10 Best Ashley Furniture Recliners – Great Furniture from a Great Brand!

Buying new furniture for the living room is always a tough experience. With so many brands to think about, picking the right ones may take too much of your life. Luckily, you can always go for the best Ashley Furniture recliners and save yourself a lot of time and effort.



We want you to learn everything about one of the best brands out there when it comes to living room furniture. Here, we go over armchairs, loveseats and sofas, the ones that you need to think about each time you get a new recliner for your home.


Care to learn more about such a fantastic brand and its products? Then don’t waste any of your time and read further to find out!

10 Best Ashley Furniture Recliners 2019

Despite being a single brand, it offers hundreds of furniture pieces you’ll have to pick from. As we want to make it easy for you, here are the best Ashley recliners out there:

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Warnerton Sofa.

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Storage & Cup Holders

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hallstrung Sofa Recliner.

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature:  Electric Reclining with USB Charging Port

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Follett Loveseat Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Double-Colored Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Center Storage & Cup Holders

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Wittlich Glider Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester Chenille
  • Extra feature: Ultra Soft Surface

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Toletta Loveseat Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Polyester Fabric / PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Ultra Fluffy Cushions

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Gregale Rocker Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Double-Colored Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Practical Pull Handle

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Rotation Sofa Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Handy Button Reclining

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ernestine Power Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Polyester Chenille
  • Extra feature: Power Lifter with Control

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alenya Rocker Recliner.

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Rocker & Pull Handle

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Olsberg Rocker Recliner.

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Naild-Head Trim for Classical Look

Leather sofas always bring a lot of style to a living room, and even more so when we’re talking about the Warnertor from Ashley.

It is a modern-looking couch made of leather that looks beautiful. This gets better with the lattice details all around, ideal for an even more stylish appearance. Everything fits the chocolate brown color like a gem.

The sofa does not fall short in comfort either, it comes with high-resilience cushions with a polyurethane and polyester blend around for even more comfort. 

The reclining system only needs a touch of a button to work. Its power system makes it pretty reliable as well, so you can expect a magnificent experience for years.

Even the headrests of each seat are entirely adjustable using the Easy View feature, so you can move them and achieve even more comfort.

To add an even handier touch to the sofa, it comes with a cup holder and armrests storage on each extreme, making the use of this recliner magnificently enjoyable.

What to Consider About It

  • Modern and stylish design with brown leather & lattice details
  • Very comfortable with thick & resilient foam cushions
  • Highly convenient adjustable headrest feature
  • Roomy and comfy design for three people
  • Handy additional cup holders & armrest storage

If you’re looking for an Ashley Furniture leather sofa, then the Hallstrung will probably come like the perfect choice.

It stands out for its outstanding looks, appealing to any kind of user, and improving your living appearance at the same time. And it doesn’t stop there, as it comes with faux leather upholstery in vibrant charcoal color that magnifies how fantastic it looks.

The design gets better with the adjustable Easy View headrests that work well with the thick foam padding all around. You can simply relax back and feel the coziness this sofa offers for hours, and there won’t be an issue.

Along with all that, you get a power reclining feature, so you’ll only have to push a button for it to recline in different positions. And with the USB port on the control panel, you get the chance to sit comfortably while having your device charged in hand. 

Everything this recliner offers will make your living room experience better in every way. 

What to Consider About It

  • Exquisite fluffy look with faux leather upholstery
  • Top-notch power reclining feature with different positions
  • Excellent Easy View headrest for great comfort
  • A very convenient USB port on the control panel
  • Cozy thick padding with soft leather

An Ashley Furniture loveseat is never a bad option. And when it comes to the Follett recliner, there’s nothing you should not love.

The subtle design with weathered leather makes it look fantastic in any living room. You will simply get in love at first sight with its two-tone style. It feels soft with the suede-like material on top and fluffy with the plush padding, ideal for those who want the perfect comfort.

It gets even better with the coil seats, adding tons of support, so you never feel the slightest of pain. And with its rocking feature, you can relax your tension away in minutes. 

But it is not only the appearance or comfort that makes it so amazing but its construction. Coming with a corner-blocked frame, this sofa will stand several pounds of weight and will never break. 

The best of all is that the design fits almost anywhere without problems. It is so small that you can easily fit it in apartments or bedrooms and get instant comfort at any time.

What to Consider About It

  • Superb construction with coil seat & corner-blocked frame
  • Exceptional contemporary looks with two-tone leather
  • Fluffy padding works well with suede-like soft fabric on top 
  • The additional rocking feature adds tons of coziness to its build
  • Relatively small loveseat design fits anywhere easily

The Wittlich is the perfect swivel rocker recliner Ashley Furniture for those who want something more practical and comfy than the usual.

It looks like any other chair with its contemporary design, but it’s actually one of the most interesting out there. The Chenille upholstery adds a super soft experience that you can enjoy along with the high-resilience cushions, ideal for exceptional comfort at all times.

The construction is still one of the best, coming with a wooden frame and metal reinforcements in the seats. And the polyester fabric with soft feel is also easy to clean when needed, and stands years of use without problems. 

Let’s not forget it also comes with a 360-degree swivel mechanism. You can simply sit on it, pull the tab for reclining, adjust the position, and just relax. When it comes to high convenience & coziness, few options match the capacity of the Wittlich. 

What to Consider About It

  • Unique Chenille-like polyester upholstery
  • Terrific swivel mechanism for mobility
  • Soft & fluffy feel with fabric and thick padding
  • Sturdy build with wooden frame & metal reinforcements
  • The straightforward pull-tab reclining mechanism

Coming in Granite and Chocolate colors, the Toletta is another excellent option from Ashley Furniture that looks, feels, and works amazingly well.

This loveseat comes with plush padding in the seats, back, and armrests using foam cushions, ideal for a comfortable experience at all times. The padding matches the soft, supple polyester fabric, adding a suede-like effect that feels astoundingly soft.

It is still a durable recliner to consider, boasting a corner-blocked frame that provides several hundreds of weight capacity and will never break. And with its large 70-inches wide design, you can expect two or three people to fit on it easily.

And despite all that, it still manages to look fabulous, boasting the pillow-top armrests and puffy look that comforts you even at first sight. Just pull the tab on the side and relax in a good-looking and comfy recliner in its entirety. 

What to Consider About It

  • Huge 70-inches design for a loveseat
  • Excellent build with corner-blocked frame
  • Comfortable padding with foam cushions
  • Enticing puffy look in Granite & Chocolate colors
  • Durable & soft polyester upholstery

Again with a two-tone recliner, the Gregale offers the chance to enjoy magnificently soft upholstery that also attracts with its beauty. 

Its modern design makes it easy to fall in love with it. You can place this chair anywhere at home, and it will change the whole aspect. Boasting a two-tone surface with faux leather in rugged brown and elegant black colors, you can expect this chair to look well along with classy & contemporary décor.

It gets even better when you add the weathered details and the unique stitching, adding a superb touch of style to your living room. 

But it’s not only the looks it offers but the outstanding comfort you get along. The high-resilience foam cushions help you get instant coziness once you sit. And it gets better when you activate the reclining system with a smooth & gentle rocking feature. 

It is a well-made chair still, with a strong wooden frame that lasts years. Put it all together, and this recliner becomes a must-have. 

What to Consider About It

  • Eye-catching two-tone rugged & elegant design 
  • Soft & comfortable foam cushion padding
  • Excellent construction for durability
  • Rocking & reclining systems for handiness
  • Very wide design for extra coziness

Nothing better than an Ashley reclining sofa if you are in search of a reliable, good-looking, comfortable and modern piece of furniture for your living room. And the Rotation is precisely that.

The first thing you’ll notice about this chair is the 88-inches wide design that fits three people comfortably. With the plush padding it has, you can enjoy superb coziness along with family or friends. And with the smooth & reliable reclining system, this comfort comes quickly. 

The construction is still pretty reliable, made of a corner-blocked wooden frame with metal reinforcements in the seats. This pairs up well with the faux leather upholstery that lasts years without scratches and offers an easy-to-clean experience.

But the leather is also gorgeous, with a distressed style that looks rugged but also soft, something you can enjoy at first touch. And with its smoked gray color, it blows in beauty.

What to Consider About It

  • The huge 88-inches wide design fits three people
  • Durable build with wooden frame with metal reinforcements
  • Highly attractive faux leather upholstery with smoke gray color
  • Soft fabric and fluffy padding all around for extra comfort
  • Smooth reclining system for straightforward use

Sometimes leather doesn’t look well, and a standard reclining system doesn’t do the job well – so you go for the Ernestine Ashley Furniture power recliner.

Yes, the ability to recline with a single touch of a button will give you immense comfort. But this is not only a recliner but also a lifter. It will also help people with physical issues to sit and stand out more easily in the chair. And all is directly managed with the remote control.

You’ll enjoy one of the coziest experiences while letting the recliner do the job along with the fantastic foam cushion padding. And with the supple polyester fabric, there’s nothing to take you away from the ultimate comfort in this single armchair recliner.

It still manages to look eye-catching, with its chenille upholstery and a grayish tone that stands out in any situation. You can make it work in living rooms with modern décor or the classiest ones if needed.

What to Consider About It

  • Hugely convenient power reclining & lifting system
  • Comfy foam padding with soft, supple upholstery
  • Beautiful design with Gray chenille fabric
  • Handy operation with the wired remote control
  • Extra battery for backup adds huge convenience

In the most affordable spectrum, we can find the Alenya. This is an Ashley Furniture rocker recliner that stands out for its simplicity, but it still manages to surpass expectations in every way.

The chair has a chic look, neat and reasonably well-made. It doesn’t exert beauty like others in the list, but it will fare well in most living rooms, especially casual ones. 

But the upholstery is still something worth talking about, especially with the ultra-soft microfiber upholstery that adds a modern touch to its appearance. It boasts a charcoal color too, perfect for those who love the black/white dichotomy.

In terms of comfort, it doesn’t stay behind, either. It comes with foam cushions of exceptional thickness that complement the polyester & nylon supple fabric. The softness you’ll feel from the surface, and the fluffiness from the inside will make you love this chair at first sit.

It is still pretty spacious for most people and comes with a robust wooden frame construction – all for a very cheap cost. 

What to Consider About It

  • Casual-looking design stands out for its simplicity
  • Amazingly soft upholstery made of polyester & nylon
  • High-quality foam padding & large design for extra comfort
  • Excellent construction with wooden frame
  • A smooth reclining system with lever mechanism

If you want a chair that comes with an entire Ashley Furniture sectional kit, then you’ll want to go for the Olsberg recliner.

There’s nothing about this recliner that you won’t like. The first thing to consider is the traditional appearance, boasting a classy set of details with first-class stitching, shiny nail-head trim, and rolled armrests. It meets the requirements of any classy household décor, especially with the steel gray color.

Despite its great looks, this chair feels amazingly comfortable when using with the foam cushion padding that Ashley Furniture is known for.  The leather doesn’t stay behind either, adding a touch of softness that you can feel at first touch.

The whole chair is outstandingly reliable still, with a sturdy wooden frame and metal reinforcements in the seat that makes it last a lifetime easily.

On top of all that, it is still fairly big and capable of supporting any person effortlessly. Add the pull-tab reclining system, and you’ll love this couch in its entirety. 

What to Consider About It

  • Lovely classy design with shiny trimming & rolled armrests
  • Cozy foam padding and soft leather 
  • Robust build with wooden frame & metal reinforcements
  • Wide enough design to fit any person comfortably
  • Fits amazingly well with the whole Olsberg section set

Best Ashley Furniture Recliners Buying Guide

Buying an Ashley Furniture recliner may seem like a reasonably straightforward process, but it’s not. In fact, you’ll have so many alternatives that you won’t know what to go for. But don’t worry, just follow our next advice:

Type of Recliners

The first type you’ll find will be the popular Ashley Furniture sofas. You will find them in very different designs. We recommend the ones with three seats for the best comfort. But also make sure to know the difference between home-theater, casual, and power sofas for the best experience.

Then you’ll find loveseats. This brand does loveseats astonishingly well too, especially the ones with a center console. You will find them pretty comfortable and easy to enjoy for two people. The ones without a center console may even fit three persons effortlessly. 

And finally, you can find the Ashley Furniture recliner chairs. These are like any other armchair for the but with the reclining system. Here, you’ll find hundreds of different designs to go for, from classic to modern styles and much more. We recommend recliners with power or rocking mechanisms for the best experience. 


Apart from the type, it is essential to know what kinds of surfaces you’ll find with this brand.

The most common of all is faux leather. It is a brand quirk to use this type of upholstery so much. Half of all the recliners in this review list come with faux leather upholstery, that’s how common it is. But it is still fairly reliable, soft to the touch, and gives the best looks out there. 

Then you’ll find standard fabrics such as microfiber or chenille. Both are made with polyester, polyurethane, and nylon or a combination between them. Chenille tends to be a little softer like suede, but microfiber offers a plush-like feeling, close to what a stuffed animal feels like. 

The last type of upholstery you’ll find with Ashley Furniture couches is the top-grain leather. It is the most durable, the softest, and the best-looking of all surfaces you can get – but it comes at a very hefty cost. 


Finally, there’s the padding to consider. Here you will only find two kinds. The first is the popular high-resilience foam padding, it stands out for the support and thickness it offers. You can get several years of comfort from this padding and never be disappointed. 

Then you have plush foam padding. It is very similar to the latter, but this one feels fluffier and much more comfortable. The only problem is the durability, as it tends to lose some fluffiness over time and feels firmer than before.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many years does an Ashley Furniture recliner last?

A: Most standard models from this brand can give you decades of use. Getting one of the best models can give you a lot of comfort and convenience for a lifetime. 

Q: Where can I get Ashley Furniture recliners?

A: You just need to go directly to the Ashley Furniture homestore or instead click on any of the links in this article. All recliner models will be shipped directly to your house after you buy them.

Q: Are Ashley Furniture pieces more expensive than other brands?

A: No, this brand makes low-end, mid-end, and high-end recliners for all kinds of users and customers. You will find a perfect model for you that fits your needs and desires effortlessly. 

Bottom Line

So, how do I know which model will meet my needs and which will not? Easy, you just need to follow our buying guide and take every review in this article into account, and you’ll get a reasonably reliable product.

Still, we recommend the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Olsberg Rocker as the best armchair. It is an entirely stylish choice that won’t let you down in any aspect.

If you want something larger, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Hallstrung Sofa is the go-to option if you want fantastic experiences with friends or family. It looks impressive as well.

And if you prefer a loveseat, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Toletta will come like a gem with its soft & fluffy look plus fantastic comfort level. 

Just remember that choosing one of the best Ashley Furniture recliners is getting an outstanding product that will never let you down. So, whatever you pick, you’ll probably get more than what you expect. Don’t hesitate and get one now!