10 Best Recliners from $1000 to $1500 – High-End Recliners for Demanding Users!

Sitting on a recliner is one of the most relaxing things you can do at home. And when you have a high-quality product to enjoy – the level of relaxation gets to a whole new limit.
That’s precisely what you get with the best recliners under 1500. They are simply the top of the cake – pieces of furniture that promote the maximum amount of coziness and convenience for you to enjoy. 
From the ultimate comfort to an unbeatable construction, every piece on this price range takes every one your expectations to new levels. They are the best of the best – and here we’ll explain why. Come and take a look!

10 Best Recliners from $1000 to $1500 Reviews

There are hundreds of recliners in this price range, but only a few will be worth having. We decided to pick the worthiest ones in terms of comfort, convenience, and build to review them. Here’s what we found out about each:

Fjords Muldal Norwegian Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Plush microfiber
  • Extra feature: 20 Different Color Options + Ottoman

Homelegance Laertes Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Practical Button Reclining + USB Charging Port

Seatcraft Julius Home-Theater Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Storage + Cup Holder + Swivel Tray + Adjustable Headrest & Lumbar + LED

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Gilmanton Power Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Handy Side Button Panel + Adjustable Headrest 

Hooker Furniture Kelly Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Exquisite Classical Design + Nail-Head Trim + Extra Fiber Cushioning

Catnapper Burns Power Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Chenille
  • Extra feature: Dual-Motor Reclining System + Ultra Wide Design

Seatcraft Serenity Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Individual 3-Seat Reclining System + Armrest Storage + Cup Holders + LED 

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Warnerton Power Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Storage & Cup Holders + Adjustable Headrest

BarcaLounger Presidential ll Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Exquisite Classical Design + Tufted Backseat + Nail-Head Trimming

Seatcraft Seville Home Theater Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Leather Gel
  • Extra feature: Armrests Storage + Cup Holders + USB Charging Port + Swivel Tray + LED 

We couldn’t talk about the highest-quality recliners without mentioning Fjords recliners. They are among the classiest and most reliable pieces you’ll find – and that all comes from a European brand.

Fjords manages to deliver a traditional style of chairs that many people love. Whether it is for their offices, living rooms, or bedrooms – one of these can totally improve your life. 

It starts with top-grain leather on the surface, the most expensive and durable of them all. Under the upholstery, you’ll find cure-molded foam, one of the softest, fluffiest, and most comfortable you’ll find in the market. And it goes everywhere from the seat to the ottoman for an excellent experience.

Along with the comfort, you get the chance to recline using a simple Active Release System for straightforward operation. And of course, this pairs up well with the laminated wood base, adding a touch of reliability but also elegant looks to the chair. 

Best Things 

  • Its beautiful and classy appearance
  • It comes in 20 different color tones
  • The outstandingly comfortable cure-molded padding
  • Reliable & easy-to-use Active Release System for reclining

We couldn’t talk about the best recliners in the market without mentioning the exquisite and practical Laertes Power Loveseat from Homelegance.

It provides a huge space to sit for two people, ideal for hosting family or friends at home. You could easily use this loveseat for a media room or any place that needs comfort to its best. And with its high-density foam, it relaxes you almost instantly.

Using a double-reclining system, you can comfortably sit back and relax watching a movie or doing practically anything. And to use it, you just need to touch a button, and that’s it – it will recline automatically.

The stylish design also adds tons of value to its build, especially with such a modern appearance. And it is all due to the top-grain leather and polyester mix – so it feels soft but also delivers outstanding durability.

It is an entirely reliable product that supports several pounds of weight. And surely, it lasts years without any shortcoming in the meantime. 

Best Things 

  • Striking two-tone appearance with top-grain leather & polyester
  • Modern design matches any type of living room décor
  • Excellent double-reclining system for extra reliability
  • Soft and comfortable with high-density foam

For those searching for nothing less than the top rated leather recliners, then the Seatcraft Julius will come like an excellent choice.

Any person who wants more than a simple chair will probably have this one as the first choice. It has everything you could demand for an unforgettable experience in your living room, including a cup holder, a swivel tray, storage compartments in the armrests, and LED lights.

You also get a USB-charging port, a control panel for easy operation, and a huge design that fits any person. It can even support up to 400 pounds without issues. 

The best thing about this piece is the powered headrest and lumbar support. You can adjust these two places, so they offer precisely the kind of comfort you’re looking for. And with the memory function, you can rest assured that it will always provide such comfort. 

But all that comes along with a beautiful appearance, boasting top-grain leather that feels and looks stunningly classy but modern. Anything you can think of, this chair probably has it.  

Best Things 

  • An outstanding convenient set of features
  • Attractive design with top-grain leather upholstery
  • Hugely comfortable headrest & lumbar support with memory
  • Well-sized and reliable design for exceptional durability

Huge and practical, that’s how you can describe most expensive leather recliners – and even more so when it comes to the Gilmanton from Ashley Furniture. 

This is a chair that will rock your life since the first day it arrives at your house to the day you no longer need it. With its rocking feature and power reclining function, you can relax in the fastest way you can think of – making it a hugely comfortable piece to have.

But what really stands out is the luxurious looks it offers. Boasting top-grain leather, this piece will improve everything about your living room with its unique appearance. It even comes with nail-head trims on the armchairs & wings – so it has that classy touch everyone loves.

The recliner also comes with an adjustable Easy View headrest for extra coziness. And surely, it manages to provide superb durability with its hardwood construction. 

Best Things

  • A magnificent power-reclining system with rocking base
  • Stunning top-grain leather with burgundy color
  • Extra comfort with adjustable headrest
  • Gigantic design host any person comfortably

If there’s a chair we couldn’t forget about, that’s the Hooker furniture recliner. This Kelly armchair comes with a mid-century style and traditional design that you will love to have at home.

You can install it anyplace you want, and it will look amazing. The upholstery is made with Empyrean leather, with a Charcoal Grey or Beige that stuns you at first sight. This complements nail-head trims on the armrests, ideal for a classy look that will match your office or traditional living room. 

But it doesn’t lack any comfort. The piece boasts high-density foam padding with core-wrapped in polyester fibers. This adds a magnificent puffy feeling that resembles a pillow – an almost perfect addition to any piece.

It reclines to 66-inches, which is enough for a decently comfortable position. And it gets better with the straightforward push-back mechanism – so you can recline without moving your hands at all.

Best Things

  • Classy style offers a gorgeous look
  • Magnificent top-grain leather quality
  • Hugely comfortable high-density padding
  • Decent recline at 66-inches with push-back mechanism

We love a Catnapper recliner, and the Burns Power Chair doesn’t escape a review. And surely, this is a piece that stands out in every way you can think of – making it an almost perfect product to have.

It all starts with a dual-motor lifting mechanism, ideal for elderly people or those who need help standing up from the chair. This goes well with the zero-gravity reclining position capacity, so you can achieve the most comfortable feeling when using.

But its comfort is all about the wide seating area, the comfort coil seat, and the high-density foam inside. On top of that, the chenille fabric on the outside adds an even softer feeling, so you can feel the comfiest with this recliner at any time.

The chair looks beautiful nonetheless, coming in different colors from Midnight to Earth, Vino, Ash, Basil, and Spice tones that look fantastic. 

The best of all, it comes with a backup battery and a sturdy build with steel reclining system that supports 400 pounds.

Best Things

  • Fluffy & good-looking chenille fabric appearance
  • The colossal design fits any person without problems
  • Really sturdy build stands a lot of weight
  • Reliable lifting & reclining mechanisms 

When it comes to quality recliners, few brands match the quality and beauty that Seatcraft provides. And the Serenity is a perfect example of how fantastic Seatcraft’s products are.

This magnificent piece starts with top-grain leather upholstery that will impress any user for its softness and overall appearance. The leather is also one of the most durable and provides a magnificent experience when it comes to comfort along with the high-density plush padding all around.

But it is not the looks or the comfort that it offers what we love the most, but the superb set of features such as the USB-charging ports, the hidden armrest storage, the swivel tray table, and the LED-lit cup holders.

The chair even comes with ambient lighting on the bottom – so you can guess how amazing it feels to have this chair. And all that comes with a power-reclining control that you can use with a simple touch of a button.

Best Things 

  • An undoubtedly convenient set of features
  • Impressive looks with top-grain leather & LED lights
  • Reliable & easy-to-use power-reclining system
  • Hugely comfortable plush padding

When it comes to Ashley Furniture electric recliners, few models are as cozy and practical as the Warnerton sofa. 

This recliner boasts a chocolate brown bonded leather appearance that will impress even the most demanding of users. But it is not the leather, but the exquisite design and styling that makes it such a great choice. It will quickly improve how your living room and feels.

The piece is one of the most comfortable stills, with high-resiliency foam cushions all around. And with the one-touch power reclining system – you can enjoy an almost instant relaxation feature at any time.

To make it even better, you can move the headrest to your favorite position using the Easy View feature, making it almost impossible not to feel entirely cozy when using.

On top of all that, the armrests come with hidden storage and cup holders on each side. And surely, the control panel with two buttons makes it easy to use – with an added USB port for convenience.

Best Things

  • Stylish appearance with high-quality bonded leather
  • Entirely comfortable with foam cushions
  • Simple and reliable power-reclining system
  • Practical & comfy adjustable headrest function

There’s nothing about this Barcalounger leather recliner that you won’t like. The Presidential II chair is one of those high-end options that only the most demanding users will love.

The recliner comes with a traditional style with a luxurious touch that captivates at first sight. It comes with tufted bottoms in the backseat and brass nail heads on the armrests and wings. The top-grain leather adds a tone of beauty that no other upholstery can match, especially with Stetson Coffee color.

It feels comfortable in its entirety still, with a spring system of 30 pocket-coils and fully-enclosed fabric with foam plus blended down feathers. You can say it delivers the quality you need for the most comfortable experience in such a beautiful piece.

And despite all that, it comes with an enduring plywood/hardwood mixed frame using glued joints & corner-blocked planks. Add the Delrin bushings on the reclining mechanism, and this chair has no competitor for its quality level. 

Best Things

  • Unbeatable traditional appearance with top-grain leather
  • Superb comfort with spring system & foam with down
  • Exceptional plywood & hardwood frame for sturdiness
  • A reliable and durable reclining system with Delrin bushings

We couldn’t finish this article without adding a final Seatcraft home theater seating recliner. And the Seville wins this time – one of the best high-end loveseats you’ll find.

As its name says, this a home-theater model, ideal to use in media rooms – and it doesn’t stay short on that with its features. The first function that makes it perfect for living rooms is the SoundShaker transducers, bass-like speakers that improve your movie-watching experience exponentially.

This gets better with the swivel tray table on each seat, the LED-lit cup-holders, and the superb USB-charging port on the side. You can even enjoy hidden storage on every armrest, and a futuristic set of LED ambient lights in the bottom with glass-like plastic on the armrests.

Apart from that, this is a loveseat that focuses on comfort, using Leather Gel, which is a mix of top-grain leather with artificial materials. This pairs up well with the high-density foam all around for an outstanding power-reclining experience in your living room.

Best Things

  • Striking Leather Gel upholstery with ambient LEDs
  • A massively convenient set of features 
  • Top-notch comfort with high-density foam
  • Unique SoundShaker feature for an improved experience

Best Recliners from $1000 to $1500

While you won’t find the most expensive recliner in the world within this price range, there’s still a lot of quality to distill. And all that quality comes directly from the different factors that each recliner offers to make such amazing pieces. The factors we’re talking about are:


In the high-end market of recliners, the upholstery is probably the most vital aspect to consider. In fact, most people who buy at this price range only think about the looks, and that’s it. And inevitably, it all comes down to the quality of the piece.

The first type of upholstery you’re likely to find is top-grain leather. It is real leather with almost no artificial ingredient that looks and feels fantastic. On top of that, it lasts like no other surface out there.

Close to that, you can find bonded leather. This is a type of surface you’ll find in low-end or mid-end recliners, but some alternatives tend to be highly reliable and good-looking – almost like real leather. Leather Gel is an alternative to bonded leather that mixes with genuine leather that’s worth having. 

You may also find faux leather, but that’s unlikely at this price range. The same happens with soft fabrics such as microfiber. They are way softer than most leathers and fabrics, but less durable.

What you can find is chenille fabric. This is a polyester-polyurethane mix that feels pretty soft and fluffy. It is not as expensive as bonded or top-grain leather but can be made with unique materials for an extra-soft feeling that can be costly. 

Comfort & Padding

Here you need to consider both the upholstery and the padding. There’s no other way to do so.

For example, the most comfortable leather recliner will need to have high-density foam for sure. Most leathers don’t fit well with plush or pillow-top padding. These two are immensely comfortable, but they aren’t high-end cushion quality in any way, so you will not likely find them.

But with a microfiber or chenille upholstery, you will probably do come with plush and pillow-top in some cases. They tend to be hugely comfortable and much fluffier than high-density foam. But surely, they lose the density & coziness faster.  

Features & Functions

For high-end recliners, you won’t find any model that doesn’t come with additional features. These extra functions can be anything from a massager to a power-lifting mechanism, cup holders, storage consoles or armrests, LED lights, and sometimes even sound or vibration systems to enhance your living room experience.

Anything you can find that makes your recliner handier and much more entertaining to have, that’s something you shouldn’t dismiss. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I use any of these high-end recliners for my office or workspace?

A: Yes, there’s always an office chair below 1500 with a recliner that you can get. The Fjords Muldal Norwegian with Ottoman is a perfect example of that. 

Q: Do I need to follow any special maintenance guideline for my recliner?

A: Most models in this price range tend to be of really high-quality, so they need little keep-up. However, you should always focus on preventing damage and keeping them clean. Liquids, dirt, and dust can always damage even the highest-quality leather – so clean your recliner constantly and when needed.

Q: Should I get a sofa, a loveseat, or a chair as a recliner?

A: It all comes down to your specific needs, especially when it comes to space. Most expensive recliner chairs are often more feature-rich than sofas and loveseats, though. The costlier sofas tend to have a price over two-thousand or even three-thousand – so you can have a better idea. 

Bottom Line

You have so many exceptional models in this list that it’s tough to pick the right one. If you have the ideal recliner on sight, then you’re done. Just make sure it fits your demands completely. Otherwise, you may have a bumpy road of choosing the ideal product.

That’s why we’re recommending the BarcaLounger Presidential ll Chair as the highest-quality recliner in the whole list. It is not precisely a model to have on your living room, but it will undoubtedly impress anyone on your office or workplace with its classical and beautiful look.

But if you don’t like traditional single-chair models, you can always go for those like the Seatcraft Serenity Power Loveseat. The handiest and most comfortable piece in the whole list, and perfect for any living room or media space – this loveseat won’t disappoint you.

There are several other options you can still pick if you don’t like these two. Just read our best recliners under 1500, and you may find useful information about the recliner you need. Don’t waver and get one of these now!