10 Best Large Recliners – Perfect for the Big and Tall!

Kicking your legs up and relaxing your back to an almost flat level is amazingly comfortable. But this can’t be possible unless you have one of the best large recliners.
Having the ability to relax your body completely, with no hands off the couch, your feet entirely supported by footrests and your head always resting on a cushion – is always the best thing to have at home. And you’ll only do it with a large chair like the ones we have here.
Want to know more about these fantastic large recliners and how to pick the right one? Then keep scrolling down, and you’ll learn!

10 Best oversized Large Recliner Chairs Reviews 2019

The only way you can choose the right product is by learning as much about them as possible. So reading the following reviews will be the best thing you can do:

Simmons Upholstery U600P Zig Zag Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Chenille
  • Extra feature: Button Reclining System

SeatCraft Orleans Leather Gel Manual Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-High $$$
  • Material: Leather Gel
  • Extra feature: Armrest Storage + Lighted Cup Holders + LED Ambient Light + Swivel Tray

Good & Gracious Lift Chair Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: PU / PVC Blend
  • Extra feature: Handy Remote Control with Pouch

Christopher Knight Home Laurent Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Extra feature: Side Button Panel with USB Charging Port

Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Extra feature: 500-Pound Weight Capacity

BONZY Scalloped Plush Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester 
  • Extra feature: Overstuffed Cushions

Christopher Knight Home Hana Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Ultra-Wide Loveseat Design

La-Z-Boy Calvin Reclina-Rocker Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid $$$
  • Material: Plush Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Rocking Mechanism

Christopher Knight Home Callade Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Polyester Microfiber
  • Extra feature: Ultra-Wide Loveseat Design

JC Home Sabadell Large Recliner

  • Price guide: Mid-Low $$$
  • Material: Bonded Leather
  • Extra feature: Power Lifting Mechanism

An oversized rocker recliner chair doesn’t have to be small. In fact, the Simmons Upholstery U600P Zig Zag is an excellent option for those who want a pretty spacious option.

The design is entirely enormous, so any person can fit inside without any problem. From the feet to the head, it hosts anyone without leaving a single piece of skin out.

But that’s not what makes it so fantastic, but the fully-padded build with polyester fabric that feels amazingly soft at all times. This chenille upholstery is also pretty reliable over the years and offers an easy-to-clean experience so you won’t have to spend time and effort on it.

You can even remove the back of the recliner if needed, adding tons of convenience to the product. And with the rocking function, you can relax much more effectively than with any standard chair.

Let’s not forget it is also a power recliner, so you’ll only have to push a button for its reclining mechanism to make you the most comfortable person in the room. 

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality chenille fabrics for durability & softness
  • Top-notch metal base with steel mechanism for strength
  • Very convenient power reclining system for easy use
  • Enormous design hosts any person without problems

If what you need for your living room is a black oversized recliner, then you should go for the SeatCraft Orleans. A gorgeous but still handy option for those who want than a simple chair – that’s what you’ll get.

The exceptional design of this recliner starts with the Leather Gel upholstery. It is a unique type of fabric that emulates leather in almost every way – softness, durability, and appearance. So it looks, feels and lasts exactly like leather for a way better cost.

Then you get a manual reclining function. It could be a surprise for the seemingly modern style the chair offers – but it gets shadowed with the USB charging port that adds the convenience you don’t get with the recline.

There are other extra features you could consider too, including the cup holders with LED lights, the armrest storage, and the tray table with swiveling function. When it comes to handiness, this chair stands out in its entirety. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Superb Leather Gel fabric for elegant looks at affordable price
  • Highly reliable manual recline with lever mechanism
  • High-end extra features with USB port, swivel tray, and cup holders
  • LED lights in the bottom and cup holders add visibility in dark places

An adult recliner chair doesn’t have to be filled with features and all kinds of quirks. Instead, you can get something reliable but still handy like the Good & Gracious chair,

The thing that sets this recliner apart from the rest is the astonishing modest design that looks and feels fantastic. It uses a combined fabric with polyurethane and PVC that’s completely soft. Adding the overstuffed cushions, you’ll get one of the fluffiest options out there.

The chair is still pretty easy to use, adding tons of convenience with the lifting mechanism that aids in sitting and standing when needed. You can control it all from the remote control it comes with two buttons for reclining and lifting accordingly.

And surely, everything from the frame to the upholstery is made to last. You will easily get a decade of use out of this chair without any problem in the path. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly soft fabric with overstuffed padding for comfort
  • Lifting mechanism helps to stand & sit more easily
  • The supportive padding in the backseat prevents aches
  • Excellently convenient remote control with two buttons

If there’s a brand that never disappoints, but almost everyone overlooks, that is Christopher Knight Home. But with the oversized swivel recliner Laurent, this brand makes it clear it will keep doing its best.

This is an astoundingly large option for those who like comfort at its best. It stands out for the plush padding all around plus the soft faux leather upholstery. You can comfortably sit back and relax on this chair without expecting less than the best experience.  

And it still manages to look fabulous, either in its dark brown color, black or dark grey accordingly. You can enjoy a gorgeous piece in your living room without having to spend a fortune.

The real advantage of this recliner over its competitors comes from the USB charger and the power reclining function. You can enjoy the best results from using an electric piece at one of the best prices out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly cheap despite its high-quality build
  • Excellent faux leather upholstery makes it look great
  • The power reclining system with USB port is pretty handy
  • Thick padding all around achieves tons of comfort

When someone mentions the Lane big man recliner, they’re talking about a magnificent option made of the highest quality materials and top-notch features that won’t let you down.

It is easily the largest sofa from Lane; the Stallion model fits any person without any problem. Whether you’re huge and heavy or a small boy or girl – this recliner will make your living room much more comfortable than before.

The chair smells of comfort in every place, capable of holding up to 500 pounds with its extra sturdy construction that never disappoints. It even comes with a reclining system made of 7-gauge steel, one of the sturdiest in the market. 

But with its exceptional build, the recliner offers large armrests with pillow padding, a T-cushion seat with thick foam, and just fluffiness all around. Sitting on this chair is to enjoy the best experience a single sofa can offer for one person. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The gigantic 79-inches large design fits any person
  • Supports up to 500 pounds with a sturdy build
  • It comes with very thick padding all around for extra comfort
  • Very reliable reclining mechanism made with 7-gauge steel

This is easily the modest option in the list. With its standard design and fabric, you can expect to feel cheaply comfortable while using – something only a Bonzy Scalloped Plush chair can provide.

It offers everything you could need from a large sofa – including a shell shape backrest that helps you rest the head effortlessly. This pairs up well with the fantastic recycled foam padding all around, with loose coils, support so you can feel always cozy.

The reclining system is entirely manual, but it comes with excellent construction that lasts for years and always feels smooth to use. You just need to push the backrest when pulling the handle and that’s it.

Despite all that, this is an immense chair in every way. It can easily fit two thin people, making it an excellent alternative for people who want a loveseat but can’t afford one.  

Let’s not forget it feels pretty soft all around and provides the chance to assemble anywhere you want with its unique design.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstandingly cheap despite its huge design
  • The backrest shape adds excellent comfort when sitting
  • Recycled padding is surprisingly cozy in its entirety
  • A very reliable manual reclining system that lasts years

Now we come with yet another Christopher Knight Home recliner, but this time with the Hana model – one of the largest, broadest, and most comfortable options you’ll find.

The size of this chair is simply amazing, so much that you could even say this is a loveseat. And it all comes down to its magnificent 46-inches of width that can host up to two people comfortably.

But the real comfort comes from the plush cushions all around, going really well with the microfiber and slate mix that feels remarkably soft. And then you can simply recline back with its pull-tab mechanism and enjoy the most comfortable chair out there.

The wooden frame build is still highly reliable, capable of supporting up to 350 pounds of weight without problems. And the best of all, it still costs less than half of what even smaller options do. 

Put everything this recliner offers together, and you’ll enjoy an affordable yet still reliable and cozy chair. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Soft & comfortable feeling with microfiber upholstery
  • The thick plush padding helps to relax easily
  • Extremely wide design at 46-inches host two people effortlessly
  • Very cheap cost despite its reliable & large build

Lazy Boy recliners are always amazing to have – that’s not a secret in the industry. And the Calvin Reclina-Rocker is an excellent reason why.

The first thing you’ll spot of this large chair is the patented mechanism that helps you move the backrest and footrest independently for added convenience. And with that feature you get up to three positions on each, so you can adjust the recliner however you prefer.

For even better comfort, the chair comes with a rocking mechanism, ideal for achieving superb relaxation in just a few minutes after sitting. And of course, this pairs well with the excellent pillow-top padding and chenille fabric that feels amazing in every place.

The real advantage comes from its size and overall build. It supports any person without problems, up to 400 pounds with one of the sturdiest wooden frames in the market. Add it all together, and you get a great recliner entirely. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The handy reclining mechanism for independent foot & backrests
  • Solid wooden frame with robust construction for durability & strength
  • Very comfortable design with a rocking feature for extra relaxation
  • High-quality pillow-top padding for comfort

You should know by now that we appreciate all Christopher Knight Home chairs – and the Callade is probably our favorite extra wide recliner. 

Once you fix your eyes on this piece of furniture, you’ll know why we have it out there on top as an excellent choice for our living room. It is flawless when it comes to looks, with a 100% polyester fabric that shines in beauty and softness.

What really makes it so amazing is the width. With a 47-inches wide design, probably the biggest out there so two persons can sit inside very comfortably. Yet, it still offers 70 inches in length when reclined, so it provides the chance to lay completely fat without problems.

The padding is thick and solid, ideal for those who are not expecting something fluffy but still pretty comfortable for their living room. And with its robust construction with a wooden frame, you won’t believe this chair costs far less than most of its competitors. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Amazingly wide at 47 inches for up to two people
  • Excellent wooden frame & construction for durability
  • Very soft polyester fabric for comfort
  • Solid padding adds a highly supportive experience

JC Home is one of the few brands that cares about making high-quality products every time. And with the Sabadell oversized leather recliner chair, this brand made it clear they’re here to stay.

It is not necessarily the largest option in the list, but with its bonded leather upholstery and its contemporary design, you can expect a lot from this recliner. Looking beautiful and feeling exceptionally soft, there’s nothing this chair can’t do.

It is a power recliner too, coming with a lifting mechanism that you can use to get more quickly out of the chair. And of course, it’s all done with a simple touch of a button, so there’s no issue when using.

When it comes to comfort, the high-density foam padding and wrapped pocket coils will help you feel more comfortable and supported when sitting.

But what truly stands out the most about this recliner is the wall-hugger design. Despite being a pretty large chair, you can place it anywhere close to walls or objects and get all its advantages. On top of that, it takes no more than 10 minutes to assemble. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Pretty & soft faux leather upholstery
  • High-density padding & wrapped coils offer great coziness
  • Large design with surprisingly convenient wall-hugger feature
  • Power reclining & lifting mechanism add tons of handiness

Best Large Recliners Buying Guide

Getting a perfect recliner for tall and big people is not easy, especially when you have specific things to go for. To make easy, here we explain some key factors to ponder about when buying:


When it comes to the overall size of the recliner, you’ll have to consider both the width and the depth of the chair. But also, remember to know the total length of the chair when fully reclined. 

For example, an average depth of a recliner can be 30 inches. Anything less than that can be pretty uncomfortable for tall people. But going over 35 inches can be pretty deep, which could make the smaller users feel pretty awkward when sitting. 

In width, we recommend no less than 38 inches as a rule. Anything less than that 38 inches a small recliner for sure. If you want an oversized leather recliner for two, going for at least 42-inches in width should be your focus.

As for length, it all depends. Most chairs when fully reclined are about 65 to 75 inches. But some options can go up to 79 inches without problems. The larger the recliner, the better it will be for tall and big people. If you want the largest out there, we recommend going over 75 inches in length.


You want a big product, but you also want something that feels and looks great. Especially with large recliners, it can be tough to find a decent fabric or leather. But knowing which ones are worth it can be useful.

First, you’ll find leathers. We recommend bonded leather and faux leather, which are both pretty reliable and gorgeous. The advantage is that they work really well for big leather recliner chairs due to their elasticity, so they don’t tear easily.

Other fabrics that can be pretty useful are chenille or polyester mixes with polyurethane or PVC. They are often reliable enough to last years without sacrificing looks. If you can go for something soft, that could be a massive plus in terms of comfort.

Extra Features

Lastly, for a big man recliner, you’ll want something with extra features like a power system for smooth reclining and lifting. A swiveling feature, remote control to operate, one or two cup holders, a tray, arms storage, and possibly even a wall-hugging design for easy installation – they are all useful. 

Anything that makes the overall handiness of the chair higher, that’s an excellent choice to go for.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will large recliners be shipped directly to my house/apartment?

A: Yes, but with some of them, you’ll have to go and pick them yourself in mail storage facilities. We recommend avoiding large recliners on sale to prevent this from happening. 

Q: How many people fit inside a large recliner?

A: Normally, only one big person, and that’s it. But for the widest and largest options, up to two people can fit without issues. 

Q: Is a large recliner more expensive than a standard model?

A: Most of the time, yes. But if you find some cyber Monday recliner deals, you are very likely to find a large chair for a pretty decent cost. 

Bottom Line

After reading our entire list of reviews and learning all you need to know about the biggest recliners out there – it is time you pick the one that best meets your standards. 

Even though we have only ten alternatives here, we’re not shy to say that the Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King is probably the best one you can go for. It is enormous, well-made, and still comes with extra functions for a handy experience. 

Otherwise, you could always go for the Christopher Knight Home Callade – a cheaper but still huge & reliable model that won’t disappoint. 

But remember there are still 8 additional options in the best large recliners list – so don’t stick to these two.

As long as you get a chair that fits with everything you need, then you’ll acquire the right chair. With that in mind, then go and pick one now!