FLIEKS 3-Seat Living Room Recliner Sofa Review

When you look for a 3 seater sofa, you find that many of the different options in the market are not too worthy. Whether it is because they look awful or because they don’t have a reclining system, you end up disappointed and looking for different results.

Luckily, you can always pick the Flieks 3-seat recliner sofa – one of the best options you’ll find out there. For those who expect the best of the best experience from their sofa including superb comfort, convenience, and all other factors, then this Flieks 3-seater will be a magnificent choice.

It leaves nothing behind for sure, it is amazingly good-looking and still comes at a very decent price. So, are you willing to learn more about it? In this article we’ll explain everything you need to know. Come further and find out!

FLIEKS 3-Seater Recliner Sofa Overview

Flieks is one of the few brands out there that despite meager costs, it can easily boast that its sofas spread high-quality in almost every aspect. And surely, this 3 seater sofa is not an exception in any way.

The first thing from this brown faux leather recliner  that will attract your attention is the unique look. Boasting excellent leather upholstery, the sofa looks like no other, glossy and very sleek with a traditional look for classic living rooms.

But the look is not everything it offers, the reclining system is also amazing as it helps to recline up to tw seats at the same time without issues. This comes with one of the most comfortable interiors with fiberfill, and a handy mechanism that you can activate with the pull of a handle.

Apart from all that, this is a recliner that lasts for years to come. With its metal construction and reclining system, you’ll easily more years than expected from this sofa. Overall, this is easily among the best sofa recliners you’ll find – and further into this article we’re going to explain why.

Advantages of the FLIEKS Living Room Recliner Sofa

You may find this sofa completely enticing at first sight, but there’s a lot more to this couch than that. Here we’ll explain all you need to know and more. Care to find out? Take a peek:


Stylish Classical Upholstery

Leather is always an amazing choice for the upholstery of your sofa. And faux leather is easily the most reliable among the cheapest options. With a slightly suede finish, this upholstery boasts a traditional touch that gives a classy touch to the room you place it.

It will look amazing & pretty enticing with a brownish color that stands out. This will make it very cool and good-looking, especially in living rooms where you want to highlight your elegance and style. But it still looks simple enough, so you can pair it up with any kind of decoration without problems.


Exceptionally Comfortable

But enjoying the reclining function is not enough unless you have excellent padding. And the Flieks 3-seater doesn’t disappoint in any way. With thick headrest, armrest, waist padding and even the footrest and the seat will be excellently comfortable at all times.

The best of all is the different sections of padding you’ll get. From the lower back to the headrest and a stylish set of armrests, this will help to achieve more comfort and exceptional support. No part of your body will feel unsupported when using, which adds outstanding convenience to the product.


Handy Reclining System

Apart from its exceptional appearance, this sofa comes with a very exciting reclining system. It is the traditional manual system you need to activate with a one-pull tab on the side. However, this is excellent because you can stop the backseat in different positions from 90 to 160 degrees according to your needs.

The whole process is effortless and smooth, which gives you a boost of convenience when using. This goes really well with the reliability of the mechanism, so you can have a reclining sofa that lasts years offering the same experience.


Outstanding Build

What really sets this sofa apart is the sturdiness it offers. You won’t believe how comfortable and free you’ll feel on it considering the metal frame it comes with. This means you’re getting one of the strongest options out there. This metal frame is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds of weight effortlessly.

And when you add the large design at 84-inches of width, you’ll get one of the roomiest options in the market that holds three people easily. It’s also 37.8 inches in depth and 39-inches in height. This will make it an interesting option for people who want a more spacious & sturdy product.

Disadvantages of the FLIEKS Living Room Recliner Sofa

While this reclining sectional leather sofa looks amazing in almost every way and comes with various interesting features, there are still some things you should know about it. And those are the imperfections you may spot. Here we are going to explain them:

Not for Tall People

While this sofa is pretty wide and host up to three people without problems, it may leave some length to be desired.

Users taller than 6 feet may not fit too comfortably. Either their feet will hang over the footrest or their head will go over the headrest. And both of these situations can add some discomfort to the overall experience of using it.

So if you are someone who’s too tall, this may not be the ideal choice for you. But if you are 5-feet and 11-inches tall or smaller, you will sit comfortably enough on it without any issue.

Not Resistant Leather

While faux leather is probably among the most durable and reliable in the artificial leather market, this one comes with a slightly disappointing suede surface that others do not.

This surface will make the whole sofa much softer than expected. But being a suede-like effect, it will make it easier for stains, odors and filth to stay. And for those who love to have their sofas always neat and free of any uncomfortable or frustrating issue, then this suede leather will be a problem.

But as long as you keep it clean and prevent spilling liquids or letting pets on it, then this sofa will stay neat. Otherwise, you’ll feel pretty annoying to how easily it gets filthy.


Hugely comfortable with thick padding and soft faux leather

Exceptionally reliable construction with metal reclining system and metal frame

Straightforward, smooth and handy reclining mechanism with several stops

Excellent faux leather upholstery adds outstanding looks to the piece

Traditional appearance with simple design matches any living room


The leather is not as resistant as expected to stains or filth

Can be pretty small and not useful for people taller than 6 feet

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does this sofa come pre-assembled?

A: No, it comes in three different pieces you’ll have to attach together once it arrives.

Q: Can I recline all three seats of the couch?

A: No, only the seats on the side will recline once you activate the side pull handles.

Q: How much weight can each seat hold?

A: Each seat can hold up to 350 pounds easily.

Q: Is this sofa a rocker or glider?

A: No, this sofa only works as a recliner and that’s it.

Q: What kind of maintenance should I do to this sofa?

A: To keep up with this couch, we recommend cleaning at least once every two or three days. If you don’t use the sofa too much, cleaning it at least once a week will be enough.

Bottom Line

It is always hard to find a recliner sofa sale that achieves the quality and overall comfort levels you are looking for. Luckily, the New Classic Furniture Cortez is one of the few that matches even the most demanding user’s requirements without hassle.

Whether it is handy design, straightforward installation process, or the most comfortable upholstery with padding – this couch has it all. You could even say it is the opportunity for the cost, making it an ideal choice for almost anyone.

Even though it comes with a few imperfections including the unreliable stitching and the incapacity to lie entirely flat – this is still a superb opportunity. With everything it delivers you can enjoy amazing times without regrets.