Privacy Policy

Here in Recliner Home, we take your privacy even more seriously than you do. That’s why we care about any concern you may have, either by our content, our practices, or just anything that you may think may interfere with your privacy.

Everything that comprises is subject to our strict policies on privacy and information rights.

Here we explain how our website works and how your data is handled:

Data You Choose to Provide

Most of the information we collect from your end comes with the chance of being disabled. You can decide whether you give us access to that information or not.

The data mostly comprises your name, contact info (email address), date of birth, country of access, and similar personal data. Whether you sign for our newsletter or send us a message via the Contact Us page, you’ll be able to decide if you want to share this information with us.

All this information you may give us is stored safely in servers so no one else apart from the owners of Recliner Home can access it.

Most of our newsletter system is under high-end cyber protection services so you can be assured that all your data is always safe and never shared with any third-party once you share it with us.

Data We Collect Automatically

Some of the information we take from our readers is collected automatically once you enter the website or you get into specific subpages.

All this data is collected by us and some of our third-party marketers or advertisers. We do this with the use of cookies.

The information we collect goes from your IP Address that automatically gives us your worldwide location, some data about your device of access (mobile phone, desktop, laptop, etc.), the browser or navigation system you’re using, some of the system settings in your device, and clickstream or data from the pages you visit within our website.

This information is used to provide a better personal experience with the advertisement and marketing content while you browse Recliner Home and its subpages.

The data ios stored automatically. But you may choose not to provide it by disabling cookies.

To block cookies, you must do the following:

  • Look for your browser configuration, content, privacy, or similar tabs and look for a way to disable cookies. You can decide whether you want to disable cookies from or all other websites you visit. (This may affect your browsing/searching experience)
  • Some cookies are stored using HTML5 services, which are a little more complicated. You should look for Flash Cookies that are stored in the “local shared objects” of your computer or browser files. We recommend deleting any file contained in this folder that relates to

Data Analytics & Ads

We also use different types of analytic services such as Google Analytics. They take some pieces of information from every reader and visitor of Recliner Home and its subpages.

Other applications or ads from social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may also take some small pieces of data related to your interaction within Recliner Home. This is done with the sole purpose of providing better user experience.

We take pride in delivering informational materialthat helps people find the recliners of their dreams. But we do it by taking into account their privacy and rights to decide how their information is handled. We’re honest about our work and we care about our readers.