10 Best Children Recliners – Give your Kid the Ultimate Comfort!

Children may be a headache for some, a blessing for others, and always the reason for many parents to keep giving it all. And when it comes to providing kids with something to enjoy, nothing compares to the best children recliners. 
If you have some youngsters at home, you’ll surely want the best for them. And that means giving them the utmost comfort possible either for their bedroom or living room. Regarding comfort, nothing is better than a well-made recliner.
That’s what we want to show you today, a list of 10 children recliners with their respective reviews so you can pick the one you prefer for your kids. Care to learn more about them? Then keep reading!

10 Best Children Recliners Reviews 2019

You’ll find thousands of options out there, some of them not even worth looking at. So, to prevent you from getting a chair that doesn’t deliver what you want and need – here’s a list of the best recliners for children out there:

Costzon Convertible

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Collapsible Armrests with Storage

JC Home Bilbao

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Cup Holder

Safeplus Contemporary

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Flat-Reclining + Armrest Cup Holder

Costzon Contemporary

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Cup Holder + Unique Style

Flash Furniture Contemporary

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: LeatherSoft
  • Extra feature: 15 Different Enticing Color Options

Costzon Kids Manual Leather Children Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest Cup Holder

The Crew Furniture 649670 Urban Children Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: Polyester Microsuede
  • Extra feature: Push-Back Reclining Function

Brazil Furniture 401C Home-Theater

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: Cotton
  • Extra feature: Exciting Color Options + Armrest Cup Holder

Dozydotes Contemporary Children Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Ultra Soft Padding

Flash Furniture Contemporary Vinyl Children Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Extra feature: 22 Different Color Options + Armrest Cup Holder

When it comes to childrens recliners, you’ll want something comfortable but also safe for your children. On top of that, you’ll want a convenient & practical choice that your kid can get the most from. And that’s precisely what the Costzon Convertible recliner offers.

Your child can adjust this chair to either sit or lie down. It is totally smooth and easy to manage, so small kids don’t have any issue with it. 

Made of polyurethane leather in the surface and an iron frame in the side, you can expect several years of use out of this chair. The upholstery is soft and easy to clean, and the frame starts with four plastic legs for high stability. 

This gets even better with the 2-inches sponge padding – ideal for even better durability but outstanding comfort for your child. And it still delivers exceptional convenience with a flip-up armrest storage space, so your kid can store anything from snacks to toys and much more.  

It boasts a contemporary design that looks amazing everywhere. It is not the most attractive for children, but it will manage to meet your house’s décor in three different colors.

What Kids Will Love

  • The smooth & reliable reclining mechanism
  • The soft & comfortable polyurethane leather
  • Its handy armrest storage space 

What They Won’t

  • The contemporary design is not too enticing for children
  • It is pretty small so children over 8 years old won’t fit

The JC Home Bilbao is a kids recliner chair that stands out for its exceptional design, looking like a grown-up chair but in a child size.

Your toddler will love this chair, starting from the reclining mechanism. It is very smooth and easy to use, adding tons of comfort in just a single push of the backseat.

The padding is outstanding as well, with plush foam all around, especially in the giant headrest for your children to relax in just minutes.

The leather doesn’t stay behind, offering an easy-to-clean experience with polyurethane. It is also fire-retardant with the padding, adding tons of practicality and safety to the piece.

It will also support 90 pounds of weight easily with its hardwood frame. But all that without leaving even more practicality behind, adding the cup holder in the right armrest so your kid can enjoy ultimate coziness while having their favorite drink close. 

This armchair is so amazing that it even comes with a headrest cover, so it stays free of dust while your kid is not using it. 

What Kids Will Love

  • The highly comfortable plush foam padding
  • Its built-in cup holder for holding beverages 
  • The straightforward reclining mechanism

What They Won’t

  • The classic style is not exciting for most children
  • The choice is color is dull & bland for children

When you think of a child recliner, you’re probably imagining something close to what the Safeplus Contemporary reclining chair offers. And that wouldn’t be wrong. 

This is probably among the most convenient options out there despite its simplicity. If your child wants something that reclines and offers ultimate comfort, then this contemporary chair will be an excellent choice.

It all starts with its adjustability, up to three positions for your kid to enjoy the ideal comfort depending on his/her needs. This gets better with the built-in footrest so they can relax entirely by resting entirely flat on the sofa.

It is still a durable product in its entirety thanks to the polyurethane upholstery that’s both long-lasting and easy to clean. The wooden frame doesn’t stay behind, supporting tons of pounds without problems.

But it all gets better with the 25D sponge padding, ideal for letting your kid rest for hours without issues. Your child will simply love this recliner, even more so when you add the right-arm cup holder.

What Kids Will Love

  • The three different reclining positions
  • Its excellent 25D sponge padding for great support
  • The handy cup holder on the right

What They Won’t

  • The headrest design can be a little uncomfortable
  • A little small for children over 8 years old

If you are looking for the most enticing children’s recliners, then you’ll be picking an excellent product with any Costzon Contemporary chair. Seriously, with the appealing colors & designs it offers, any kid will be delighted. 

The one-color design of this recliner makes it easy for your kid to get in love with it at first sight. With Red, Black, Pink, and Blue colors of the most attractive tone, it will be a piece of cake to make any youngster like the recliner. 

The upholstery doesn’t only look very good, but it also provides an easy-to-clean experience, so you can easily clean it whenever your child stains it. 

Its whole build is also reliable apart from its surface, especially with the wooden frame that hosts several pounds of weight effortlessly. 

It is still a pretty light chair that your toddler can place anywhere he/she wants. And with the reclining function and cup-holder addition, he/she can comfortably rest and get the most out of this chair without problems. 

What Kids Will Love

  • Highly attractive design and color choices
  • The sturdy construction never loses stability
  • Its cup-holder adds practicality when using

What They Won’t

  • The problematic reclining mechanism
  • The incredibly small design doesn’t work for kids over 6 years old

Flash Furniture always stands out for its high-quality pieces of furniture, and with this child size recliner, the brand went a little farther than usual.

It is pretty small and useful for most children under 7 years old. The thing that makes it ideal for toddlers is the 15 different color options so kids can pick whatever they prefer without problems. 

This adds to the LeatherSoft upholstery, making it more appealing but also more long-lasting. You can expect the upholstery to last a decade easily. 

But it is not only the upholstery that you will like about this chair for your child but the plush padding in the back that supports and adds tons of comfort. And with the oversized headrest, you can expect your toddler to rest with outstanding coziness on it.

The chair also comes with a cup holder, so your kid can drink his/her favorite beverage while watching TV, reading a book, or playing with an electronic device. It offers everything a child could need and desire. 

What Kids Will Love

  • Up to 15 color beautiful color options
  • The LeatherSoft surface that feels fantastic on the skin
  • The thick padding & oversized headrest for superb comfort

What They Won’t

  • The reclining system can get stuck from time to time
  • It won’t be comfortable for kids over 7-8 years old

With a toddler recliner chair, you can give your kids the ideal way to relax watching TV or reading books without having to spend a fortune. And the Costzon Manual is probably the best one to go for.

The advantage of getting this one over others is the three-position reclining function that helps your kid to achieve the perfect angle and prevent shoulder or neck pain. And with the unique addition of 25D sponge padding all around, it offers outstanding support at all times. 

The chair still comes with a high-quality polyurethane surface that you won’t have to waste much time cleaning. Just use a wet cloth and get rid of any dirt or filth accumulated.

And of course, it gets even better with the sturdy wooden frame, ideal for providing several years of use without breaking. 

For added convenience, your child can enjoy a cup holder to have his/her favorite drink at close reach when using the chair. This makes the chair one of the best you can pick, for an expensive cost. 

What Kids Will Love

  • The comfortable 25D sponge padding
  • The handy built-in cup holder on the right
  • Its soft & durable polyurethane leather upholstery

What They Won’t

  • The headrest design can feel a little awkward when sitting
  • Wood and Brown color options are not cute enough

If you want your kid to feel immediately drawn into whatever you get, then you need something beautiful but also enticing. And when it comes to getting a child recliner chair with those specs, nothing is better than the Crew Furniture Urban.

Any little youngster who wants to sit comfortably and enjoy the best experience on a recliner will find this one a perfect choice. It is a sleek option with modern style and three magnificent color choices that will bring instant enjoyment.

The chair boasts polyester micro-suede upholstery with polyurethane foam filling, working together to provide a hugely comfortable experience for any kid. 

This goes well with a robust construction using a wooden frame and metal reinforcements. Your kid will never break this recliner.

And of course, the reclining system is a total piece of cake to use for any kid. Just push-back the backseat and your child can enjoy outstanding comfortable instantly. 

What Kids Will Love

  • The soft polyester micro-suede surface 
  • The very fluffy polyurethane foam padding
  • Exciting designs with Pink, Jet Black and Zebra colors

What They Won’t

  • Push-back reclining system can be tough to use for a kid
  • Very uncomfortable for children over 6 years old

Want to give your child the most enticing kids recliner with cup holder? Then you’ll have to choose the Brazil Furniture 401 Home Theather chair.

Not only it is amazingly appealing in looks with nine different designs & colors to pick, but it also offers one of the softest surfaces out there. 

Made entirely of cotton, the upholstery feels like no other you’ll find. This makes it a flawless alternative for parents who want to give the utmost comfort to their children. And surely, the cotton surface is still reliable and long-lasting, so your child can enjoy it until he/she grows up.

The recliner is still pretty reliable with a strong wooden frame, capable of supporting kids of up to 90 pounds comfortably. And with its reclining mechanism, your kid can enjoy superb comfort at any time.

To make the whole chair even better, it comes with a built-in cup holder so your kid can drink his/her favorite drink while sitting. 

What Kids Will Love

  • Nine appealing designs from camo and dinosaurs to sports 
  • The incredibly soft upholstery made of cotton
  • Its very handy cup holder on the right armrest

What They Won’t

  • The footrest doesn’t stay up
  • The cotton surface can be hard to clean up

A toddler recliner doesn’t have to be simply a recliner. Instead, you can get a chair that not only reclines but also rocks. Yes, precisely like the Dozydotes Contemporary – an excellent option for active children.

The chair starts with leather-like vinyl upholstery that makes it durable & very soft to the touch. This makes cleaning a piece of cake while adding exceptional comfort for your child to enjoy.

It looks terrific too, ideal for placing on any contemporary or classic styled living room. Your child will love having a place to sit, recline, and rock his/her way out of boredom.

It is pretty strong as it is capable of supporting 100 pounds efficiently. This makes it an ideal option for kids of up to 9 years old without problems. 

The best of all is that the chair comes with safety features like a rear stop that prevents it from tipping over. So, even if your child can’t stay put – this chair will come like an excellent choice.

What Kids Will Love

  • Relaxing rocking feature for added comfort
  • Very soft leather-like vinyl upholstery
  • Excellent safety features for children

What They Won’t:

  • Higher price than most recliners of its kind
  • The traditional design is not very appealing for kids

Finally, it is time to meet the kids camo recliner from Flash Furniture Contemporary design with Vinyl upholstery that stands out from its competitors.

The first thing you’ll notice is the plush foam padding, one of the fluffiest options for your children to relax in just a few minutes watching TV, reading, or playing videogames. And with the cup holder, you can expect your child to feel like a king or queen. 

It is still a pretty durable option, boasting a hardwood frame that stands up to 90 pounds easily. And with the vinyl-like fabric upholstery, you won’t have to spend much time or effort cleaning stains. Let’s not forget it also twenty-two different color options, so your kid can pick his/her favorite. 

This chair doesn’t leave safety behind either, as it comes with a reclining system that only activates when the child sits. And the footrest only comes up when someone pulls it out at least 1 inch. And of course, the fabric and padding are totally fire-retardant, preventing possible accidents. 

What Kids Will Love

  • The strong & durable construction in its entirety
  • Up to twenty-two design options with enticing colors
  • Very reliable safety mechanism that prevents accidents

What They Won’t

  • The footrest falls down very quickly which can be dangerous for kids
  • Awkwardly small design can feel a little uncomfortable 

Best Children Recliners Buying Guide

So, you’re looking for a perfect kids recliner, but you aren’t sure yet what to go for. Well, don’t worry – here we’re explaining all you need to think about when buying one of these:  

Looks & Material

You’ll want something that looks as enticing as possible for your children, but that also provides enough durability. And for that, you’ll have to know a little more about them.

First, consider soft materials over rough ones. Leather is soft, but suede is even softer – and even more so is cotton. Why go for softness over roughness? Easy, because children prefer soft things over rough ones, so you can be sure that they will like the chair.

However, soft materials are often less durable and fragile than rough ones. For example, a stain in cotton may be impossible to get off, but a stain in the leather may not take more than a simple wipe to get rid of.

Apart from all that, make sure the design of the chair is appealing to your child. The more alive the colors it has, the more your toddler will like the piece.

Size & Age Limit

One of the first aspects to consider when buying an infant recliner is the size of the chair and the age range it works better for. 

You’ll have to get a recliner that meets the size requirements of your child. Otherwise, it won’t work. For example, some recliners are for kids between 2 and 5 years old. You may want your 6-year-old to use it, but he/she won’t fit. 

For that, make sure it has the right size and age limit for your children. Some chairs may offer a smaller or larger design than the age limit says – so be careful when choosing. 

Extra Features

Anything that makes your child’s experience better with the piece will probably be an excellent choice. 

Among the many extra features you can hope to get for your kid there’s a rocking mechanism. Giving your child the chance to rock while reclining is pretty amazing, especially at a young age.

Other features can be a cup-holder, built-in storage, and safety features such as stable feet and tipping-stops that prevent the chair from falling or tipping over. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can my 12-year-old kid use one of these recliners?

A: No, these chairs are only for children under 9 years old. A 12-year-old teenager should fit on a normal-sized chair easily. 

Q: Are these children recliners for bedrooms or living rooms?

A: You can place them anywhere you or your children prefer. Just make sure you don’t install the recliner outdoors, as none of these options is water or sun proof. 

Q: Is a children recliner safe for children under 4 years old?

A: Yes, as long as you pick a chair with safety features, there shouldn’t be any problem with a toddler under 4 years using one of these.

Bottom Line

Getting the ideal chair for your kids can be pretty tricky, but with our previous reviews, you shouldn’t have any problem.

In fact, we make it even easier for you by saying that the Dozydotes Contemporary Children Recliner is the best one you can go for. With its rocking function and its overall construction, it will make your child happy without issues. But it comes at a slightly hefty cost.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you can go for the Brazil Furniture 401C Home-Theater Children Recliner – an exceptionally enticing option for your children with a conventional construction overall. And it is still pretty affordable.

But don’t worry, if none of these two works for your kid, there are still eight more of the best children recliners to pick. Go for the one you and your child will get the most from, and you’ll have a perfect product to enjoy.