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: DuraBlend Leather
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Padding

Homelegance Cranley Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather & Faux Leather / Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Cushions

Seatcraft Lombardo Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Practical Button Side Panel + Center Collapsible Seat with Fold-Down Table + USB Charging Ports

vidaXL Home Theater Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: 3-Seat Design with Cup Holders

Flash Furniture Harmony Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Padding

Homelegance Yerba Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: LeatherSoft
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Cushioning

Seatcraft Omega Power Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Polished Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Collapsible Center Seat with Fold-Down Table + Cup Holders

Coaster Home Furnishings Weissman Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Leather Gel
  • Extra feature: Armrest Storage + Cup Holders + Collapsible Center Seat with Fold-Down Table + USB Charging Ports + Outlets + LED Lights

Beautiful in its entirety, the Sir Rawlinson from Coaster Home Furnishings is a double recliner sofa that makes your living room much more stylish in every way.

Boasting a contemporary feel using microfiber upholstery, it looks simply fantastic. The Buckskin Brown color adds a rustic touch to the piece that blends well with modern or classic decorations. It still comes with nail-head trim and some metallic details that highlight its traditional style.

The comfort level is fantastic; nonetheless, using plush cushions in the back and seat for excellent support. It keeps your neck and lumbar in the right position at all times, avoiding common pains and discomforts. 

It is a pretty reliable recliner still, using a solid-wood construction with plywood and plastic parts that give the product a robust but light capacity. You can expect decades of use out of this piece, especially with its 800-pound weight capacity.  

Things You Will Love

  • The exciting rustic style with Buckskin Brown tone
  • Its plush cushioning & extra support for decent coziness
  • The sturdy & reliable solid wood construction

Things You Will Not

  • It feels a little unstable when reclined
  • The upholstery gets filthy fast 

The Jasper Collection from New Classic is one of the few that combines outstanding comfort with a stunning appearance. And with this electric sofa, it does all that magnificently well.

It starts with the brown fabric with a textured surface that feels and looks soft. You can feel the softness of the polyester upholstery at first sight, and once you touch it, you get entirely drawn into sitting for hours.

The fabric also makes the piece look fantastic, using rolled arms and a traditional style that highlights its soft surface. With the nail-head trim, this sofa gets even cuter and more fitting for all kinds of living rooms.

The construction comes with sinuous spring in the seat with great suspension, adding to its durability but also providing additional support. Then you get a wooden frame with a metal reclining mechanism.

In terms of comfort, the soft fabric pairs up with memory foam cushions for extra fluffiness. You can enjoy hours on this reclining sofa without ever feeling tired of it. 

Things You Will Love

  • Soft & beautiful Coco Brown fabric
  • The durable build with wooden frame and sinuous-spring 
  • Its exceptional comfort with memory foam padding

Things You Will Not

  • The fabric gets dusty really fast
  • It doesn’t recline too far down

If you want a leather sofa set, no brand will deliver better quality than Ashley Furniture, especially when we talk about the Linebacker series from Signature Design.

The modern look of the Linebacker makes it an instant go-to option for those who want something sleek for their living room. It boasts a shiny look that stands out among any piece of furniture, providing a lofty appearance without leaving behind the softness of the leather.

The upholstery is DuraBlend, a type of faux leather that’s thicker and much softer than any other kind of artificial leather. You can enjoy how it looks, but along with plush padding and foam cushions, the sofa will provide instant comfort at first sitting.

It is a relatively large piece with a wooden construction that will last decades. You just need to touch a button on the side to activate its power reclining system, and that’s it. An excellent match for any modern living room, this piece will undoubtedly make your life better. 

Things You Will Love

  • Stunning DuraBlend upholstery 
  • The incredibly soft & comfortable plush padding
  • Its roomy and reliable wooden build

Things You Will Not

  • The backseat reclines only a few inches
  • Pre-assembled design can be an issue to place inside your house

Everyone loves a good-looking and functional electric recliner sofa, and Homelegance knows that, so they brought the Cranley series. A beautiful but still practical piece, it is a flawless choice for demanding users.

The upholstery of this piece is what gives it such a fabulous appearance. With its bonded leather and the brown color, you can expect it to stand among any kind of décor. You can get it in both Black and Brown tones, but there’s also a Microfiber Brown that comes with seats with fabric and sides of faux leather.

In any of its designs, it will boast style and beauty. But what really makes it an exceptional opportunity is the overstuffed padding in the seats, back, and arms. Using high-density foam, you can relax in a matter of minutes, thanks to its high comfort levels.

You can still expect several years of use out of this piece, especially with the power reclining system with metal construction. And with its wooden frame, it takes reliability to another level. 

Things You Will Love

  • Gorgeous models in bonded leather & microfiber/faux
  • The handy power-reclining mechanism for smooth operation
  • Its high-density cushioning for extra comfort

Things You Will Not

  • The bonded leather may peel/tear after a few years
  • It doesn’t recline too much

Some people won’t settle for a simple piece of furniture for their living room. They’ll want the best of the best. And for us, nothing compares to the Lombardo leather electric recliner sofa from Seatcraft.

The amazingness of this sofa starts with the top-grain leather upholstery and the most elegant styling nail-head trims in the armrests. You’ll receive a sofa that looks as gorgeous as you can imagine, especially with the added nail-head trims in the armrests.

The leather is one of the softest nonetheless, with a memory foam padding for a thick & fluffy experience at first sitting.

But it doesn’t stop there. The piece comes with several extra features, including adjustable headrests, and power lumbar support for comfort. Then you find a fold-down table in the middle seat with LED lights. You even get a unique Wireless Charging feature, a USB AC, storage pouch, and cup holders.

For controlling the sofa, you’ll find a panel on the left side, including a USB-charging port for even more convenience. This sofa takes quality to a whole new level. 

Things You Will Love

  • The outstandingly beautiful top-grain leather surface
  • The comfy & supportive memory foam cushions
  • The exceptional set of features & quirks

Things You Will Not

  • It is incredibly expensive 
  • It doesn’t come with armrest cup-holders. 

A simple piece of furniture doesn’t have to be necessarily dull. Instead, it can be something like the VidaXL Home-Theater – a sofa recliner that takes appearance & comfort to a different place.

It is a 3-seat sofa that reclines in its entirety. You can relax in any of its seats and recline back without having to be on the extremes, like with most sofa recliners. And on top of that, it feels amazingly comfortable & convenient – with thick padding and a superb set of cup-holders.

The sofa looks more than decent with its Black bonded leather upholstery. This glossy leather stands out in any modern living room, adding tons of style and beauty.

The reclining function is smooth and easy to use. And with the wooden frame, you get a highly durable sofa entirely. Its simplicity with an extra set of features takes this sofa to the highest-ranked pieces out there. 

Things You Will Love

  • It comes with 3 seats with individual recliners 
  • The shiny bonded leather looks gorgeous
  • It offers a handy experience with cup-holders

Things You Will Not

  • The design is pretty large for a 3-seat sofa
  • The cushioning feels firmer than expected

Do you want a microfiber reclining sofa for your living room? Then don’t hesitate and learn more about the Weissman from Coaster Home Furnishings.

This sofa improves everything you know about softness with one of the supplest fabrics out there. It is a mix of cotton with polyester and nylon, adding a fleece-like touch that feels amazingly smooth and comfy at the touch.

It looks fantastic still, with a Charcoal Gray color that meets even the highest of standards. And with its beauty, you also get a comfortable piece, using plush-scoop seats and fluffy cushions in the back that help you relax in a matter of minutes.

The sofa comes with two reclining seats and wooden construction. It is entirely reliable and stands up to 825 pounds of weight easily. The best of all, it comes with a wall-hugger design needing only 4-inches of clearance, so you can save space while enjoying a magnificent piece. 

Things You Will Love

  • The fluffiest cushion with the softest upholstery for extra coziness
  • Its sturdy wooden frame with a reliable reclining system for durability
  • The stunning puffy appearance with Charcoal Gray fleece

Things You Will Not

  • The cleaning of the sofa can be exhaustive
  • It can get a smelly and dusty over time

Flash Furniture never disappoints with some of the most exciting and convenient pieces out there, and the Harmony is the brown leather reclining sofa you’ll want at home.

With its cheap cost but exceptional appearance, you can get one of the best sofas out there without having to empty your wallet out. The brown upholstery comes with LeatherSoft, a type of artificial leather that provides a similar appearance and durable as bonded leather.

It looks fantastic, but it also feels superb. The thick-padded armrests and the plush pillow on the backseat will add to an excellent comfort level. Sitting on this sofa will provide instant relaxation.

This improves when you add the lumbar support, to prevent any pain or ache in your back. And with the lever mechanism for reclining, you can simply forget about issues with other types of sofa. Just recline back and get rid of discomfort. 

Things You Will Love

  • The LeatherSoft upholstery for nice looks & durability
  • The high-quality plush padding for extra coziness
  • It offers three different colors & upholsteries

Things You Will Not

  • The reclining mechanism can be hard to use
  • It may tear or wear off faster than expected

The Yerba dual recliner sofa from Homelegance is an almost perfect option if you don’t want to spend money on anything less than excellence. 

Not everyone knows about the Yerba collection, but they should. It comes with a beautiful microfiber surface that looks like leather but feels much softer and comfier. 

The plush Dacron Cushion padding adds to its coziness, especially with the no-sag seat construction that makes sure you never feel any pain while sitting. 

It doesn’t leave convenience behind, though. You get a central console from the middle seat that offers some storage space along with two cup holders. So, you’ll be able to use this sofa both as a 3-seater or a 2-seater with added handiness.

The reclining mechanism is totally reliable, and the robust wooden frame stands up to 900 pounds effortlessly. You’ll get at least a decade of exceptional experiences with this sofa. 

Things You Will Love

  • Its stunning microfiber upholstery
  • The comfy no-sag seat build with Dacron Cushion padding
  • An outstandingly durable wooden frame 

Things You Will Not

  • It feels a little unstable when reclined
  • The extra-padded backseat can feel a bit uncomfortable

If you want to go for an extra-convenient, extra-gorgeous, and extra-comfortable piece, then you’ll want the Omega leather power reclining sofa from Seatcraft.

It offers everything a demanding user who wants the best of the best could need. From a Leather Gel surface that adds tons of durability & a soft texture to the piece, to the fantastic set of features including USB-charging port, storage space in the armrests, and a fold-down table in the middle seat.

The table comes with USB ports, two 110v outlets, and two overhead lights for illumination in dark places. You can use it to serve drinks with its two cup holders, or simply to place snacks while watching a movie. It even comes with swivel trays for magnificent handiness. 

But apart from that, it leaves nothing behind. The comfort level is outstanding, especially when you combine superb memory foam padding with powered headrests, so you can adjust them to your needs.

The design is beautiful and elegant, the upholstery lasts a lifetime, and it provides so many features that you will never get tired of using it. This is a sofa that will never let you down. 

Things You Will Love

  • Its spectacular appearance with Leather Gel upholstery
  • The unbeatable set of features and lights for extra fun
  • Its extra comfort with memory-foam padding & adjustable headrest

Things You Will Not

  • Its excruciating cost
  • The Leather Gel upholstery may peel off over time

Best Sofa Recliners Buying Guide

For those who decided to get nothing less than the best reclining sofa, knowing all about sofas will be essential. So here we bring the most crucial factor to think about when reading our reviews:


Reclining Seats & Size

Most sofas come with three seats. That’s the standard in the industry. But three seats may come in many different widths. 

And the widest the product, the more spacious and comfy it will be. That’s why we always encourage readers to pick the biggest one possible.

But with the number of seats also comes the reclining system. Most sofas only offer two reclining seats, the ones in the extremes. The middle seat does usually not recline, which is a turn down for many people. But you can always get a 3-seater sofa that recliners all of its seats, you just need to look well.

Apart from that, just make sure that the piece fits inside your living room. We recommend widths from 75-inches to 85-inches. The widest ones may reach over 85 inches, and they can be pretty cozy & handy to use. 


This is among the most important aspects to consider when buying a sofa. Here you’ll find three types with different benefits each.

The most common type of upholstery is faux leather or bonded leather. Faux and bonded leathers are relatively different, but they also offer a similar experience and results. Bonded leather tends to be leather residues combined with polyurethane, while faux leather is pure polyurethane with nylon. 

Both look almost like real leather but are far less durable. Bonded leather is slightly better in terms of softness and sturdiness.

Then you find the real top-grain leather. It is much more reliable, beautiful, and soft than any type of artificial leather or upholstery. But it comes with a downside; almost every leather sectional sofa tends to be twice as expensive as any synthetic leather sofa. 

Lastly, you’ll find fabrics such as microfiber and chenille. Both are excellent choices, microfiber being a little softer than chenille in most cases. Some alternatives to microfiber with fleece or cotton mixes can be incredibly fluffy and soft. Sadly, these fabrics get filthy really fast and may not last as much as leather.

Extra Features

For sofas, we also recommend taking proper attention to any extras you may find. With home-theater options, for example, it is crucial to have cup-holders. But you may also find swivel trays for snacks, console or armchair storage, LED lights, and sometimes USB charging ports and more.

We also recommend going to models with adjustable headrests and lumbar support. And of course, don’t forget about power-reclining systems. Any factor that makes the sofa handier, that’s a feature you’ll surely appreciate. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Are there sofas with more than 3 seats?

A: Yes, they are called sectional sofas with recliners. We recommend these for extra-large living rooms. The biggest models can host up to 6 people.

Q: How often should I clean a recliner sofa?

A: It is only necessary to clean a sofa once or twice a week to prevent any dirt, dust, or filth from getting stuck. Especially with microfiber and chenille, we recommend doing this without fault.

Q: Does the reclining mechanism of a sofa need maintenance?

A: Not really. As long as it works correctly and doesn’t get stuck, you won’t need to do anything to the recliner, especially if it is an electric system. 

Bottom Line

After reading all about the most beautiful & practical sofas in the market, it is time to start choosing the one for your living room. This, however, can be a little hard.

That’s why we’re going, to be frank about it and recommend the Seatcraft Lombardo as probably the best you’ll find in this list. It is a simple yet striking sofa that works both as a decorative piece or to achieve ultimate convenience. But of course, its price will be a turn down for many. 

Luckily, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Linebacker also delivers a unique living room experience but at less than half the price. On top of that, it looks gorgeous and feels fantastically comfortable. 

If none of these works for you, then consider any of the remaining best sofa recliners and you will very likely find yours. Don’t hesitate and pick one now!