10 Best Recliner Brands 2019 – Where All the Quality Comes From!

Choosing a new recliner for your living room takes time. From the construction to the style, upholstery and even the features each offer will make a big difference on what you end up getting. But even more important than any of those factors is the brand.

If you learn which ones are the best recliner brands you can go for, then you’ll have half the buying process figured out.

So, want to avoid getting the wrong recliner by learning more about the best recliner brands out there? Then read further and learn!

10 Best Recliner Brands Reviews 2019

We know most people don’t have any idea about the different factors of recliners. If you are among these people, then you’ll want to know more about the most popular ones by reading our best recliner brand reviews. Here’s what you should know about each:


1. Homelegance

Homelegance is an all-furniture brand that produces everything from sofas and chairs, to futons, daybeds, curious and all kinds of entertainment pieces. And surely, all their products are more than worth the investment.

But if there’s a product Homelegance does really well, that is the famous recliner. This brand has many different models and collections to pick, and they go from simples single-person couches to the largest sofa.

Homelegance, however, focuses on comfort and convenience over anything else. They don’t leave build quality behind, and most of their pieces come with several features to enjoy. But the best thing about this brand is the padding on most of their recliners.

Homelengace is a budget-friendly recliner brand too. Some of their products can be pretty expensive, but at least 50% of its recliner catalog stays below the 500-dollar mark. 

In terms of style, they make everything from modern to contemporary designs, so you’ll find this to be one of the best recliner brands, no matter what you’re looking for. 


  • Stylish pieces of any type
  • Most models are well-built
  • It makes both budget-friendly & high-end models


  • Models could have better looks

2. Ashley Signature Design

When it comes to popularity, few brands match the level of Ashley Furniture worldwide. Every piece you get from this brand is backed by decades of hard-work and magnificent designs that took years to develop.

As soon as you get a recliner from the Ashleys Furniture store, you’re getting something that has the sole purpose of making your life better.

This brand stands out for its excellent quality in looks and comfort without leaving behind durability. You’ll find pieces of almost any type, from power recliners to massagers and even the simplest chairs for kids.

The best about this recliner brand is that you can find any style, color, fabric, or leather type on top of magnificent functions. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of user you are – this brand probably has what you’re looking for.

And undoubtedly, they offer recliners in the form of sofas, loveseats, and sectionals so you can get entire furniture sets without having to look anywhere else. 


  • Top-notch quality backed with immense popularity
  • Offers recliners of all colors, fabrics, and types
  • Budget-friendly models without durability issues


  • The designs could be more enticing

3. Catnapper

Jackson Furniture was born amidst the Great Depression almost a century ago, and within several decades, it slowly became one of the largest furniture companies in the US and the world. 

Then, a few decades back from now, they decided to create Catnapper; a sub-brand purely dedicated to the comfiest sofas and chairs in the market. And inevitably – they then became one of the best when it comes to recliners. 

The catnapper recliner brand doesn’t stop there, though. It stands out for making high-end pieces that look like any other piece of furniture at home, but they’re actually among the most durable, comfortable, and stylish you can pick.

In fact, the famous Catnapper power recliner you can find within a few simple clicks is one of the best-sellers in the world. So you can guess most of its products are more than amazing.

The collection from this brand includes pieces of all sorts. But you’ll mostly find power recliners, massagers, and lifters as the go-to options. Sadly, it doesn’t offer many budget-friendly pieces – but the rest of their catalog is more than worth it. 


  • Fantastic high-end recliner options
  • Good-looking & stylish pieces of all sorts
  • Focuses on comfort & practicality


  • It doesn’t offer many cheap models

4. New Classic

New Classic is another of those dismissed brands that many people don’t know about but should. It isn’t the most unpopular, but it could do better, especially for the superb catalog it has.

You will find New Classic recliners being power, lifter, massagers, sofas, loveseats, armchairs, and much more. They come in all colors and sizes, and they produce magnificent results in every way.

This brand focuses on appearances and comfort. You can find the most beautiful pieces from this brand, and you won’t have to spend a fortune still.

Most models come in entire sets, though. This is an excellent thing because it helps to get full furniture sets for your living room that matches and looks ideal. But that also minimizes the number of models they offer.

The best about New Classic is that the builds are often among the most reliable. So even if you don’t like one model for the looks or features, you may find their constructions more than perfect for a premium cost.


  • Comes with models of all kinds
  • Most recliners are gorgeous in every way
  • Most recliners come in entire living room sets


  • Not as popular as it should be

5. Christopher Knight Home

This brand wasn’t born as the other on this list of reviews. In fact, Christopher Knight is the name of the person behind the company, an actor and marketer who decided to make home furnishings for all kinds of people.

Despite not being a brand backed with decades of experience and prestige, it offers tons of quality still. And you can see that from every one of the beautiful models and a magnificent set of features you get.

Christopher Knight furniture focuses mostly on single armchair recliners than in loveseats or sofas. But its single recliners are still among the best.

In fact, it is among the few brands that despite being low-cost, still manages to provide the more stylish classical pieces that many people love.

You can still find Christopher Knight recliners of all types, with all kinds of fabrics, leathers, and upholsteries without a hefty price tag.

Although it mostly focuses on single-chair pieces, this brand still manages to offer a wide array of models for all kinds of users. 


  • Offers magnificent prices
  • Its classical & contemporary designs are stunning
  • Most of its models are durable & reliable


  • It focuses mostly on small single-chair recliners

6. La-Z-Boy

 recWhen it comes to popularity, La-Z-Boy recliners are probably the one on top of the list. And that wouldn’t be much of a surprise. This is actually the predecessor of all recliner brands and the first one that introduced recliners to the market. 

The quality this brand offers for such an incredibly low price range is simply unbeatable as well. And that’s the primary cause why so many people love La-Z-Boy despite being the precursor of such a movement.

Every La-Z-Boy model boasts a good-looking appearance too. You won’t find any chair from this brand that doesn’t look like it wants to be used immediately.

They are hugely comfortable as well, using top-quality padding and the strongest construction so they can last a lifetime easily.

The only issue is that La-Z-Boy doesn’t make sofas or loveseats. If you are someone who wants to get an entire living room set – then this brand may not be for you.

But when it comes to looks, overall comfort, and costs – only a few of the best recliner brands can match what La-Z-Boy does with recliners. 


  • Magnificent looks on all of its models
  • Completely affordable costs
  • Hugely prestigious & popular everywhere


  • Not much variety of models

7. BarcaLounger

If you want the highest quality possible in recliners, few brands will come to mind that could beat BarcaLounger.

It is an old brand coming from the 1940s and directly associated with the term reclining chair. For that, you can guess every piece this brand makes will undoubtedly fit your standards.

But while every brand in this list can meet most people’s criteria – only BarcaLounger manages to match the expectations of the most unsatisfied users.

This is not a brand for the budget user, but a brand for those who want the most stylish, elegant, and quality-oriented piece out there. You may also find some affordable options with simple or casual designs, but that’s not the focus of this brand. 

A Barcalounger recliner stands out for being much more exquisite in looks, hugely comfortable in every way, and with magnificent designs that captivate even the most uninterested buyer.

It combines classy designs with the highest-quality leathers and fabrics to provide recliners that you will not forget. But of course, the quality this brand offers comes at a price. 


  • Striking appearances with traditional styles
  • Superb foam quality for extra comfort
  • Uses the highest-grade materials out there


  • It doesn’t offer many budget models

8. Lane Home Furnishings

We couldn’t talk about the best recliner chair brands without mentioning Lane Home Furnishings. So, here we are.

This brand was initially created in 1970, and since then it has become a go-to option for many people around the world.

While it is not the most popular out there, you may be able to find Lane recliners almost anywhere – and that’s for a good reason.

The recliners from this brand are simply amazing, and they go from contemporary models to the most traditional and casual ones you can find. 

This brand also makes sofas and loveseats and uses all kinds of leathers and constructions to never leave their users short.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Lane still manages to offer recliners at very affordable costs that you may not want to miss. Especially for the magnificent wooden & steel frames, this brand delivers. 

The only issue is that some of its models don’t offer much practicality as they should. So, while you get a wide array of pieces with outstanding quality – this brand doesn’t provide much fun. 


  • Delivers beautiful chairs, sofas, and loveseats
  • It offers all kinds of styles & models for any user
  • Most pieces come at a very affordable cost


  • Some models lack extra features

9. Seatcraft

For us, Seatcraft is easily the best power recliner brand that you will find on the whole list. And when we say power recliner, we mean the best options for home-theater and media rooms.

Every Seatcraft recliner stands out for the use of the highest-quality materials that go from top-grain leather in every piece to high-density foam that cozily supports the body.

And surely, they look exquisite too – boasting modern and futuristic styles on different colors for the best results. 

Another massive advantage of getting a Seatcraft recliner is the wide array of features they offer. As the go-to brand for home-theater furniture, you’ll find all kinds functions on its recliners – from lighted cup holders to LED ambient illumination and many other practical power-reclining features.

They are simply made to achieve the highest comfort possible while you enjoy your favorite media. If you are someone who only goes for the best among the best – this brand won’t disappoint. You just need to have a hefty wallet or else you will be.  


  • Astonishingly stylish pieces with modern designs
  • A wide array of practical features for extra comfort
  • High-quality builds that offer long lifespans of use


  • Many models can be pretty expensive

10. Simmons

If you are looking for the highest-rated brands, you can’t dismiss Simmons Upholstery. In fact, this is among the most popular brands – and if you don’t know much about it, then you should.

This brand is probably the oldest in the whole list with more than a century of experience making furniture. And surely, every Simmons Upholstery recliner comes with all that quality & beauty that only a prestigious brand can offer.

It focuses on huge fluffy chair models over any other type of recliner. You won’t find small armchairs or gigantic sofas with this brand, but you’ll find some of the most spacious single armchairs that will make your living room experience much comfier.

And despite its prestige and focus on big models, this brand still manages to offer pretty affordable pieces that you can find almost anywhere. If you are someone who wants the comfiest pieces, the Simmons is your go-to choice. 


  • Huge designs with tons of fluffiness
  • Superb costs for the quality
  • Prestigious and reliable brand 


  • It doesn’t offer much variety

Best Recliner Brands Buying Guide

When you’re looking for the top recliner brands so you can pick the ideal recliner from such manufacturer, then you need to know what to consider. Here we list three key factors:

Style & Types

Most brands always focus on one, two, or three styles for their recliners. So, you must be aware of that kind of focus to choose the ideal brand.

Among the many different styles you can find, the most common is always the armchair recliner. It is a single chair that should be big enough to hold any person comfortably. Some alternatives can be big-man recliners or oversized models. Both are even larger & wider for the biggest people out there.

Then you can find loveseats models. They focus on offering a large enough design that’s ideal for two people to sit comfortably but close enough. One alternative can be the home-theater model, which is very similar to a loveseat but with tons of additional features like cup holders & storage space. 

And lastly, you’ll find sofas. Reclining sofas are really wide, so they offer enough space for a family of three to sit comfortably. An alternative to sofas can be the sectional recliners. They are even larger than sofas, providing at least four seats in the form of an L most of the time.

There are many other models & styles to consider – especially when it comes to contemporary, casual, modern, and traditional looks. But these are the most common to consider, as most brand focus on only one or two of them. 

Build Quality

You also want your recliner to be reliable, durable, and sturdy. So, you’ll need to consider the usual construction quality of the brand you’re getting.

For the best results, we recommend hardwood or heavy-duty steel frames with top-grain leather upholstery. But other combinations such as plywood frames with microfiber may also offer a decent build. Chenille upholstery and solid wood may also be worth having.

Any brand that hides the build type from its clients is a brand you shouldn’t trust. Always make sure you know the kind of construction you’re getting before you buy anything. 

Origin & Popularity

The final thing to consider is the origin. And we don’t mean only the country the brand comes from, but also the year.

A brand that has decades or more than a century in the market is undoubtedly much more reliable than one that has only a few years.

Most recliner brands made in the USA in the list are at least 50-years-old. But focus on getting those with the most prestige and popularity if possible.

Some brands are not that popular and still offer exceptional results. But that’s not something standard. We recommend sticking to the brands in this list if you really want excellent results. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the best recliner brand for those who want cheap recliners?

A: For the cheapest recliners, you can either for Simmons, Ashley, or New Classic. But brands like Christopher Knight, Homelegance and Lane may also be excellent choices. In fact, most brands in this list are here because of their affordability and popularity that comes with it. 

Q: Is it essential to consider the guarantee policies of each brand?

A: Yes, it is crucial. But we recommend focusing on quality, style, popularity, and origin above anything else. Taking these factors into account above guarantees or policies will prevent you from having a deficient product in the first place – so you won’t care about those policies later. 

Q: How many years of use can I expect from a recliner from these brands?

A: The best rated recliner brands offer several years of use, especially with the most expensive options. A well-made piece with top-grain leather, hardwood frame, and high-density padding can last a decade effortlessly. Go for that if you want the best results. 

Bottom Line

Now that you’re at the end of the list – it’s time you decide which one is your favorite recliner brand of all of them.

You have magnificent styles and designs with BarcaLounger. Yet, you have the most variety with New Classic and Ashley Furniture. 

For a home-theater or media room, nothing compares to Seatcraft. But if you want the comfiest experience, Simmons won’t let you down.

If you’re someone who cares about popularity, a La-Z-Boy will come like a gem. But popularity doesn’t necessarily mean better, and that’s precisely what Homelegance stands for.

Christopher Knight is a pretty new quality brand that doesn’t disappoint. And Lane Furnishings offers stands out for its simplicity while Catnapper will make demanding users rejoice.

Whoever you are and whatever you want for your living room – every one of the best recliner brands in this list will have something to offer that you will love. Choose whatever you prefer, and you’ll have an outstanding product at home.