Homelegance Keridge Leath-Aire Recliner Sofa

Not many sofas in the market offer the style, cost, quality and practicality you may be looking for. But we are almost certain that the Homelegance Keridge may provide all that and much more.
This sofa with 2 recliners is among the most convenient, reliable, good-looking and comfortable in the market. With its spacious design and excellent looks, it’s very likely to grab your attention at first sight and without making much of an effort.
It is a simply a sofa that stands out in every way. But this means there are hundreds of things to know about it that you may not be have any idea about. And for that, we’ve made a pretty comprehensive review of this couch for you to learn.
Want to find out as much as possible about this sofa? Then this article will come like a gem. Read it and learn!

Homelegance Keridge 85’’Leath-Aire Sofa Overview

The Keridge collection is a set that comprises a 4 seater sofa, a loveseat and a single armchair. Each comes with the distinctive style and comfort that’s unique on this model from Homelegance.

At first, you’ll see that it comes with a sophisticated style. A modern and sleek appearance that will attract all kinds of users, and you can find it on either Gray or Brown. And with its large 85-inches design, it will host up to four people without any problem.

It makes a statement, and it helps to add some elegance to your living room. This is not a sofa for only enjoying your favorite TV show or sports. It’s actually one of the most stylish options for those who appreciate quality in every way – starting from how it looks.

But then it comes with extremely reliable & soft leather called Leath-Aire. It’s a combination of artificial upholstery with natural ones that give an amazing feeling at the touch. This pairs up really well with the outstanding level of comfort you get with the thick padding.

The stitching and the frame are both amazing, so you can expect it to last from the outside to the inside. And still, it is a very large and convenient option for those who want an unbeatable experience when it comes to sofas.

If all that works for you – then there’s still a lot more you should know about it. Keep reading and find out.

Advantages of the Homelegance Keridge 85’’ Leath-Aire Recliner Sofa

The Keridge recliner sofa is a top-notch choice that comes with a wide array of features you should know about. Here we are going to explain all those features:


Good-Looking and Reliable

There’s nothing that makes this sofa more memorable than its design. It boast a two-seat reclining system that looks incredibly charming. This pairs up well with the stitching and with a slightly traditional but sleek appearance.

But the real advantage comes from the Airehyde PU leather. Also known as Leather-Aire, this upholstery is one of the most resistant in the market, breathable, and useful to make the sofa pretty and satisfying.

The unique gray color is one of the most enticing parts. It makes it look more luxurious but simple, a perfect combination for those who want something versatile that fits in almost any room.


Comfortable & Supportive

This is probably the most important part of every sofa – the comfort and support it offers. And the Keridge does it really well by providing an excellent memory foam interior that will increase the overall coziness when using.

But it’s not only the comfort it offers but the excellent contoured support. This way you can sit on the Keridge sofa and enjoy several hours of doing anything you want without having to feel back, neck, or bottom pain.


Excellent Reclining System

The magnificent design of the product comes with one of the most satisfying reclining systems in the market. With its two-seat mechanism, it will help users to recline more easily without making much of an effort.

You’ll only need to pull a handle on the side and the sofa will automatically recline back so you can achieve the desired comfort at any moment. But this simplicity to recline also comes with great strength, so you can recline without having to worry about anything with either one or two seats at the same time.


Outstandingly Well-Made

This couch is not only hugely comfortable and classy, it’s also one of the most reliable options out there.

In the outside, you can count the superb strength of the Leather-Aire upholstery, one of the strongest and most dependable polyester options. It’s completely tear resistant, avoids stains and reduces filth and odors.

In the inside, you enjoy a corner-blocked frame made of hardwood, so it is outstandingly strong and lasts for years. This pairs up well with the no-sag seat construction, making the whole sofa capable of holding up to 750 pounds of weight effortlessly.

Disadvantages of the Homelegance Keridge 85’’ Leath-Aire Recliner Sofa

Taking a close look at the Homelegance recliner sofa, you’ll find out that it is not only positive things that it holds. To keep you from regretting getting this sofa, here we bring all the negative factors to know about it beforehand:

Unreliable Reclining System

While the reclining system is very convenient, it’s not the most long-lasting out there. This doesn’t mean the sofa will stop reclining as soon as you install it on your living room. But it’s very likely that after a few years, using the recliner would become an issue.

This happens because several users complain that it tends to get stuck on the upright position. And it’s very likely because the system reclines both seats of about 82 inches in width that can be lots of weight. In the long term, the wear of reclining so much weight ends up damaging the system.

So you could easily say this is a bad design quirk, something you may not like at all.

Backrest May Tear

Another common issue with this recliner sofa is that many people have experienced the backseats tearing. This happens because while the two seats are not connected, they are very long so the whole reclining and coming back to an upright position wears the fabric over time.

Again, here we’re seeing a problem with design. This is not something that will happen within the first few months of use, but will probably become a problem after a few years. And sure, it will still become a little frustrating to experience.


Superb memory foam interior for a hugely comfortable experience

Offers excellent support with unique construction that prevents back pain

Top-notch build with two-seat design holds up to 750 pounds of weight

Highly reliable Airehyde polyurethane leather for durable upholstery

Extremely good-looking and elegant design for excellent living room looks


The reclining system may stop working as normally after years of use

A little unreliable backrest design may tear up after some time

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need to assemble this couch when it arrives?

A: Yes, you’ll only need to attach the backrest and the amrests to the seats and that’s it. About 5 to 20 minutes is what this will take you.

Q: Can I elevate the footrest without reclining the seat?

A: Yes, as soon as you pull the handle on the side, the footrest will come up. If you want the backrest to recline, you only need to push it.

Q: Will this fit inside my house if I have small doors?

A: It all depends, as you will need at least 36-inches of width on each door to pass this sofa without problems.

Q: Do the seats of the sofa recline individually?

A: Yes, you can recline only one seat if needed using the side pull handle.

Q: How much clearance space do I need to use this sofa comfortably?

A: You’ll need about 4-inches of clearance from the sofa to any object or wall behind.

Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? This sofa with 2 recliners is easily among the most convenient and comfortable in the market. It is pretty large at 85-inches of width and provides amazing durability with its strong build.

The Keridge sofa is no doubt among the highest-quality options you’ll find – and it won’t cost you an eye of the face. Instead, you can get it for a very reasonable price and enjoy everything it offers, including an exquisite design and a very roomy & reliable build.

You’ll only need to consider the faulty design that may leave you with a frustrating reclining mechanism and backrests after some years of use. Otherwise, this is an almost flawless product to have.