Ashley Signature Design Tulen Recliner Sofa Review

When it comes to high-quality couches for your living room, few options will deliver the exceptional appearance and the unique soft feeling as the Tulen.
This is an Ashley Furniture sectional couch that comprises a magnificent plush fabric in the outside, unbeatable memory foam on the inside, and superb frame that keeps it working like a gem for years.
But all this together is what makes the sofa really amazing. Especially when you piece it all together, you find out that this couch is much more than it looks like. Here we’ll explain all the different factors that make such a magnificent product a great opportunity for anyone.
Excited to learn about all the most interesting features it offers? Then come and find out!

Ashley Signature Design The Tulen Sofa Overview

Ashley Furniture is one of the best brands in the world of living room furniture and recliners. Its products are simply amazing in every way, and they leave almost nothing behind in terms of vital recliner factors.

But the real catch of this fabric recliner sofa is not only the brand, but the exquisite design it comes with that helps to achieve outstanding looks and comfort. It is stylish, well-made, and feels as soft as no other at first touch.

Practically everything stands out about this couch, especially when you compare it to competitors at the same price, which won’t even reach half of what this one delivers. From the waterfall design that looks amazing to the pillow-top armrests and the fluffiest backrest – this is a sofa for those who want quality.

Among its most sought-after features you’ll find a corner-blocked frame with reinforcements for strength, a poly-fiber foam cushion for great comfort & firmness, and a pull-tab motion that reclines smoothly.

All this will help you just sit on the sofa, relax, and enjoy your life like no other option will help you do.

Advantages of the Ashley Signature Design The Tulen Sofa

Once you take a peek at what the Ashley Signature Tulen sofa delivers, you’ll find out this is a superb opportunity in its entirety. That’s why we want you to know all about it, starting from its most important features:


Excellent Design & Style

The plush-like Chenille fabric is one of the most unique options for upholstery. In this sofa, this fabric looks amazing, almost like suede so it delivers an outstanding result when it comes to looks. You can pick it in Gray, Chocolate or Mocha, depending on what fits best with your living room.

Then you have the modern style. This is not a sofa for traditional or classic looking houses. It is, instead, excellent for those who want something sleek with simplicity so you can make it work almost anywhere. And with its waterfall back design, it looks amazing from every angle.


Simple yet Strong

The design is simple, it doesn’t go over the top to deliver more features than it needs to, and makes it easy to just sit and enjoy in a reclined position for hours. But the best of all is that you won’t have to assemble it at all.

Once it arrives you’ll only have to place it on the right place, get all the protection away and that’s it. You’ll have the perfect sofa to enjoy just a few minutes after it gets to your home. And that’s something you won’t get with many other options.

And to make it even better, this exceptional one-piece construction makes it outstandingly strong in almost every way. You won’t ever experience this sofa cracking, breaking, or anything for years. And that’s something that puts it above many other models in the market.


Entirely Comfortable

Here we need to mention Chenille fabric once again. It is one of the most comfortable upholstery options you’ll find, starting from the fact that it works amazingly well with the interior of the couch. You’ll receive a product that feels as soft as suede and increases what the cushion offers.

The cushions are simply fantastic, made with fiberfill. Not the fluffiest or the firmest, but offering a middle-range of comfort for those who want something just cozy enough for sitting and get rid of stress.

And when you add the pull-tab reclining motion with a dual-side system, this sofa will become the most comfortable out there. Just remember that the middle seat won’t recline, but otherwise it will work wonders.


Large & Roomy Design

If there’s something that adds excellent results to a sofa is the size. With the Tulen you get a 87-inches width sofa which makes it an outstandingly large option that offers enough space for up to three or four people to sit comfortably at any moment.

Along with its width, you get a 40-inches height and depth. This means it is also high enough to fit most people without issues, and deep enough to help rest on it effortlessly. It won’t be easy to fit inside a living room, but once you get on it, no other product will be as comfortable or convenient.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Signature Design The Tulen Sofa

It doesn’t matter how incredible the cloth reclining sofa is, even the most fantastic option always comes with its own setbacks. Here we explain the imperfections about the Tulen that may not be attractive for some users:

Middle Seat Doesn’t Recline

There’s a high chance you won’t like when the sofa doesn’t recline in the middle. Yes, you’ll be able to tilt the backseat on the seats located on both sides, but the one in the center won’t. And that can be a pretty frustrating thing to experience.

Just imagine watching TV or a movie with friends or family and then the two persons on the sides recline, but then the person on the middle can’t. That can be pretty frustrating. The same happens if a single person wants to sit on it but he has to choose one of the side seats, otherwise it won’t work.

We could safely say that for users who want a complete reclining feature, this sofa can be a little disappointing.

Fragile Upholstery

As you should know, polyester in a suede-like form is not the most resistant of all materials. And this sofa is an excellent proof of that.

The Chenille fabric won’t let you down in terms of comfort and softness, but it will probably become a problem to clean and maintain. Especially those who have pets or are constantly using the sofa, they’ll find that the upholstery is not the most reliable out there.

From cracks to stains, tears and even bad odors – all of these are common issues with this fabric. But if you take good care of it, you can prevent most of them.


Stylish and soft-looking design ideal for those who want a sleek & versatile appearance

Excellent Chenille fabric upholstery that provides a soft & comfortable feel

Top-notch build with a pretty large design so you can enjoy lots or room and durability

Arrives completely assembled for almost instant use after placing in living room

Extremely comfortable with plush fabric and fluffy fiberfill interior


The center seat of the sofa won’t recline

The chenille fabric upholstery may stain, tear and smell bad if it’s not properly maintained

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can this sofa pass through a small door?

A: No, you’ll need at 36-inches of doorway space to properly pass through without making any damage to the furniture or house.

Q: Is this sofa useful for people over 6 inches tall?

A: Yes, it is useful but not the most comfortable experience. This sofa is ideal for people of about 5 feet and 11 inches or shorter.

Q: Does this sofa need a lot of clearance to be installed?

A: It is not a wall hugger but with only 3 inches of clearance behind this sofa will work well enough.

Q: If it comes fully assembled can I disassemble when needed?

A: No, this sofa does not offer the chance to disassemble which can be a little problematic to install.

Q: How much weight does this couch support?

A: It holds up to 400 pounds of weight without any issue.

Bottom Line

So now you’re close to getting one of the most amazing sofas in the market. The Ashley Furniture sectional couch Tulen design is probably among the most comfortable, well-made and stylish options you’ll find.

It comes with every single feature that a demanding person will look for. And if you expect a lot from it, this sofa won’t disappoint. The best of all is that you’ll get it without having to drain out your bank account, and that’s a huge plus for such an amazing product.

Just remember that it’s not perfect. Especially because its middle seat doesn’t recline, and the upholstery may not be as reliable as you want. But otherwise, this is one of the highest-quality couches out there – and getting it will completely satisfy you.