10 Best Electric Recliners – Sit and Recline with no Effort!

Comparing a standard chair with an electric recliner is like comparing an 80’s phone with a smartphone.
Yes, there’s just so much to miss without one of the best electric reclinersthat’s it’s just stupid to make such comparison.
That’s why we’re going to talk about them today. We want to learn everything one of these fantastic modern pieces of furniture has to offer.
We’re going over ten of the highest-quality options out there, so you can learn which one could work well for your needs.
Want to know more about these magnificent products? Then keep reading and learn!

10 Best Power Electric Recliners Review

We picked ten power chairs and reviewed them thoroughly. Here we focused on their upholstery, their comfort level, extra features, size, and overall reclining mechanism. If you want to learn why they stand out among the many options in the market – then read our reviews:

Serta Power Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Handy Button Mechanism

La-Z-Boy Reese Power Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: High-Quality Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Practical 4-Button Side Panel with USB Charging Port

Artist Hand Massage Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Massaging Function

CANMOV Living Room Chair Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Convenient 2-Button Side Panel + USB Charging Port + Dual Cup Holders

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Remote Control + Ottoman

Coaster Home Furnishings Taupe Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Wired Control with Handy Pouch

Irene House Modern Transitional Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: PU / PVC Leather
  • Extra feature: Wired Control & Lifting Mechanism

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ludden Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Ultra Wide Design 

Seatcraft Monterey Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Adjustable Headrest + LED Lights + Lighted Cup Holders + Swivel Tray + USB Charging Port

Harper & Bright Designs Wilshire Electric Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Wired Control with Pouch + Nail-Head Trim for Style

When you look for power recliners for sale, few options are as amazing as the Serta. This looks and feels like a simple couch to have on your living room – but really, it is one of the most convenient to have.

Yes, just consider its superb fabric upholstery that feels amazingly soft at the touch. Then add the thick but fluffy padding, and you’ll get one of the most comfortable options out there. And let’s not forget it’s also huge in every way – making it easy to achieve a cozy position.

But that’s not all, the chair still offers a power reclining system that you can use with a simple touch of a button. The electric mechanism is so fantastically straightforward to use that it places you in a comfortable position in just seconds.

And apart from its exceptional comfort level and convenience, this chair manages to offer a durable wooden construction with metal base – perfect to enjoy its awesomeness for decades.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Its power reclining system will make it easy to recline
  • The upholstery feels soft like no other
  • It comes at a meager price despite its electric mechanism

One Reason Not To:

  • Gets filthy and dusty fast

Not many people would consider La-Z-Boy as the ideal reclining chairs for elderly people. But for us, the Reese chair is precisely that kind of chair and much more.

The piece uses a 4-button controller for activation everything, from the rocking function to the reclining mechanism – just unbeatable when it comes to overall convenience.

And it doesn’t have to be for the elder only, as it comes with a USB port so any user can hook up their electronic devices and charge while enjoying a comfortable seat.

Regarding comfort, it doesn’t let anyone down, especially for the superb thick padding and lumbar support that prevents back issues. And all that comes just under the high-quality faux leather upholstery that looks amazing.

The chair is still reliable in every way, boasting a sturdy frame and an exceptional patented reclining mechanism that lasts years.

It even comes with a safe-release system to prevent the leg rest from harming nearby objects or animals. So you can easily say this is a recliner that doesn’t fail in any way.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Anyone can operate it from a controller
  • The additional USB port adds tons of handiness
  • It’s pretty reliable, safe and durable with its build

One Reason Not To:

  • Has a hefty price tag (not that bad)

As soon as you set your sight on the Massage recliner from Artist Hand, you know it is an almost perfect electric lounge chair. With its eye-pleasing design and superb comfort to the touch – it doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

The design provides a modern yet still classy touch that works on any living room. It works both for comfort and decoration. And it’s all thanks to its bonded polyurethane leather that stands out so much.

The upholstery pairs well with the solid wooden frame in the inside, so you can receive a product that lasts for years from the inside to the outside.

And it is hugely comfortable still, boasting high-density sponge all around that you can enjoy for hours without any setback.

But what really makes this chair so amazing is the massage function, an 8-point system with 5 massage modes that you can enjoy at any time. And with its adjustable headrest, this chair takes comfort to a whole new level.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • It looks fantastic in every way
  • The polyurethane leather is immensely reliable
  • Its massaging function helps to achieve unbeatable comfort levels

One Reason Not To:

  • Makes loud noises while massaging and reclining

With its affordability and exceptional set of colors, the CanMov Living Room Chair is easily among the best electric leather recliners that you can get.

In the surface, this chair boasts bonded leather that you can pick in six different tones to match any kind of living room decoration easily. This pairs well with the firm padding, ideal for excellent comfort and support.

Its reclining system brings a motor-powered set of adjustments that you can rejoice to achieve an unheard level of comfort.

You can add to its comfort with the cup holders on each side, so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without problems. But it is the USB charging port on the side that adds to its outstanding handiness level.

To make it even better, this chair delivers a solid wooden frame that supports up to 300 pounds with no issue. And apart from all that, you can assemble this recliner in just a matter of 10 minutes or less.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Its bonded leather surface makes it look gorgeous
  • You can recline this chair with just a touch of a side button
  • The USB charging port & dual cup holders make it unique convenient

One Reason Not To:

  • The padding is not fluffy which can be a little uncomfortable for some

If what you want is an electric recliner with ottoman, then nothing compares to the Best Choice Products Faux Leather chair.

Yes, this is a standard model that you may think is not even worth it. But in reality, this is probably among the most convenient a superbly comfortable options you’ll find.

It all starts with its massage system. You can easily enjoy several hours of massage in your lower and upper back, feet, and thighs. It lets you change to different intensity levels and still reclines in the process so you can relax your way to maximum comfort.

But what makes it so amazing is actually the overall design it boasts. Coming with polyurethane leather upholstery, this expertly-designed chair will make your living room look astonishingly well.

And under that leather you’ll find double-padded backrest and soft cushions in the armrests & ottoman – so you can achieve ultimate comfort effortlessly.

The best of all, you can operate this chair using a single remote controller – making it a flawless chair in every way.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • The stylish & classic look with the ottoman
  • It is massively comfortable with its padding quality
  • The massage function is outstanding

One Reason Not To:

  • The massaging system makes a considerable amount of noise

When you simply want an electric recliner lift chairthe Coaster Home Furnishings Taupe will be an excellent choice to go for.

This couch highlights the capacity of gorgeous upholstery to increase the overall value. Its chenille fabric surface is richly soft, comfortable at first touch, and still magnificently beautiful.

The power reclining mechanism is a total piece of cake to enjoy, just touch a button, and that’s it. And of course, it lifts if you want – making it easy to get out of the chair if you have any issue.

The padding doesn’t disappoint either, offering superb high-density foam that feels cozy like no other recliner out there.

And surely, it is still a strong & reliable chair with a birch & plywood construction, coiled springs in the seat, and fantastic polyester fabric that last decades of use. This recliner has it all.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Its chenille upholstery looks wonderful in four different colors
  • The power reclining & lift mechanism add tons of convenience
  • The thick & high-density padding feels remarkably cozy

One Reason Not To:

  • It tends to get dusty really fast which can be frustrating

There’s nothing about the Irene House Modern Transitional motorized lift chair that you won’t like. Seriously, this recliner takes coziness, beauty, and handiness to a whole new level.

Let’s start with its elegant yet modern appearance. You can make it work anywhere, from your media space to your classy-decorated living room. And it’s all due to its breathable and premium quality upholstery made of polyester.

This highlights the outstanding set of functions, including the detachable seat and headrest, the mats that keep the chair clean, and the superb side pocket for added convenience.

The reclining and lifting functions are outstanding as well, with smooth and gentle mechanisms for incredible comfort, especially with the high-density sponge foam.

And despite all this, the recliner still holds 300 pounds of weight with no problem, boasting a solid wood build that won’t crack or break easily. Add its easy-to-assemble design, and this chair is a terrific option in every way.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Its lifting & reclining mechanism are hugely convenient
  • It looks terrific with artificial upholstery
  • The extras like mats & side pocket offer a great experience

One Reason Not To:

  • The padding is firmer than it is fluffy which many people won’t like

If you’re looking for a massive piece of furniture for your living room, the Ludden electric rocker from Ashley Furniture is an excellent option that won’t let you down.

It’s just fantastic how gigantic this sofa is. Any person will fit easily, especially for its 40-inches of width that add supreme comfort at all times. Especially when you add the ultra-plush upholstery and the fluffy padding all around – this chair comforts even the most stressed out user.

The reclining mechanism doesn’t fall behind either, boasting an electric system that you can activate with the simple touch of a button.

And with its superb reclining system and enormous design, this chair still manages to come with a corner-blocked build using high-quality wood & reinforcements. It gets better with the high-quality foam and springs for firmness & support.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • Incredibly wide design helps to reach ultimate comfort
  • The wooden build with reinforcements makes a long-lasting chair
  • It offers a traditional yet gorgeous appearance

One Reason Not To:

  • Its huge design may not be ideal for everyone

We were reluctant to say that the Monterey from Seatcraft is the best power recliner chair, but it’s just so amazing that it’s impossible to ignore.

It all starts with premium top-grain leather that not only provides an unsurprisingly gorgeous appearance, it also delivers incredible softness and the highest durability out there.

The chair feels comfortable like no other of its kind, boasting cool gel foam in the padding that contours and sinks your body when you sit. This helps you achieve the maximum comfort level in just minutes.

And when you add its convenient reclining system with a simple touch of a button, this chair becomes a necessity to have at home. And with its additional features like the USB charging port, the hidden storages, the tray table and the cup holders with lights – there’s just nothing wrong to say about it.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • The incredibly good-looking & reliable top-grain leather upholstery
  • It delivers superb extra features with USB port, hidden storage, tray and more
  • The cool gel padding feels unbeatably soft and refreshing

One Reason Not To:

  • Comes at a considerably higher price than its alternatives

If you’re looking for lift chairs for elderly, nothing will meet the convenience the Harper & Bright Wilshire does.

The upholstery is merely fantastic, using a velvety cloth that stands out for its terrific softness. And it doesn’t only feel great; it also looks surprisingly beautiful – using unique stitching with tufted nail-heads on the sides.

The padding is immensely comfortable, using thick padding in the headrest, armrests, and seat. And it boosts it all up with the straightforward reclining system that you can activate with a simple push of a button from its wired controller.

The lifting and reclining functions are very smooth & easy to use. But what really stands out is the key pressure points in support of the backrest, so you can attain the maximum level of comfort quickly.

Finally, just consider its heavy-duty construction, perfect for making it last a lifetime of coziness. And despite all that, it’s still a piece of cake to assemble in just a matter of minutes.

Three Reasons to Get It:

  • The velvety padding feels & looks wonderful
  • Its exceptional thick padding delivers superb comfort
  • It comes with a strong & durable construction

One Reason Not To:

  • The reclining & lifting systems can be deafening

Best Electric Recliners Buying Guide

With so many alternatives out there, it would be a pity to end up with a lousy recliner. That’s why we want to help you pick by teaching you the most important factors to think about:


A recliner may come with any type of upholstery you can think of. From synthetic fabrics such as polyester to high-quality top-grain and bonded leathers – there are many options you can go for.

But overall, an electric recliner chair leather will be the best option you can go for. Either top-grain or faux leather will come like a gem for their softness, ease of cleaning, and superb durability.

Going for a polyester fabric type like chenille won’t be a bad idea either. You just need to consider that fabrics are much softer than leathers, but tend to get dirty more quickly and be an issue to clean.

Ease of Use

Everyone knows that most electric recliner chairs for the elderly need to be easy to use. Otherwise, there’s no sense in adding an electric system.

For that, we recommend those chairs that come with a simple mechanism to recline, so you won’t have to do much more than just pushing a button. But some lifters and massagers may come with additional options that can be problematic to use.

Before you pick your favorite recliner, make sure it meets your simplicity requirements. The easier the char is to use, the better the experience you will have with it. Especially if it’s for a senior user, an effortless control system will be hugely better.

Extra Features

Lastly, you have all the additional features that you can find in an electric recliner.

Among the many options, we recommend massagers and lifters. However, there are also back & neck support systems, remote controls for handiness, USB ports and cup holders, plus much more.

Whatever makes your experience easy and comfortable when sitting, that’s the extra feature to go – just remember most extras come at the expense of a higher price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the difference between a power and an electric recliner?

A: There’s no real difference. A power lift chair recliner just refers to a chair that not only recliners but also lifts, massages or heats up.

Q: Are electric recliners more expensive than standard options?

A: Usually, yes. But you can always find lift chairs near me for a fantastic cost. You just need to look well – or consider affordable options like the Best Choice Products Faux Leather Chair.

Q: Can an electric recliner last more than a regular chair?

A: It all depends on the build quality of the one you get. Most electric recliners can last up to a decade more than a standard model with the right care and proper usage.

Bottom Line

You could spend years regretting your choice. So you should focus on getting the best product possible if you want the best experience.

That’s why our list of best electric recliners is something you shouldn’t dismiss. If you read every review, you should already know what to go for.

Otherwise, we recommend the Seatcraft Monterey Electric Recliner for its overall construction quality and exceptional set of extra features.

As a second-hand option, the Irene House Modern Transitional Electric Recliner is an alternative you shouldn’t overlook for its overall handiness & huge comfort capacity.

As long as you go for something that meets your needs and desires, you won’t regret it. Choose one now!