10 Best Recliners from $500 to $700 – Mid-Range for High Comfort!

Once you start looking with care among the best recliners under $700, you’ll find thousands of options to pick. But few of them are really worth it.
Having a piece of furniture that eases all your stress from work is a fantastic experience. But if you don’t have the right product, then it won’t be that much of an experience.
Luckily for you, we know everything about recliners from $500 to $700 so you can have the ideal product at home.
Want to learn more about the different pieces you can get at this price range? Then come further and find out!

10 Best Recliners from $500 to $700 Reviews

Most recliners could end up being a total disappointment. To save you that disappointment, we found ten of the best recliners at this price range, reviewed them, and brought them for you to learn:

ComfortMax Furniture Hensley Rocker Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Rocking Mechanism

Barcalounger Jacque II Pedestal Ottoman Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Swiveling Mechanism + Ottoman

Lane Home Furnishings Rancho Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Ultra Wide Design + 500-Pound Weight Capacity

SinoLuck Tinycooper Massage Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Zero-Gravity Reclining + Massaging Mechanism + Heating

TANGKULA Massage Chair Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Power Lifting Mechanism + Wired Control with Pouch + Massaging Mechanism+ Cup Holders

Homelegance Center Hill Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Center Console Storage & Cup Holders

1INCH Lounge Chair and Ottoman Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Exquisite Design with Wood Styling + Ottoman

Lane Home Furnishings Dorado Wallsaver Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Suede / PU Leather
  • Extra feature: 9 Different Color Options 

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ernestine Power Lift Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Chenille
  • Extra feature: Power Lifting Mechanism + Wired Control with Pouch + Dual-Motor Mechanism

Homelegance Jarita Sofa Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Bi-Cast Vinyl
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Padding

This is the cheapest option in the whole list, but still one of the best rocker recliners on sale that you will find. The ComfortMax Hensley will undoubtedly add a stylish & comfortable touch to your living room.

To get the most out of this piece, you need to consider the polyester fabric. This leather-like upholstery always makes furnishings much softer and smooth to the touch, and that’s precisely what the Hensley offers.

But it is not only the softness of its surface but the superb pillow-top foam for extra padding. This adds an ideal layer of comfort that you can enjoy at any time – just relax your back by reclining and sink into the fantastic cushions.

You can also enjoy the rocking mechanism for fast relaxation. And with the large and wide design, fitting on this chair will be a comfy experience from the first sitting to the last.


  • Soft & good-looking polyester upholstery 
  • Flawless pillow-top padding for fantastic coziness
  • Reliable and easy-to-use reclining & rocking mechanisms


  • Headrest feels firmer than expected
  • Huge design can be challenging to stand up from

Want the best quality leather recliner? Then look no further – the Barcalounger Jacque II is an unbeatable choice for those who love leather and ottomans.

The top-grain leather upholstery manages to deliver one of the classiest styles in the whole list, so you can pair this chair with contemporary décor without any problem. You can pick different stunning colors from Whiskey to Ivory and Black. 

But it is not the leather that makes it so amazing, but the deep padding all around using plush cushions and blended down feathers. This will help you achieve ultimate comfort and keep warmth in cold places. And with the pocket coil springs, it becomes the most supportive piece out there. 

You can recline as well, using a tension knob so you can achieve the ideal position at any time. And when you add the 360-degrees swiveling feature, you can enjoy even more coziness and convenient design.

The build of the piece uses hardwood and plywood for lightness and durability. You find the same thing on the ottoman, making it a perfect choice for demanding users. 


  • The magnificent top-grain leather
  • Outstanding comfort with high-density padding & down
  • Sturdy & reliable hardwood and plywood build


  • It doesn’t stand too much weight
  • The assembly can take a lot of time

If you’re searching for the best home furnishings prices, then you’ll be happy to find the Rancho recliner. This Lane Home Furnishings piece comes with everything you want and much more.

First thing you’ll notice about this piece is the fluffy design that makes you want to sit at first sight. The tufted seat with extra pillow-top padding on the arms and the padded chaise will immediately bring tons of softness after sitting.

It looks good nonetheless, boasting a Dark Revervi Pewter color that you can change for either Khaki or Tan. All of them have an amazing appearance that will make even the most demanding user completely satisfied.

The reclining system is made of 7-gauge steel for superb durability. And with the steel floor base & wooden construction, it can support up to 500 pounds easily. Whatever you could be looking for, this chair probably has it. 


  • Gorgeous appearance with microfiber
  • Huge design with 500 pounds of weight capacity
  • Amazingly comfortable with pillow-top padding


  • Difficult-to-reach reclining lever position
  • Small people will not reach the floor

You’ll be surprised to know that there are some electric recliner chairs for sale at this price range that come with so many features that you won’t be able to use them all. The SinoLuck Tinycooper is precise that kind of recliner. 

When you look at this chair, you’ll notice it is not a simple piece like many others in the list. It is a massaging recliner that looks like a robotic machine which only purpose will be to make your life better.

The reclining system puts you in a zero-gravity position in 3 stages. Your legs will be really high, and you’ll feel amazingly comfortable with the superb padding all around.

But it gets better with the massaging function, using 8 rollers all around your body plus 32 airbags, vibration, and heat for extra comfort. You can change between massage styles, modes, and intensities.

What’s even better is the huge design. It fits any person easily and supports several hundred pounds of weight. For this price, you can’t get better than this. 


  • Extraordinary massaging feature 
  • The excellent zero-gravity reclining system
  • Huge design and sturdiness


  • It feels firmer than other options
  • The backseat doesn’t have any padding

TangKula is one of those brands that many people overlook, but they shouldn’t. This is actually one of the most quality-oriented options you’ll find, especially when it comes to the massage recliner.

This electric chair was designed with the sole purpose of helping people feel more comfortable in their living room while enjoying a massage and the most comfortable padding out there.

The piece comes with a massager that acts in 4 different areas from your thigh to your upper back, plus it comes with 5 modes for extra convenience. You control it all from a wired controller on the right side. 

The chair still manages to offer a high-density sponge that makes you sink into it. This matches well with the soft polyurethane leather that also adds a beauty touch into its design.

One thing that many people don’t know is that you can lift the recliner in 3 different positions. And what’s even better, you can enjoy all it offers with a set of cup holders to drink your favorite beverage in the meantime.


  • Comfortable high-density padding with soft PU leather
  • Top-notch massaging & heating function
  • Extra-handy with 3-position recliner & lifter


  • Feels a little unstable when reclined
  • The remote control can be confusing to use

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning at least one loveseat, and so we brought the Homelegance Center Hill. This great recliner adds the comfort & style to your living room that no other piece will.

The excellent design starts with bonded leather upholstery, using polyester, cotton, and a part of real leather. This way, you achieve one of the most interesting looks in the market, boasting a gorgeous stitching and attractive nail-head trims.

But it feels amazingly comfortable nonetheless, with plush padding and a huge design that can fit any person easily. The leather still feels soft in the skin, so you can enjoy the surface even more.

The reclining mechanism activates with a simple lever, and with its gliding motion, you can relax in a matter of minutes. It gets even better with cup holders and storage console, adding tons of handiness to an already fantastic piece.


  • The gorgeous bonded leather surface
  • Enormous design and plush padding for extra comfort
  • Cup holders & storage console for convenience


  • Extra padded headrest feels a little uncomfortable
  • Bonded leather mix is not the most durable out there

For those looking for the perfect leather recliner with ottoman sale, the Lounge Chair from 1INCH will fit their needs seamlessly.

This recliner delivers an elegant Eames style that matches any classy or modern living room without problems with its Black Walnut tone. You just need to pick the right color between White Ash, Black Ash, Black Palisander, Black with Red Palisander, or Classic Black Ash. 

The reclining feature goes 15-degrees to the back, adding tons of comfort to the piece. But what really makes it so amazing is the thick sponge that helps to achieve instant relaxation. When you add the ottoman, achieving ultimate comfort will be a piece of cake. 

The upholstery stands out for being top-grain leather. It adds that touch of seriousness you’ll want, paired up with a high-density laminated wood on the sides and back that looks fantastic. 

To make it a unique piece, it comes with a wide design that fits any person without problems. It can hold up to 300 pounds still, despite its seemingly thin build. In short, this recliner is astonishing.


  • Broad & comfortable design in its entirety
  • Striking appearance with real leather & wood laminate
  • Adds extra convenience with the ottoman


  • It doesn’t recline too much
  • Really tough installation process

Now it’s time to present the best Home Furnishings recliner. The Dorado Wallsaver is a magnificent piece that comes with everything you need on a chair and more. 

It all starts with its suede that looks like leather. The chair is part of the Comfort King series from Lane Home Furnishings, so you know the surface is not what matters, but the plush padding all around that adds tons of coziness when sitting.

The reclining system doesn’t disappoint either, as it goes back to 79-inches so you can achieve an almost flat position despite its gigantic design. And this design, undoubtedly, fits any person without problems – so it works virtually like a king-size bed.

The construction is impressive nonetheless, using a 7-gauge steel reclining mechanism and hardwood frame that stand 500 pounds together. With its gigantic design, extra-padded cushions, and unique leather-like fabric – this chair is one of the best you can get for sure. 


  • Gorgeous leather-like fabric upholstery
  • Amazingly sturdy with wooden frame & steel
  • Immense design that fits any person


  • The reclining lever is at an awkward position to activate
  • The padding is not the most durable

When someone asks you what good furniture stores you know, tell them Ashley Furniture is probably one of the best. And they make it clear with each one of its products, this time with the Ernestine recliner.

This is a power lift chair that offers immense comfort for any user. It also looks beautiful with a luxurious gray chenille fabric and provides a soft feeling at first touch.

Once you sit, you’ll feel the coziness from the high-resiliency foam cushions. This padding adds an outstanding feel to the chair that is soft, starting from the polyester fabric in the surface.

The chair is big still, able to host people of any size. And with its lifting mechanism, you can activate a system to sit and stand up more easily. This pairs well with the reclining system also enabled with a simple touch of a button from its remote control.

Let’s not forget it’s also sturdy and reliable, with a wooden frame with metal reinforcements that stands several pounds of weight effortlessly. 


  • Beautiful chenille fabric upholstery
  • Superb build with a high weight capacity
  • Convenient lifting mechanism with remote control


  • Can feel a little short for people over 6 feet
  • The seat feels firmer than expected

If what you like are contemporary couches, then the Homelegance Jarita will be the perfect choice for you. As a sofa, this one seems a pretty off in the list – but we couldn’t leave it out either.

This is a classy couch that stands out in the list for being the widest, of course. But it still manages to look much better than most of its competitors. It is a simple piece with bi-cast vinyl upholstery that provides a glossy appearance that looks fantastic.

The reclining system uses Aoda, ideal for exceptional comfort and a completely easy-to-use design. This gets better with the plush padding on the whole sofa, so you can relax at first sitting in seconds. 

And surely, this is still a pretty durable & well-made piece with a metal frame, and no-sag and pocket-coil build. You can expect several years of use from this sofa without wearing, breaking, or loss of comfort. 


  • Stunning bi-cast vinyl upholstery
  • Smooth & easy-to-use Aoda reclining system 
  • Excellent construction for extra durability


  • The padding is firm and not fluffy
  • Can feel pretty short for tall people

Best Recliners from $500 to $700 Buying Guide

At first, you may think that all recliners are the same and that it doesn’t matter what you pick as long as it looks good. But it doesn’t work that way. Instead, you’ll have to learn every aspect and quirk to consider or avoid. Here we explain these aspects:


The upholstery is the most crucial factor for many people. When you look for Walmart recliners, you’ll find several types of upholsteries to pick. And each one has its own set of advantages.

Leather tends to be a common choice for many people. But you have to be careful between picking artificial leathers like bonded or faux leather. Both are excellent, bonded being a little more durable, but faux being softer. They are cheaper than real leather and tend to wear off or tear faster.

Real leather, mostly as top-grain leather, is the best one you can go for. It looks fantastic in any color and design. And on top of that, it offers impressive durability for decades.

Then you’ll find fabrics such as microfiber or the thicker chenille and suede. All three are excellent in their own way. Microfiber is soft but not as smooth as chenille. Both are resistant but can get dusty really fast. Suede, on the other hand, is softer than these two but tends to be really expensive. 

All three fabrics are less durable and harder to maintain than any leather. Go for top-grain leather if you want the best upholstery.


Then you’ll find the frame construction of the recliner. At this price range, you’ll mostly find hardwood frames, but you may also find alternatives with plywood mixes and the like.

Anything that comes with walnut or pine wood is a magnificent choice for sure. If you can go for corner-blocked frames, that would be an even better pick.

Those chairs marketed with solid wood or similar names are often not as reliable as hardwoods. But still, they can be pretty sturdy and last for years.


A Costco recliner at this price range needs to come with at least one of two features that make it unique. We recommend going either for lifting functions or massagers. They offer significant advantages that other recliners do not. And the best of all, you can activate them with remote control.

Other features such as cup holders, storage consoles, and pouches plus anything that makes the experience better will probably be a great option to have too. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where can I find recliners at this price range that are worth it?

A: The models you’ll find at this price range are much better than most. So, you won’t have to find the best place to buy furniture to get a decent piece. Almost all recliners on this article are more durable, reliable, comfortable, and practical than other cheaper models. 

Q: Are recliners on this article as reliable as those over 1000?

A: Yes. Most of these recliners were specifically chosen to provide an outstanding experience in every way. And of course, reliability is a big factor for us and something we take into account when reviewing each piece. All of these chairs, sofas, and loveseats will provide an exceptional experience.

Q: Can I find high-end recliners on this price range?

A: Yes, especially if you way for a Cyber Monday recliner, you may need an excellent chair for an unbeatable cost. 

Bottom Line

With the 10 different options we just reviewed, you should be ready to pick an excellent recliner for your living room now. If you aren’t that sure of what to go for, then you can follow our advice.

We think the SinoLuck Tinycooper Massage Chair the best choice in the whole list of reviews. For its price, you’re getting a recliner worth double that. With its super massaging system, extra comfy design, and futuristic appearance – it will probably surpass your expectations. 

But if you want something classy instead of modern, the 1INCH Lounge Chair and Ottoman will meet your demands completely. It doesn’t recline as much as others but offers the beauty, style, and comfort that most demanding users want. And you can be that user.

There are still eight more of the best recliners under $700 to consider. So don’t rush yourself and think clearly before getting anything. Remember, it’s all about picking something that matches your needs, and that’s it.