How to Fix a Power Recliner – Troubleshooting Guide

Electric or power recliners are probably among the most common nowadays. Having the ability just to push or touch a button and recline afterward is something that takes comfort to a whole new level.

That’s why everyone loves a power recliner. But with electric parts all around, they also become less reliable than manual models. 

If your recliner doesn’t want to work as usual anymore, then you should learn about recliner repair and parts from our experts. 

All the components inside an electric recliner are subject to so many problems that it is crucial always to be certain of what you can experience.

From simple power surges to electrical storms, overloads or underloads can all damage the mechanism of an electric recliner. 

Luckily for you, whenever something like that happens, there’s a solution and a way to prevent it. Here we go over several factors you need to know about fixing a power recliner, chair mechanisms, and more. 

If you want to skip ahead of the article, there’s a video you can watch that can help you troubleshoot most of the issues with a power recliner repair:

Common Issues with a Power Recliner and How to Prevent Them

There are several usual problems that most recliners suffer from. These problems can be pretty simple and take no time to fix. But other recliner repairs can be pretty time-consuming. The following issues can give you an idea of all the problems you can experience:

Loose In-Line Plugs

One of the lane recliner parts that gets damaged more easily is the in-line plugs. They don’t stop working entirely but can cause the recliner to work deficiently or have power problems from time to time.

To validate that this is happening, you’ll need to check all the connections around the motor of the recliner. Use a flashlight for visibility. 

If any of the plugs are completely disconnected, then it is very likely that your recliner won’t move at all. 

To fix this, you simply need to reconnect the in-line plugs and secure them with something like a clamp or pin. 

This mostly happens when the recliner is handled or moved around. So, even if you piece the plugs the right way and secure them – you should also try not to move the piece too harshly.

Power Surges

A common issue that requires a challenging lazy boy recliner repair is when the motor or engine of a power recliner completely fries after a power surge (or that’s what people think). This is most common than expected and can happen at any time. 

But in reality, what mostly happens is that the transformer on the piece dies so the recliner won’t power up anymore. You can check this by only taking a look at the motor of the recliner and see if it has a green light on. If it doesn’t, then the transformer probably died.

We recommend always having a surge protector to prevent this.  They are probably the best investment you can have at home to fix most common power-recliner issues.

Cut on the Wires

Sometimes, you don’t experience a recliner not wanting to recline. It is worse, sometimes it just stays in mid travel when reclining. This could happen to both the backseat and the footrest and occurs mostly after activating the mechanism.

When this happens, there’s almost a 99% possibility that some internal wires of the recliner are broken or cut. 

If you experience any electrical sound or sparks coming out of the chai, then it is very likely a cut wire around that’s causing the problem.

The best way to amend this is to disconnect the recliner, turn it upside down, look for the wires that are cut, and wrap them up in electrical tape.

This will prevent both further issues and any possible damage to other components. Keeping the wires secured to the frame also helps. Use fasteners for this.

Electric Issues

With so many electric recliner chair parts, many things can get fried with a surge, overload, or even underloads.

When you see that the recliner doesn’t respond anywhere when you touch the power button, it is very likely one of these many parts.

But sometimes, it just happens that the recliner just needs to regulate electricity and that’s it. It could happen that with too little power or too much, the recliner just does not work. 

This happens to protect the internal mechanisms, wires, and motors of the product. So, it is actually more helpful that it is like that.

To prevent this, we recommend always ensuring proper current to your recliner. Any minimal surge or inconsistency with the electricity could cause the system to not work for a few hours or days.

Motors & Controls

When a simple part of your recliner breaks, then it may keep working deficiently, but it will work. But when an important part breaks, then the recliner won’t work at all. And surely, you’ll have to replace it completely.

Among the many things that can get damaged and make the recliner fail entirely, there’s the remote control, the lift or recline motor, the relay connections or boxes, the heating elements, the massage motors or rotors, and the central battery.

Whether it is the remote or the rotors, you’ll have to do a complete recliner chair remote control replacement, or the recliner won’t work anymore.

To prevent this, we recommend always using the chair without being too demanding. Just keep the usage slow and secure and take care of every part in the process. But sometimes, preventing is not enough.

How to Fix a Power Recliner Problem

Now that you are aware of the different issues you can experience, and with some small advice on how to prevent them, it is time to learn how to fix any problem you may have with the power recliner.

Avoiding problems is useful, but nothing compares to really knowing how to fix the recliner depending on what’s broken. Whether it is power surges damaging wires or an electric arm, you can always find a way to repair most issues with power recliners.

Here are a few things you can do to fix most of them:

Adjusting a Recliner that Stops in the Middle

If your recliner footrest and backseat stop in the middle of the desired position and don’t want to move anymore, it means there’s a huge electrical issue happening.

Most of the time, it is an in-line plug causing the issue. And while you may just look inside the recliner and find a disconnected piece and repair the whole recliner, sometimes you may need to do a lot more than that.

Most people just split the ends of the damaged wires and connect them again using electrical tape. And this is also helpful, but it may not be enough.

To really fix wiring issues with reclining mechanisms that stop mid-travel, you should focus on getting rid of any piece of wire that’s not in pristine condition. Then, you can use similar cables that you have at home and connect them to the piece using electrical tape.

Then, to prevent further damage, just attach all the wires to the frame of the recliner to avoid any sudden movement to disconnect the cables or produce any damage.

Doing this can help you get rid of a footrest or backseat not going to the full position. You’ll be glad to do so.

Using the Reset Button

One of the best ways to do electric recliner chair repairs is to use the reset button on the remote. Yes, there’s a reset button on most remote controls in power recliners that you can use to reset the chair and make it work.

This is mostly useful when the motor shuts down because there was a power surge or something similar. 

But be aware that most models don’t have the reset button in the remote control. In these cases, you’ll have to look for button yourself. It could be either on the motor itself or close to it.

The button is usually hidden inside a small hole where you’ll need to use a paperclip or nail to click it. This will reset the motor and prevent any overload or electrical surge from keeping the motor shut down. 

Getting the Most out of the Keep the Surge Protector

If you want to protect the electric recliner motor, you’ll need to use a surge protector. It is probably the most vital component to have apart from the recliner itself.

Why? Simply because even the smallest of a power surge or overload can damage the motor, transformer or wires – so it is necessary that you keep a power surge connected to the piece.

Luckily, if the power surge doesn’t work – you can always expect the transformer to keep the reclining motor on check.

If even after using a power surge, the motor or any part of the recliner shorts – then you’ll need to fix it in any way. And the best way to do so is to look for a recliner motor replacement.

Only Replacing for Original Parts

Even though we think the power recliner motor replacement can save you in case an accident happens, it is always necessary to get only the right product.

If you have an Ashley Home Furniture recliner and the motor you got is for a La-Z-Boy, the result may not be the same if you get the ideal motor for the specific model brand.

By getting only the original parts for your recliner, you ensure a much more durable and reliable product in the long term. And of course, it helps you prevent any probable issue from scaling further.

Looking for Expert Help

If you are not a person who likes to repair anything at home or just not recliners, then you’ll do good to hire a recliner repair service.

Most professionals in this market are starting to veer their sighs into maintenance because recliners can be pretty annoying. 

We recommend hiring the manufacturer’s help for the best results possible. If the recliner still has a warranty, then you may be able to get the advantage of that. 

Nothing compares to the help of an expert, especially when it comes to these seemingly mysterious pieces of furniture. 

Bottom Line

As you see, a recliner chair repair process is not easy. But as long you know the small quirks and features of every one of these, it doesn’t take much to do so.

In fact, you could even say that to learn how to fix a power recliner is one of the easiest processes you can follow to do so.

Just remember to follow our advice and consider each one of all our recommendations, and you’ll probably get rid of whatever that’s making power recliner doesn’t work.