Best Recliners 2019 Buying Guide

It is time to learn with our best recliners 2019 buying guide. With so many sofas and chairs in the market of lifting and power recliners, picking the right one eventually can be a daunting experience. Especially when you don’t know much about them, going after the right product can be pretty tough.

Luckily for you, here we have all the information you need to make the choosing process a piece of cake. 

Just keep scrolling down, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about the best recliners for back pain, sleeping, and more!

Types of Recliners

Once you take a look at a recliner (either chair of sofa) individually, you’ll see that each on is pretty different from the others. This happens because of the types of recliners available, each one offering various kinds of results, benefits, and drawbacks. Here we’ll explain all of these types:

Zero Gravity Recliners

The focus of zero-gravity recliners is to put the legs of the user above heart level to achieve a more comfortable position. This is one of the best recliners for back pains and helps to improve circulation problems.

A zero-gravity recliner does this by offering a unique design that not only recliners but elevates the chair slightly while tilting the whole frame of the product back. This helps to achieve a more reclined position, often referred to as zero-gravity due to the particular way it looks.

Most people who use zero gravity recliners do so because they are excellent to achieve a 180º position or as close to that as possible. This helps you relax more easily and makes this recliner the best for back pains and many conditions.

Massaging or Comfort Recliners

A recliner doesn’t necessarily have to be a recliner only. You could also add many other features, including a massager which could make it the best chair for back pain sufferers.

Just imagine sitting on the couch, tilting the backrest to an almost 180-degree position and then start receiving massages. That would be amazing, right? Well, that’s also entirely possible with a massaging recliner.

These types work by using rollers or small vibrators inside the foam of the chair. So they not only help to relax by reclining in the most comfortable position possible, but they also help to relieve tension and pain using massages.

For people with body pains, strains, circulation issues, and even those who have arthritis and joint problems, having a massager can be of great help to soothe the pain. And when you add the usual heat therapy most massagers come with, you’ll be getting an even more helpful product eventually.

Lifting or Functional Recliners

People who tend to struggle with joint, muscle, or bone issues may eventually find a lifting recliner amazing. This happens because this kind of chairs helps to sit and stand out more quickly by lifting the seat to a more accessible level.

Especially older people tend to have this kind of issue. Sometimes they just can’t stand up easily or sit without making an extra effort. Luckily, a lifting recliner can help them reduce the effort and make everything more straightforward.

Power Recliners

These are pretty common nowadays and are the type of recliners that come with every possible feature you can imagine. 

They often offer a lifter, massager, and a recliner function, something where you just need to push a button and the chair will do its job automatically. 

You will need electricity for one of these, yet they are pretty helpful for people who don’t like making an extra effort to recline, receive a massage, lift the seat, or just whatever.

Some power recliners even come with LED lights, USB ports for charging devices, remote controls for activating the features, and much more. But with the functionality also comes a high price.

Classic Recliners

Sometimes, you don’t need a lifting or massaging recliner when a traditional model would do. Here’s where you find the classic model, the simple option for those who don’t want anything that goes over the top but just helps to relax a little in a reclined position.

They tend to be pretty comfy, easy to use, and still very supportive to relieve pain and stress. And the best of all is that you can place them literally anywhere without having to worry about lack of close outlets or any other setback massagers and lifters may produce.

The best of all is that classic recliners tend to be really stylish. You could either pick a vintage model that fits with your wooden living room, or something more modern that works well in a sleek place. You could also use a classic recliner as an RV sleeper sofa replacement.

Recliners with Separate Ottomans

You could easily say these are classic recliners but without an integrated footrest. Instead, they have the recliner chair or sofa with an additional ottoman to rest your feet if needed.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want only to rest their back and recline in a semi-upright position. But the best of all is that the ottoman can be placed anywhere without issues, so users can achieve any position they desire effortlessly.

But the real advantage of these recliners is their appearance. They usually come in unique designs that offer excellent versatility for placing the chair, but also an outstanding appearance that could make any room look better and more classy. However, it all depends on the model you pick.

Recliner Build: Size & Space

Now that you are aware of the different types of recliners out there, it is time to learn how to measure and size up the product before bringing it home. 

First, it is crucial to understand how it arrives at your house, either to assemble or already pre-assembled. This will change the whole process of fixing the chair inside your home.

Then consider the size and if it fits with your body. You won’t like to pick something smaller than you need, or something too large that eventually hits everything around or just makes it challenging to move. 

Another thing to consider is that recliners need some space behind them, even if they are wall huggers (can be placed close to walls or other objects). This means you’ll have to consider the space between them and objects around.

So, there are plenty of things to take into account. Here are a few tips to consider to make the choosing process easier:

Measuring your Home

  • First, start by measuring the entryway of your home. Then keep going with doors and hallways, just any place where you’ll need to pass the sofa through before placing it in the right room.
  • Consider the height, width, and length of all passages. You won’t like to buy something that eventually becomes a nightmare to install in your home. Corners and tight spaces where the sofa will have to pass through are essential to measure with care.
  • Then go to the room you want to install the sofa at. Try to have at least 3 feet of space from behind to any wall or object. Wall hugger recliners tend to need way less space.

Measuring the Furniture

  • After you have all the measures of your home, you can start measuring the recliner. Here, also consider the width, height, and depth of the product.
  • The width is measured from one armrest to the other, starting from the farthest point. For the depth, start from the farthest point in the back to the farthest point in the front. And for height, start from the feet to the highest point in the backrest in an upright position.
  • Another useful measurement is the diagonal depth. To do this, you need to start from the highest point of the backrest to the front of the armrests or the farthest point in the front of the sofa. This will help you know if you can transport the couch inside your house by tilting it a little.

Measuring for Comfort

  • This can be a bit difficult if you’re buying online. But the whole purpose is to pick a recliner that feels comfortable for you. So here you can consider the length of the product and your height.

Example: If you’re 6-feet tall and the recliner offers 5-feet and 10-inches in length (headrest to footrest), you may be picking a shorter sofa than you need, so you’ll have to get something larger eventually.

  • An ideal measurement option would be to sit on the recliner and make sure your feet touch the floor, and your head touches the headrest. If your head doesn’t fit the headrest or your feet the floor, then it’s not the ideal recliner for you.
  • Lastly, be assured that the gap between the seat and the footrest of the product is not too wide. Something that separates the seat and footrest for more than 5-inches can feel a little uncomfortable. It could also be dangerous for pets and children.

This is a general guide on how to measure recliners and your house before picking. All this will help you achieve not only a more straightforward installation process when the product arrives at your home, but it will also help to choose something more comfortable depending on your needs.

The whole purpose is to get the best living room ideas with recliners, so you can not only make the product fit with your house but also make it as comfortable as possible. Make sure to have the right size and enough space to install, and you’ll have the ideal recliner.

Best Recliner Build: Frame Materials

After picking the right size and the rooms to go recliners, it is time to consider the overall construction of the product. And this starts with the frame materials.

Here you’ll mostly find recliners made of wood, but some of them may come with steel builds too. However, it all comes down to knowing the differences and how to spot the right construction accordingly. 

Here we explain the most common type of frame materials you’ll find:


Solid hardwood is a type of tree material that comes from thick trees. They tend to be the best in terms of price/quality, as they are denser and way stronger than many other options. In the negative side, hardwoods can be pretty expensive and bulky.

This happens because hardwoods usually come from trees that grow at a slower rate than softwoods, for example. It also happens that hardwoods mostly grow in particular places around the world, so they may be more expensive in some areas than in others, yet more costly overall.

The density of hardwood usually is better and tends to last longer than softwoods. However, some of them can still be weaker and softer than other kinds of woods. Balsa, for example, is a hardwood but it’s more fragile than most softwood out there.

It is not easy to find genuine hardwood furniture nowadays, mainly because most of these trees are protected by government laws and because they only grow in specific places. Luckily, many manufacturers around the world still make recliners of this material so you’ll pretty likely find tons of options if you look around.

Not all recliners will say “hardwood” as the frame material description. Instead, you can find names of specific trees such as Maple, Oak, Birch, Walnut, Cherry, Hackberry, Sycamore, Poplar, Cottonwood, Basswood, Pecan, Hickory, Ash, Elm, Gum, and Aspen. All of these are names of hardwoods.


Apart from hard and dense wood types, you may also find softwoods. This category refers to those options that are still natural woods but a little less dense and solid than hardwoods. Still, it is not precisely a rule as some softwoods can be even stronger, more durable, and thicker.

This type of wood mostly comes from trees that grow faster than hardwood trees. Sometimes, it just happens that they come with internal knots or holes, some of them can also be thinner than hardwood and demand more delicate treat to produce furniture. 

Softwood is also known in many places as timber. It grows mostly in Europe & North America and tends to be a light and very affordable option for wooden furniture. However, it all depends on the type you pick.

For example, Douglas Fir and Yew are pretty common options for softwood, yet they are tough and challenging to produce in mass. So they are costly, sometimes more than most hardwoods.

But other options such as Hemlock, Larch, Spruce, Hemlock, Pine, and Cedar tend to be hard enough for reliable use but not as heavy or durable as Douglas Fir, and Yew.

Engineered Woods

Now it’s the time of artificial options, here you’ll find everything that’s manmade and not taken directly from trees. Of course, engineered woods use real wood as well, but in different kinds of presentations and processed to make them more efficient and affordable.

Among engineered woods, you will find Plywood, Chipboard, MDF, Blockwood, and Veneer. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks, but Veneer stands out because it is generally made from hardwood with cheaper engineered woods. So you get a product that’s affordable but also strong.

Still, engineered woods are the least expensive but also the less durable. The good thing is that they come in a wide array of designs and with features that only this kind of wood can offer. So you may find expensive costs as well, but with the advantage of lightness, versatility, and convenience.

Steel & Other Metals

Finally, you are going to find recliner frames made entirely of metal. Here, the most popular one is always steel. In fact, most reclining mechanisms are made of steel entirely. So most couches with additional features will very likely come with steel, yet there are also other metals to consider.

Iron and aluminum are also another of the typical materials for recliners. You’ll find iron mostly in the oldest options, and they tend to be very heavy and awkward to move around. Then you’ll find aluminum, which is the most common material for outdoor recliners instead of sofas or armchairs.

But steel still tends to be the most popular. Some recliners come with a part wood and part metal frame, others come with only steel in their build. Steel tends to be a little heavier than wooden options, but it offers a more durable experience. But that also comes with a slightly more expensive cost.

Best Recliner Build: Frame Construction

You know what materials are most recliners made of, but you don’t have any idea how. Here we explain the different construction methods and how they differ to either make the product better or worse accordingly. 

Joint Construction

You don’t know how strong the build of a sofa, armchair or loveseat is unless you know how the joints are put together. While not all models and options of recliners will describe how their joints were pieced together, some will do. And in that case, it would be ideal to know what it offers.

Here you’ll find six main types of joints, they are:


This type of joint construction focuses on using mortise, tenon, or dovetail joints. All of them are interlocking joinery processes that are very long-lasting and reliable. This prevents the frame from breaking and adds excellent durability.


A dowel is a piece of wood, metal, or plastic that has a function similar to screws and nails. However, dowels tend to be stronger and put in places to achieve strong joint resistance without harming the wood.

Corner Blocks

This is a type of interlocking mechanism that’s used in joints, especially corners of the recliners to add more support to the product. Those recliners with a corner-blocked frame are very likely to be long-lasting and reliable, as they also reduce wood wear and increases overall strength.


Staples can be used with any type of joint construction, but they mainly work to attach two pieces of wood together. They aren’t the stronger or more reliable for frames when they’re alone, but they can be pretty helpful to add more strength to corner-block and joinery interlocking processes. 


They offer the same kind of ability as staples to improve and increase the strength of a recliner frame. However, screws are far more resistant and durable, even more so than dowels. The only problem is that screws and nails can damage wood and may eventually wear out or rust over time. 


Glue alone is not helpful to produce secure or reliable recliner frames but combined with screws, staples, and useful corner-blocked or joinery processes, they can be pretty valuable. Getting glued body frames is pretty common nowadays, as it is a very affordable way to improve a frame’s build.

Recliner Build: Support System

This is another critical part of the construction of most frames, and it could change the whole quality and durability of the recliner completely.

The support system is what goes before the padding and upholstery of a recliner and directly touches the frame. You could say this has great importance both for the durability of the product, but also the overall comfort and support when the user sits.

Here we will explain the most common types of recliner supports you’ll find:


8-Way Spring System

This is the usual option you’ll see, offering the most support and comfort. However, it tends to be very expensive because this support method requires more time and effort to be made.

It is a spring system with 8-way hand-tied coils. This means you get a product that craftsmen make with their hands to produce the support needed for the recliner. It often combines really well with the softest padding options out there. 

Steel Springs

Steel tends to be very strong and reliable, but not as much as 8-way systems. However, it all comes down to the gauge and reinforcement the steel has. Some springs may come with massive reinforcements which eventually produce a much more supportive and durable recliner.

This is not as comfortable as an 8-way spring system but will have a way lower cost without losing much quality. 

Webbing or Lattice

This is the most common for recliners that focus on style and appearance than in functionality. Webbing or lattice web system is based on an elastic material that goes below the padding that’s often very strong and easy to manage. This gives the chance to provide the ideal shape depending on the design of the chair.

You will find webbing in modern recliners, so it is very likely to find them a little more expensive than other support options. But lattice tends to reduce overall weight and still offer decent support with more stylish designs. 

Recliner Build: Padding

After the frame and the support, you’ll find the padding. This is what goes directly beneath the upholstery or leather in the recliner. 

This is utterly important, as it will have an almost direct effect on how the recliner feels when you sit on it. Here we explain all the significant types and how you can find out which is the best one for your needs:

High-Density Memory Foam

When you pick a recliner with high-density memory foam seat cushions, you’re getting a polyurethane foam with superb density that provides a very comfy experience without leaving durability behind.

This is an excellent choice for every-day use recliners, as they come with excellent anti-microbial properties and hold their firmness and fluffiness for many years. 

For recliners, this can be an excellent choice, yet it is also one of the most expensive padding options out there. 

Medium-Density Memory Foam

Then you have the lesser version, the medium-density memory foam seat cushion. This is the same polyurethane foam but with a slightly softer but less durable quality. The anti-microbial effects are the same, but it also works really well to prevent moisture and other climate side effects.

The only problem is that medium-density memory foam is not as firm as high-density alternatives. This makes it a little less durable, as it will lose its firmness and softness over time due to compression. They are ideal for the occasional user, but will still breed decent recliners that can last several years.

Polyester Fiberfill

This is the most common option for armrests of all kinds. Fiberfill doesn’t offer the same firmness or support as memory foam, but it helps to achieve way more softness. It is also used in headrests and sometimes in the footrests of recliners. 

Whenever you see a cushion separated from the frame of the chair, it’s very likely to be polyester fiberfill.

This is a very resistant and durable product and even offers the chance to dry up very quickly. However, it doesn’t have much firmness or compression. So you’re very likely to find it only useful for specific parts of your body, but not as support for the backrest or the seat. 

Recliner Build: Upholstery

Learning about the interior of a recliner is exciting and crucial so you can get the ideal product eventually. But nothing compares to knowing about the upholstery of the product. This will be directly in contact with your body, and it will be the first thing to wear, tear, or just break over time. 

So learning about the upholstery or leather choice of your recliner is essential if you want to make the right choice ultimately. Here we explain all the popular kinds so you can have a better idea of what you’re getting:

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain comes directly from cowhide. This means it demands pure leather to be made, so it holds the quality and natural smell & texture from the animals. But this also means it is way more expensive than other options, so recliners with full-grain leather upholstery may be pretty wallet-absorbing.

Being real leather makes it outstandingly reliable and durable. It is easily the best option for recliners as it will stand more wear and prevent common factors such as liquid spills or sweat to damage the surface of your chair.

Most of the time, leather tends to be rough at first, but it tends to soften over time. Luckily, it can always be modified, repaired, or refinished depending on the needs of the user. Some full-grain leather recliners even come with unique treatments or finishes that give the product better looks or durability.

The only issue is that refinished full-grain leather comes at a very high price. And on top of that, you may be able to see scars, markings, or hallmarks in the leather, especially for the less refined upholstery. Overall, however, full-grain tends to be better than any other option.

Top Grain Leather

When you see a piece of furniture made of top grain leather, you’ll see something almost as identical as full-grain leather. However, top-grain feels way softer and provides kind of the same durability & resistance to common issues.

Top-grain leather comes in two kinds, though. You’ll find aniline and semi-aniline. The first refers to the leather that looks more natural, almost as if it were cowhide without much refining. Yet, aniline tends to be more susceptible to stains and liquids. Semi-aniline, on the other hand, is more resistant, yet it doesn’t look like natural hide. Instead, it seems with a slightly more artificial finish. 

The advantage from top-grain leather, in any of its types, is that it can be used on almost any recliner without issues, and deliver a more beautiful touch that full-grain leather provides. And surely, top-grain is also compatible with coatings and different finishes so you can change how durable and good-looking it is.  

Split Grain Leather

Split-grain is often leather without any finish, coating, or processing. It tends to be very soft, yet it comes with a wide array of colors and marks in the surface. In addition to that, it is not as smooth as top or full grain leathers, which can be a little disappointing.

Split-grain is also less resistant to most issues. Liquid spills, scratches, and wear over time, tend to be more common with split grain, which makes it one of the less useful for recliners. However, suede and other similar fabrics are made with split-grain leather with little processing, so split-grain ends up being more versatile.

Eventually, you may find split-grain leather a little less expensive than top and full grain alternatives. However, it tends to be less resistant. In terms of durability, it may hold the same amount of time as long as the user keeps the surface clean and safe from possible damaging situations.

Bonded Leather

This is the most popular option for recliners, both for the appearance and the cheap cost. Yet, bonded leather is not 100% leather. Most of it comes from different scraps of other materials, so it is not as resistant or durable as real top, split or full grain leathers.

Luckily, the artificial properties bonded leather has, makes it easier to clean, much more resistant to accidents like spills, and doesn’t rip easily with mishandling. But inevitably, this comes at the expense of peeling and cracking over time.

In reality, what you touch when sitting on a bonded-leather recliner is almost entirely artificial products. So it won’t last as long, making it an excellent choice for recliners that will have little use or for people that don’t need one for more than a couple of years or so.

Nubuck Leather

This is slightly similar to split-grain leather, yet it looks and feels more like suede. It is entirely made from full grain, making it more resistant and good-looking eventually. Many people love this type of leather due to its softness and natural appearance, but this also makes it a little more expensive than other options.

Nubuck, however, tends to be less resistant to liquid spills and wear. And it is not recommended to have nubuck leather furniture in houses with many pets. But the durability tends to be decent, as long as the users follow the right precautions to keep it clean and safe.

And that’s the only problem with nubuck. Despite not being much more expensive than other types of leather, it requires tons of maintenance, which can be pretty frustrating for some users. On top of that, it is not ideal for all households, so it can be a problem to have.

Bi-Cast Leather

This is what comes when split-hide is combined with the composite leather substrate or a polyurethane coating. It usually looks almost like top-grain leather, but way cheaper, less durable and less resistant.

It is similar to bonded leather in the comfort and durability factors. But it is a little better than bonded leather in terms of appearance.

So while it is very cheap, you also need to consider that bi-cast leather is not as reliable. Yet, if you’re willing to go for it because of its looks, you wouldn’t be making a mistake.

Faux Leather

This is the most common of all types of leathers, and it is not real leather. It looks almost like full-grain and top-grain leathers, yet it is not nearly as durable or resistant. However, it is probably more long-lasting and resilient than all the rest leather types because it doesn’t peel, scratch, crack or stain as easily.

It doesn’t need as much maintenance either and stays clean without effort. And the best of all is that faux leather also costs way less than other options, so you’ll be getting a pretty reasonable opportunity without breaking the wallet.

You’ll find faux leather in two options: polyurethane or PU, and polyvinyl chloride or PVC, also known as vinyl. Both are pretty similar, but PU tends to offer more breathability, insulation, feels softer, and often provides much more resistance to stains, liquids, and even sunlight. Yet, it is expensive.

In contrast, PVC or vinyl tends to be a little more fragile but with a way more affordable cost. It is entirely made of artificial materials, and it is pretty resilient towards flame and liquids. But what really stands out is that vinyl needs no maintenance at all as long as you keep it clean.


Microfiber is a breed of polyester. It is one of the most reliable artificial upholstery options you’ll have. It comes from the combination of several woven polyester strands together, creating a very strong and soft fabric afterwards.

The blend of different strands will make sure you get a product that offers an almost suede-like experience. And it still manages to be fairly easy to clean, reliable, and feels as comfortable as any other in the market.

Several microfiber options are very popular as well, such as Chenille. This type of fabric tends to be really good-looking, focusing still on durability and strength. 

Microfiber can also be mixed with linen, wool, acrylic or velvet so it achieves a unique appearance without losing its strength. These variations are uncommon and often very expensive. But you can find them if you look hard enough. 

These are all the types of upholstery you’ll find, and each one will change your experience with a recliner completely. Remember, it’s all about picking the right one according to what fits your needs & demands.

Recliner Build: Reclining Mechanism

The reclining mechanism is the most vital part to consider. It’s what separates an armchair, sofa, loveseat, or any other piece of furniture from a recliner. Sure, there’s no point of talking about recliners if we don’t get into the internal mechanisms. So we’re going to do precisely that.  

We’ll explain the recliner mechanism diagram and the different kinds out there, so you can eventually pick the right one accordingly. Take a look:

Spring Recliners

These are the kind of recliners that work with pressure. They are relatively common and mostly used in classic recliner designs.

The mechanism is one of the simplest as well, using springs that absorb pressure from the user and compress to the point of leaning the backrest down. This type of mechanism is useful for people who don’t want to push a button or move a lever. 

Once the user stands up from the chair, the backrest will come to its original position as the springs loosen up. The only problem with this kind of recliners is that the springs may lose elasticity over time and stop getting back up. 

Manual Recliners

The manual reclining mechanism is based on a lever, handle, or button and a set of gears that lock the backrest down. The motion is simple and takes no time, making it pretty easy for users to achieve their desired level of tilt. However, the user will still have to push the backrest with the body. 

The difference between a manual and a spring mechanism is that a manual will stay in position until the system is activated again while a spring option will not. So if you want to keep the chair reclined for long hours even when you’re not using it, you’ll be able with a manual mechanism.

Also, remember that manual recliners are more expensive than spring options but less than automatic ones. 

Automatic Systems

Most automatic reclining mechanisms use an electrical motor that gears the backrest down. This reduces the effort from users and makes the whole process of tilting the backrest very straightforward.

Usually, the tilting function activates with a touch of a button in remote control or on the side of the product. The user won’t have to make any kind of effort and instead wait for the recliner to do its job. It naturally takes no more than a few seconds to achieve the desired position.

These are commonly more expensive than the previous two options. Yet, the handiness is just unbeatable.

If someone asks you how recliners work, then you will now have an answer. Just remember it all depends on the mechanism. 

Recliner Design: Style and Looks

This is an entirely personal choice, and it all depends on many things such as upholstery, type of recliner, mechanism, extra features, and even the brand. But in general, if you want to pick a beautiful recliner chair for your living room, we recommend following the next tips:

  • If you’re trying to fit the recliner with specific room decoration, pick something that fits with the style you have on the place of installation. If the room has a vintage or traditional look, go for a sofa that looks that way precisely. The same with modern, stylish, or extravagant looks.
  • When it comes to color, it’s all your choice. Just remember that dark colors such as brown and black tend to show fewer stains and spots. With light colors such as white, red, yellow, or even blue, you’re more likely to spot signs of filth, and you’ll have to do more constant maintenance.
  • For general use in a neutral living room or place, you can go for a contemporary design without much issue. Modern designs tend to fit a wide array of decorations and styles, and you may be able to use them in different places without problems if needed. 
  • Don’t sacrifice functionality and comfort for looks. Some models will be sleek and outstandingly beautiful, but they won’t offer the same practicality, durability or coziness as standard models will. You may still pick something more elegant than others, but make sure it doesn’t leave other factors behind. 

Remember it’s all about what you prefer. But taking into account things like coherence with the house’s decoration and stylishness can be really helpful. 

Recliner Design: Extra Features to Consider

So you learned about the styling and looks of recliners, now it’s time to learn about the most common extra features they offer. A functional recliner sofa will come with many different elements to consider, here we will explain the most common:

Multiple Positions

Most recliners offer only two positions in the backrest: backrest or reclined. However, some options may provide three or even four different levels or angle when reclining. 

Other recliners may even come with the ability to recline the backrest to different levels without moving the footrest or vice versa. 

This feature can come pretty handy whenever you don’t want to remain completely flat on the chair but instead just add a little inclination. Very useful for those who like reading or working in their sofas.

Rocker or Glider

Those who love rockers or gliders will find this type of recliners amazing. Some options come with a rocker, resembling the same kind of motion that a typical rocker would. Others come with a gliding mechanism, helping to move back and forth smoothly.

Both of these can be excellent choices if you have trouble sleeping, or if you want it for a nursing mother. If you just want something to relax fast and easy, one of these can also be handy.

Swivel Base

The swivel base is a mechanism that allows chairs to pivot to different directions. A swivel base may offer up to a 180-degree swiveling capacity or just about 90-degrees to each side. The advantage of being able to swivel around can be pretty useful for people who don’t like moving the chair by themselves.


A massager is always useful for those who like to relax to the maximum level. It often comes with an integrated heater which spreads a warm effect all around the body. This will also help to get rid of stress, muscle, and joint aches.

People who need constant therapy in their bodies can benefit a lot from massager features in a recliner.

Wall Hugger

This mostly refers to the design of the product, but it is an essential feature to consider as well. Those recliners with a wall-hugger capacity won’t need much space in the back. This means you can place them almost anywhere without problems.

With standard models, you’ll need about 3 feet of space. But with wall huggers, you may not need more than 1 foot from walls or objects.  Most recliner chairs for trailers and small apartments are wall huggers.

Built-In USB Charger

Some sofas and armchairs may come with an additional USB port that you can use to charge your devices without getting close to an outlet. This function mostly comes with power and electric recliners. Standard models are improbable to come with this feature.

Cup Holders

There aren’t many things as convenient as a cup holder. Just grab a glass or can of whatever you want to drink and place it inside the holder. You’ll be able to relax, work, or watch TV while having a beverage in close reach. 

LED Lights

This is not a very common option, but it happens with many modern and recent recliners nowadays. Some couches may come with colorful LED lights in the cup holders, below the seats, or even just around the product to add visibility or just look more enticing to users. 

All the best recliner features can either come together with a single recliner or come in different models. Just remember that each one of these can make the whole experience of having a recliner better. So make sure to consider them before buying one.

Best Recliner Brands 2019

There’s probably nothing less careful than picking a recliner without having a clue what the manufacturer does. When you learn about the brand, you’re more likely to be aware of all the possible drawbacks, warranties, and positive factors the product will have. 

Here we will describe and give a short tour of all the major recliner brands out there so you can be more assured when picking:

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture recliners are some of the most popular in the market. This brand is one of the most affordable without losing any quality. You’re also getting pretty functional products that go a step further to provide exceptional results without issues.

The Ashley Signature Furniture set, for example, is one of the best in terms of overall quality and style. You’ll find these models pretty reliable as well without breaking your wallet.


The FDW refers to Factory Direct Furniture. This is another American brand that delivers pretty reliable options for a reasonable cost. The difference is that they focus more on looks and functionality than other cheap brands, so you’re getting a lot more from almost the same price.

And surely, being an American brand makes it a little more reliable than many other options. So, if you want something that delivers decent looks and provides excellent handiness, you’ll find FDW recliners worthy. 

Divano Roma Furniture

Divano makes all kinds of furniture sets for a fantastic cost. The best of Divano Furniture is that you’re very likely to find different types of recliners with unique designs. 

For example, if you look for a movie theater with reclining seats near me, you’ll very likely find some very interesting home-theater recliners from this brand. And that makes it one of the best out there.

Most of Divano Roma Furniture looks terrific too. So apart from getting particular models, you also get good-looking products. They just aren’t as popular as other brands.


This is a popular brand out there. CanMov probably makes the most famous power recliners in America. They are hugely practical and come with a wide array of features that you won’t regret having.

The best of all is that CanMov offers great prices without letting anything behind. So you’re getting reliable, well-made and practical recliners that are entirely affordable. They are actually worth more than what they cost.


When you look for RecPro recliners, you’ll find the most functional and feature-rich options in the market. Even the most standard recliner models from RecPro arrive with several features that you may not expect. And on top of all that, this brand comes with very stylish and unique designs that will embellish any living room.

The only thing about RecPro Furniture is that with high functionality, designs, and reliability, you also get costly models. A standard recliner from RecPro may cost double what a power recliner from another brand. But surely, it’s all worth it. 

New Classic Furniture

When you read a New Classics Furniture review, you’re very likely to find the most beautiful and particular designs in the market of recliners. Most models from this brand are outstandingly good-looking and will embellish any living room without problems.

The best about it is that they aren’t even expensive. They also come with a wide array of features depending on the model you pick, including sofas with lights and all kinds of functions. And what’s even better, all New Classic recliners are reliable and durable, even for a small cost and exceptional features.


This brand focuses on the most practical models possible for the lowest price. Almost all models from Homegear stand out because they offer electric recliners, massagers, and warming functions for half of what standard models from other brands cost.

The only thing is that Homegear tends to make tiny products, so they are beneficial as motorhome recliner chairs, but not ideal for those who want large options. So for the great functionality, you may be living comfort behind. The overall durability and reliability of Homegear are pretty decent despite the value. 


Domesis is not the most popular brand out there, but they offer pretty decent designs and with exceptional functionality. Most Domesis recliners come with all kinds of features including rockers, gliders, lifters, and remote controls, and so on.

They are also pretty affordable when compared to other brands, and offer decent reliability for their cost. 


Flieks is probably one of the simplest brands, but still, it manages to impress all kinds of users. The recliners from this brand are reliable, well-made, and surprisingly beautiful. And they come for a minimal cost.

The unique factor from Flieks is that it offers a wide array of designs and styles following complete sectional sets that you can enjoy as recliners. From sofas to loveseats and armchairs, you can get the entire recliner set with this brand, which is something others do not offer. 


This brand focuses on classic home furniture, so you won’t find the most functional or exclusive designs with Homelegance. However, their models are all about exceptional looks and styles, as well as outstanding comfort.

While they leave practicality behind, you’re very likely to find Homelegance a distinctive brand in many other factors.    

Flash Furniture

If you want the most unique designs for a really affordable cost, then you’ll find the ideal recliner with Flash Furniture. Yes, this brand doesn’t try to offer impressing features or functions. Instead, it will totally impress users by offering particular styles that look amazing.

The best of all is that Flash Furniture is an amazingly affordable brand in its entirety. And as an American manufacturer, they are pretty reliable overall.


This is another of the most affordable brands in the market. But this time, they focus on overall functionality among everything else. EsRight will completely surprise you with its unique set of features and highly functional designs.

And what sets it apart from others is that these models tend to cost half of what similar products do. So you’re getting not only exceptional features but also an excellent product that won’t leave butterflies in your wallet. 

Casa Andrea Milano

This is an American manufacturer of sofas that focuses on really affordable options that leave no space for mediocrity. All the opportunities from this brand will completely blow your mind, not because they are cheap but because they are still amazingly well-made.

The most interesting part of this brand is the ability to match specific needs in terms of convenience and looks. If you are someone who appreciates a brand that tries to go a step beyond what others are willing, then this one will be an excellent choice. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Don’t let your doubts give you anxiety or problems when choosing. Instead, look at the following questions, and you may get rid of some of them.

Q: Do I need special configuration to use a recliner?

A: No, if you’re in doubt on how to how to adjust recliner, you should just consider the model and design of recliner you’re using. Overall, most models don’t come with many adjustments to benefit from.

Q: Will a recliner stain or tear?

A: Nowadays, most recliners come with superb leather construction that prevents the upholstery from staining, tearing, cracking, or just anything. However, bodily oils, hot liquids, unnecessary rough use, and other kinds of misuse may eventually damage a recliner. 

Q: Is it complicated to maintain a recliner?

A: They are usually straightforward to keep going. But leather and reclining mechanisms may ultimately get damaged or just break. This could need a recliner mechanism repair or patches in the upholstery. Unless you are a professional furniture person, we recommend calling an expert to fix your recliner. 


Q: What’s the difference between a firm and a soft recliner?

A: A firm recliner often comes with high-density memory foam that feels a little hard when sitting. Then you have medium-density or thin memory foam seat cushion that offers a softer experience. The softer recliners are made of fiberfill. 

Q: Will a recliner lose softness over time?

A: The recliner chair cushion may eventually lose softness and firmness over time due to a process called compression. This happens after several years of use. 

Q: Are leather recliners suitable for pet owners?

A: All kinds of natural leathers are entirely safe for pets and their owners. Artificial options such as faux or bonded leathers may eventually get filthy more efficiently or just stain with animal use. But overall, they tend to hold all kinds of applications without problems. 

Q: Are recliners suitable for gamers?

A: It all depends, but most reclining chairs allow the user to sit comfortably in an upright and tilted position without problems. This could allow even professional gamers to use a recliner effortlessly while enjoying the comfort it offers.  

Bottom Line

There’s nothing else to know about recliners. We made this comprehensive and information filled guide so you could learn as much as possible about them before buying one. As long as you follow our advice and take into account every single piece of information in this guide, you’ll have no problem picking the right product. 

And now, you can take a look at our best recliners 2019 buying guide. With the information in this guide, you’ll be able to browse every product we have on this website and be more assured of what each one offers. Care to find out more about all our best options? Then click HERE and learn!