New Classic Furniture Cortez Upholstery Recliner Sofa Review

If there’s a brand that goes where no other brands are willing to go, that’s New Classic Furniture – and with the Cortez Recliner Sofa, they went even further to deliver one of the best couches in the market.

Coming with the popular reclining sofa design, this excellent sofa delivers the ideal build for comfort, convenience, and overall functionality. You’ll be able to locate it anywhere you want and still enjoy all it offers without any problem.

When it comes to a recliner sofa sale of exceptional quality, this is probably among the best options you’ll find. It is not precisely the most affordable, but all it costs translates into the highest-quality build you can expect for such price. Want to know what else it offers? Then keep scrolling!

New Classic Furniture 20-244-30-PRD Recliner Sofa Overview

Among the many brands in the market, New Classic Furniture is one of the few that is responsible for every factor regarding sofas and reclining furniture. This means you get the highest commitment to quality, from design to comfort, convenience, and everything else you could expect.

The leather is fantastic, ideal for making the whole sofa good-looking without losing reliability in the process. Then you get a solid wood frame, which will increase the overall strength and durability of the product. And with the unique Cortez design, you get a sofa that will look amazing on any room no matter the style.

If you want a high recliner chair that takes comfort to another level entirely, then this contemporary mode from New Classic Furniture is the one you need to go for. There are so many things about this couch that it’s almost impossible to talk about them in all in a few words.

From the reclining function to the unique console for storage and the highly comfy armrests, this sofa will take all your expectations to the next level. You won’t believe it is so amazing at first try – and it will change your desires completely.

If it comes to high-quality recliners for a living room, few will provide what the 20-244-30-PRD Recliner Sofa from New Classic Furniture offers. And that alone is a reason enough to get this couch at once.

Advantages of the New Classic Furniture Cortez Recliner Sofa

All living room sofas come with their set of pros and cons. Right now we want you to learn all about the positive things this magnificent sofa offers. Interested in knowing what this couch is all about? Then read further:


Unique Leather Surface

One of the unique characteristics from the New Classic Furniture Cortez set is that you get superb Leather Fusion upholstery. This fabric provides unbeatable breathability, comfort, and overall dependability so you can enjoy its amazing features for years.

This fabric is made from 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane. So while it is not precisely leather, it provides the same kind of performance to prevent issues in the long term. And thanks to this plastic build, the upholstery ends up being easier to clean and way more stain & odor resistant.

Apart from all that, this surface looks terrific in every way. As soon as you look at it, you’ll know this sofa was made with the whole purpose of highlighting its beauty. You can get it on black, brown or red – and with its contemporary style, it fits all kinds of rooms like a gem.


Very Large & Roomy

Finally, this is a recliner couch that stands out for its massive design. It is not the largest in the market, but probably among the roomiest and most comfortable to use.

The sofa has 90-inches wide by 42-inches deep design alongside a 38-inches height – so you could say it is pretty big to fit up to three people without any issue. And when you add the 300-pound capacity, you know this is a couch that stands a lot of weight but also manages to work as a family or friend couch for reunions – ideal for large apartments or houses.

With this couch, you’ll be able to enjoy movies, TV series, group games, or just a comfortable talk at any time and with any purpose. Whatever you want to do, the design of this couch will make it totally possible.


Exceptional Foam Quality

You want your sofa to be comfortable, and for that, you’ll need to consider the most important thing of all: the padding. The thick memory foam cushions on this couch will make overall sitting, napping, or even sleeping an excellent experience entirely. You’ll enjoy hours on this sofa without not even a pain or disturbance.

This gets even better when you add the smoothness & freshness of the Leather Fusion upholstery. And with the broad design of the couch, you’ll be even cozier eventually. Then add the reclining function into the equation, and this sofa becomes a hugely comfortable option in every way.


Durable & Dependable Build

You must be guessing whether this sofa is really as supportive & reliable as we say. Well, it totally is. Starting from the hardwood frame, you can expect this excellent couch to last a lifetime, reducing overall wear over time and delivering a pretty strong capacity that doesn’t break easily.

Apart from that, you get a solid cushion, starting with a 64-pocket coil build that stands the weight of time and the users pretty effectively. This pairs up well with the leather-like fabric with PU and poly build, making it breathable to prevent odors, stain resistant, and hugely anti-scratch.

The fabric is also resistant to tears and wears while delivering an excellent sewing design that not only works well for several years but also makes the whole sofa look terrific and feel as soft as you can imagine.

Disadvantages of the New Classic Furniture Cortez Recliner Sofa

Every modern recliner chair has positive things but also has negative things to talk about. Here we are going to focus on the bad:

A Little Problematic Stitching

The whole sofa is put together nicely so it can hold several years of use without problems. But the stitching may not be perfect to match the entire quality of the build.

It is not precisely lousy stitching, but you may experience some loosening up over time, which can be pretty disappointing. This happens because the sewing is not internal and instead goes directly on contact points of most people (angles and borders).

Eventually, constant use may wear out the cords and loosen the stitching.  This will not make the sofa to fall apart, but will slowly detach the upholstery from the foam padding, which eventually becomes a problem when sitting.

Lack of Flat Recline

One of the things most people look for in a recliner is the possibility to lie completely flat when sitting using the reclining function. Sadly, the New Classic Furniture Cortez model doesn’t offer this advantage, which reduces overall comfort & convenience a little.

So while it reclines back to about 45-degrees, it doesn’t go to 180-degrees as many people love. The sofa will perform well in all other factors, but with the reclining feature, it may leave you a little disappointed.


Considerably large & spacious design that fits several users without problems

Top-notch foam quality makes it one of the most comfortable couches

Superb polyester & polyurethane leather build for reliability

Soft & breathable leather that makes relaxation easier to achieve

Reliable and robust construction that supports 300 pounds easily


It doesn’t come with them ost secure stitching out there

It doesn’t recline fully to the back which can be inconvenient

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many color options can you pick from with this couch?

A: There are two options: Red and Black.

Q: Do I need to do any maintenance on this sofa?

A: Yes, this couch needs to be clean at all times if you want it to last. Dust, debris, liquids, sweat, and grease may eventually soften up the leather and make it fragile over time. Clean consistently to prevent this.

Q: How many people fit on this sofa?

A: Being 90-inches wide, it may fit up to five thin people or three normal-sized persons.

Q: Is this a power recliner or massager?

A: No, this is a totally manual sofa. But you may still find some electric recliners of the same brand and for a fantastic cost.

Q: How much does it take to install this sofa completely?

A: It takes about 10 to 30 minutes. The process only demands to take the pieces and to latch them together, and that’s it. Just follow the steps of the product, and you’ll have your couch ready for use.

Bottom Line

It is always hard to find a recliner sofa sale that achieves the quality and overall comfort levels you are looking for. Luckily, the New Classic Furniture Cortez is one of the few that matches even the most demanding user’s requirements without hassle.

Whether it is handy design, straightforward installation process, or the most comfortable upholstery with padding – this couch has it all. You could even say it is the opportunity for the cost, making it an ideal choice for almost anyone.

Even though it comes with a few imperfections including the unreliable stitching and the incapacity to lie entirely flat – this is still a superb opportunity. With everything it delivers you can enjoy amazing times without regrets.