10 Best Loveseat Recliners – An Ideal Stress-Reliever for Couples!

There isn’t a piece of furniture with the ability to unite people as effectively as a loveseat does. That’s where the name comes from, and that’s why think they are essential for any house. 
You could also be someone who just wants something with two seats for the living room. Or just a new piece of furniture for the media room that is not small like an armchair but not large like a sofa either.
For any of those situations, there’s nothing better to go for than the best loveseat recliners we have here.
As we know, there are so many varieties out there, and with so many aspects to think about, we made a list of the best ten options you’ll find. Care to learn more about the best loveseats out there? Then keep scrolling down!

10 Best Loveseat Recliners Reviews 2019

We know it’s hard to pick a product when you know little to nothing about it. That’s why we decided to make reviews about ten high-quality loveseats we think you shouldn’t overlook. Here’s what we found about each: 

Stylistics Midnight Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: PU / Polyester Leather
  • Extra feature: Center and Armrest Console Storage + Cup Holders

Seatcraft Vienna Home Theater Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Armrest and Center Console Storage + Cup Holders + Swivel Tray + Power Reclining System

New Classic Austin Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Polyester Chenille
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Cushions

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Wurstrow Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Center Console with Storage & Cup Holders

New Classic Burke Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Polyester Chenille
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Padding

Homelegance Pendu Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Lumbar Support

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Welsford Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Center Console Storage + Cup Holders + Overstuffed Padding

NHI Express Aiden Champion Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber / PU Leather
  • Extra feature: Ultra Supportive Coil-spring

Homelegance Cranley Power Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Power Reclining System

SeatCraft Europa Home Theater Loveseat Recliner

  • Price guide: High $$$$
  • Material: Top-Grain Leather
  • Extra feature: Center and Armrest Storage Console + LED Lights + Cup Holders + Adjustable Headrest

If you are looking for a black leather loveseat, then you’ll want the Stylistics Midnight recliner on your living room. With its shiny black surface, it will fascinate you at first sight.

The styling on the black leather comes with decorative stitching and puffy cushion, so it invites you to sit on it at any time. Its shiny surface made of polyurethane and polyester stands out for its softness too, adding to its overall appearance a touch of comfort.

But what truly sets this chair apart from its competition is the power system. With a simple touch of a button, it reclines to your favorite position, while still adding the USB charging port and a set of four chromed cup holders.

Each armrest comes with a hidden storage space that you only need to open with a manual latch. And surely, the center console is large enough to fit snacks and all sorts of devices.

Features to Consider:

  • Enticing black leather upholstery with unique details
  • Power system with USB port & electric reclining
  • Handy console storage & cup holders on every armrest
  • Durable & easy to clean bonded leather surface
  • Reliable & stable frame and reclining mechanism

Nothing compares to a practical double recliner loveseat with console, and that’s precisely what the Seatcraft Vienna strives to provide.

This fantastic loveseat will draw instant appreciation with its top-grain leather upholstery. It is the most beautiful and durable type of leather you’ll find, adding a magnificent touch of style to your living room with its brown tone and exquisite stitching and styling. 

But this loveseat is not only looks but also a hugely comfortable piece with the adjustable headrest and lumbar support that prevents common pains from appearing. And this gets even better with the memory function and the superb supple padding all around.

The recliner gets even better with the additional set of features, including three cup holders with golden border, a swivel tray on the left armrest, and center console storage. You even get a USB-charging port and two extra storage spaces on each armrest. 

When it comes to handiness & beauty at the same time, few loveseats do what the Vienna from Seatcraft does. 

Features to Consider:

  • Breathtakingly beautiful design with top-grain leather
  • An exceptional set of features for a satisfying experience
  • Very practical & smooth power reclining system 
  • Durable & reliable construction with wooden frame & steel mechanism
  • Comfortable in its entirety with supple padding 

In a small apartment or living room, you’ll only consider loveseats for small spaces. In that case, the New Classic Austin will come like a gem.

The fantastic polyester upholstery of this loveseat is designed with the whole purpose of providing a magnificently comfortable experience. Paired up with the pillowed arms and thick-padded backseat, this seat takes coziness to a whole new level.

You’ll simply sink into it at first sitting. It won’t let you feel any type of discomfort at all. In fact, it comes with a sinuous spring no-sag deck support that keeps your body entirely supported at all times.

The piece comes with a power-reclining function that stands out for its practical operation. Just a single touch of a button will place you in the most comfortable position you can think of.

Apart from all that, the piece still comes with a durable wooden frame that stands up to 300 pounds of weight easily. Small but beautiful, reliable, and well-made – this is an option not to ignore. 

Features to Consider:

  • Small but comfortable design for two people
  • Very strong construction that supports 300 pounds
  • Excellent padding with pillowed arms & puffy padding
  • Incredibly soft upholstery made of polyester
  • Handy power reclining system for smooth operation

Ashley Furniture always delivers the best quality you can expect. And with the Wurstrow oversized loveseat, you can enjoy all that quality in many different ways.

The first thing you’ll notice is the gigantic design for a loveseat. It fits two people more comfortably than any other option on the list, and it still manages to match your living room.

The recliner doesn’t leave style behind either, boasting a faux leather surface that looks gorgeous but rustic with a Smoke Gray tone. This pairs up well with the puffy appearance, using a pillow-top cushion for superb comfort.

With its power reclining system, you can relax back in a matter of seconds to different positions. To add even more handiness, it comes with two cup holders, center console storage, and a USB charging port for your devices.

It is still sturdy, reliable, and lasts for years. The Wurstrow from Signature Design series won’t disappoint you. 

Features to Consider:

  • Rough style with faux leather adds an exciting appearance
  • Practical set of features with cup holders, console storage & USB port
  • Highly comfortable pillow-top padding all around
  • Large & wide for a very spacious design
  • Reliable and easy-to-use power-reclining system

The Burke loveseat from New Classic is one of the rarest options you’ll find. But rarity doesn’t mean lack of quality. In fact, this recliner is the total opposite of a piece that lacks quality.

One factor that makes the Burke so fantastic is the velvety-like feel of the upholstery. A fabric made of polyester that feels outstandingly soft at first touch; you won’t believe how it feels until you touch it.

And despite its softness, it still manages to look attractive, boasting a patented Ebony tone with small details & multiple colors for a unique appearance.  

The second thing is the plush cushions for comfy padding all around, adding tons of coziness to the seat. But it gets even better with the footrests and the accent pillows you’ll get along with the loveseat.

The construction is entirely reliable, especially with the sinuous spring support that keeps your body comfortable but also adds tons of reliability to the piece. You can expect to feel the comfiest & most supported in this loveseat. 

Features to Consider:

  • Stunning appearance with the unique Ebony design
  • Incredibly soft polyester fabric all around
  • Surprisingly comfy with plush padding
  • Reliable build with sinuous spring & wooden frame
  • The straightforward pull-tab reclining system

When it comes to quality furniture, few brands offer what Homelegance is capable of. And the Pendu leather loveseat recliner is a real example of that.

The top-grain leather will stand all kinds of uses without wearing off or tearing. It gets better with the brown color tone that adds tons of beauty to the seat. You may also pick the black shade with stylish stitching. Whatever you choose, this loveseat boasts a contemporary design that will easily impress anyone. 

For comfort, it comes with contouring padding and overstuffed cushions, ideal for exceptional comfort without losing support. You’ll feel as comfortable as you can think of and without feeling pains or aches.

The best of all is the reliable and straightforward reclining system. It will put you in the ideal position for extra comfort and convenience. And you’ll only have to pull a tab to make it work, saving time and effort to help you feel the most comfortable ever. 

Features to Consider:

  • Traditional design pairs well with any classic living room
  • Extremely reliable & beautiful top-grain leather upholstery
  • Superb comfort with overstuffed cushions
  • An easy-to-use reclining system with a pull-tab mechanism
  • Contouring padding adds support to prevent pain

A contemporary loveseat always brings a nice touch to any living room, and the Welsford Power Loveseat comes precisely with that kind of design.

It boasts a Walnut brown color that looks fantastic, boosting your living room style exponentially so you can enjoy a comfy but also appetizing experience. And that’s without mentioning the lattice stitching for an even better appearance. 

The coziness comes directly from high-resilience foam, thick and fluffy all around. It complements the softness of the faux leather on the surface, ideal for durability but also to improve the texture of the loveseat entirely.

But it is not only the leather and padding that stand out but the power lumbar support and the Easy View headrest adjustments. You can activate a unique lumbar and headrest feature to achieve ultimate comfort at any time.

In terms of convenience, we can talk about the console storage in the center and the cup holders. Put it all together, and this loveseat will never feel short of fantastic. 

Features to Consider:

  • Gorgeous faux leather surface with  lattice stitching
  • Very comfortable fluffy foam with soft upholstery
  • Excellent lumbar support & adjustable headrest function
  • Highly convenient center storage and cup holders
  • Durable and well-made build in its entirety

The Aiden Champion from NHI Express is a high-quality dual reclining loveseat that takes simplicity and comfort to a new level. You could say it is the ideal option for modest users who want a reliable product.

The thing that you will notice this loveseat does best is comfort. It uses a champion fabric from NHI Express that feels completely soft at first touch. The fabric is made of polyurethane and makes it easy to feel cozy when sitting, especially when you add the plush armrests and backseat padding.

It doesn’t leave support behind, though. You get a pocket coil-spring build with high-density foam that makes sure you’re always in a healthy position without losing comfort.

The reclining seats put you in a totally flat position, especially with the footrest that rises up higher than in other models. 

And what’s even better about this loveseat, it looks terrific with its suede-like appearance. You won’t find too many options like this for such a significant cost. 

Features to Consider:

  • Good-looking & soft polyester fabric
  • First-rate build with coil-spring and high-density foam
  • Plush padding all around for a comfy experience
  • Totally flat reclining position for extra coziness
  • The reliable pull-tab reclining system

To make this list even better than before, we come with a small loveseat recliner from Homelegance. The Cranley series offers this double recliner that will make your living room a pleasure to be at.

The power reclining mechanism makes operation a piece of cake. You can simply push the button whenever you want to get to the comfy position and enjoy several hours of coziness without having to make much of an effort. 

It gets even cozier when you add the plush tufted cushioning, an exceptional choice for those who love fluffiness to the best level possible. And with the bonded leather in the exterior, you’ll only feel the softness in its entirety.

Something that makes this loveseat stand out is that you can get it in either Brown or Black bonded leather. However, you may also pick a Brown Microfiber color with bi-cast vinyl on the sides and microfiber fabric on the seats for extra comfort.

And still, it is wide, durable, and beautiful in any of its designs. So you get complete that doesn’t let you down. 

Features to Consider:

  • Beautiful bonded leather exterior in Brown & Black
  • A unique alternative that combines microfiber and vinyl fabrics
  • Very reliable, handy and smooth power reclining system
  • Hugely comfortable extra plush cushioning
  • Stable and durable construction in its entirety

For those looking for the most practical electric reclining loveseat, then nothing compares to the breathtaking Europa Home Theater from Seatcraft.

As soon as you fix your eyes on this piece of furniture, you’ll know it is an option not to dismiss. With a beautiful Leather Gel surface that combines fabric, top-grain leather, and polyurethane, you can feel the fantastic softness it offers at first look. It looks amazing nonetheless, especially with the LEDs in the base. 

But what really makes this model stand apart from the competition is the detailing and styling, plus the superb set of features for unbeatable practicality. First, the seats are wide enough for extra comfort, and each one comes with LED-lit cup holders on the sides plus a center console with storage.

Apart from that, the power reclining system is a total piece of cake to use. And with the adjustable headrest, you can enjoy exceptional comfort at any time. It is like a magical piece of furniture at home.

Features to Consider:

  • Outstandingly beautiful with Leather Gel upholstery
  • Practical power system with LEDs & adjustable headrest
  • A handy set of features with cup holders & console storage
  • Magnificently comfortable with memory padding
  • Totally reliable and durable construction

Best Loveseat Recliners Buying Guide

Everyone wants the best piece of furniture for their living room, and probably so do you. For that, you’ll have to know what to look for. Here we’ll explain the vital factors to consider before buying:


The padding of a loveseat is simple. There are three major options to go for here. Each one offers its own set of benefits.

The first type is pillow-top padding. It is a firm type of cushioning that feels comfortable enough for most situations. You could say it is a type of memory foam but with some properties of coil-spring that adds a sort of firmness to it. Pillow-top is among the most supportive and durable out there.

Then you’ll find plush foam or supple cushioning. It is amazingly soft and fluffy, but it loses that softness and fluffiness over time. This is the type you’ll find in most cheap loveseats. 

Finally, you get high-density foam. This is like pillow-top but without the coil-spring properties. So it is durable and supportive, but way softer than pillow-top. You could say it is a combination of the previous two. It’s an excellent choice for demanding users who want great comfort. 

Other alternatives like Gel Foam and similar ones are not very common but always provide a decent-enough experience. We recommend sticking to the simplest types of foam for better results.


Then it comes the time to pick the upholstery of your new loveseat. There are various types to go for here, so it’s essential to pay proper attention before buying anything.

The first type of upholstery is a famous microfiber. It is polyester in a fabric that feels really soft to the touch. You could say it first almost like suede. The bad thing about is durability and cleaning. It is not ideal for households with pets or children.

Then you’ll find faux or bonded leather. They are slightly different but similar enough to put them in the same category. It is a relatively reliable type of polyester/polyurethane leather that looks gorgeous and adds a soft touch to the piece. And of course, it is still durable for a reasonable price. 

The problem with faux or bonded leather is that top-grain leather is always better. If you find pieces of furniture with this type of leather, then those are excellent seats to go for. Durability, beauty, softness, and outstanding sturdiness – top-grain leather is impressive. But of course, it comes at a hefty cost.

Extra Features

Lastly, if you want the perfect double recliner loveseat, we recommend going for feature-rich options. The best ones will come with a power-reclining and lifting functions, cup holders, console storage, adjustable headrests, lumbar and neck support, and trays. 

But of course, each feature augments the overall cost of the loveseat. So don’t expect the most helpful piece on a low budget. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I get a loveseat directly shipped to my house?

A: Yes, most recliners are shipped directly to your residence. However, we recommend staying away from loveseats for sale as they usually cost less because the shipping tends to be really deficient. 

Q: Do I need to do any special maintenance or care on my loveseat?

A: Not really. You just need to make sure it stays clean and free of stains. Always make sure never to use it wrong, and you’re likely to get a recliner that lasts several years or even decades.

Q: Are loveseats more expensive than typical armchairs?

A: Normally, yes. A loveseat is larger, wider, and more feature-friendly than armchairs, so they usually are costlier. However, if you find reclining loveseats for sale, you can find exceptional options without having to spend much of your hard-earned money. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve read the article this far, it means you really want to get the best possible recliner for your living room. And with our list of loveseats, you probably already know what to go for.

If you don’t know, then let’s talk about our favorite. For us, the SeatCraft Europa Home Theater Recliner is an option you shouldn’t dismiss. It comes with everything we love about power recliners, including a fancy appearance and tons of features. But it is among the most expensive pieces you’ll find.

If you want something simpler, then the New Classic Austin Power Recliner will do the job. It is half the price as the Europa, and with half the features. But it is an astonishingly reliable, soft, comfortable, and small option for modest buyers. 

If any of these fits your demands, then there are still eight additional alternatives in our best loveseat recliners reviews for you to consider. Just remember to pick the one that matches your needs, and that’s it.