RecPro Charles 58″ Powered Double Recliner Sofa Review

Some sofas are better for people on a low budget. Others are better for those who can afford them. The RecPro Charles is for the second kind of people. It’s the perfect couch for those who want quality over anything else and are willing to pay an extra for the best recliner sofa 2019.
This magnificent recliner has everything you could need and much more. Every aspect stands out among its competitors and sometimes manages to surpass expectations of the most demanding users out there.
There’s probably nothing about this couch you could dislike. From the comfort levels to the superb convenience it offers up to the fantastic construction – this recliner stands as one of the best choices for a loveseat sofa.
But there’s so much about this sofa that it’s critical to review all it offers in-depth. Here we are going to do precisely that. Want to know what we have to say about this recliner? Then scroll down and learn!

RecPro Charles 58″ RV Wall Hugger Sofa Overview

This is not a cheap sofa. While it still goes among the affordable options, it doesn’t have the best leather recliner price out there. So if you are on a low budget and want something that irradiates quality, then this sofa won’t be your best choice.

But for those who can afford this exceptional recliner, it will probably surpass their expectations. It starts with a modular structure that helps to install pretty quickly. Along with the space-saving design, you could say this is an ideal option for people with limited space.

The reclining feature is completely automatic with an electric system. It takes no effort or time to recline so you can enjoy this sofa for years without any issue. And when you add the additional features such as the USB-charging port, the LED lights on the cup holders, and the superb leather upholstery – this sofa becomes an excellent opportunity in its entirety.

There’s nothing about this sofa that you won’t like. It’s so amazing that despite having a substantial price tag, you can still say it is one of the best choices in the market. If you can afford this top-notch sofa, you’ll be getting a remarkable product in every way.

Advantages of the RecPro Charles 58″ Powered RV Wall Hugger Sofa

Getting the RecPro Powered Charles at 58 inches of width will help you enjoy some unique features that you won’t get with any other sofa. Want to know more about these traits? Then keep reading and learn about them:


Exceptional Handiness

When we talk about the Charles Powered Sofa from RecPro, the first thing that comes to mind is how convenient it is. The addition of a central console on the sides makes the overall use of this sofa merely amazing. Starting from the reclining mechanism that you can activate with the simple touch of a button – this couch doesn’t leave anything for the imagination.

The second handy feature about this sofa that stands out is the USB port. This charging port on the sides helps to keep your smartphone, or any other device charged and close to you. So if you are expecting a message or call, or you just want to keep the device in short reach – this feature will come very useful.

Last but not least, you get two cup holders, one on each side. This will make it ideal for couples or people who want to enjoy a movie, series, or just relax for a time while enjoying a drink. And that’s not everything still, especially when these cup holders light up with blue LED lights so you can have better visibility in dark areas. So you can say this is one of the handiest sofas out there.


Top-notch Reclining System

The reclining system of this astonishing sofa is not only about the simplicity of use. It’s also about quietness and smoothness. Yes, you will enjoy a reclining system that helps to recline back to an almost flat position without making any noise.

And of course, let’s not forget you will be getting rid of annoying pull handles and other types of mechanism that eventually make this process a frustrating endeavor. You just need to push a button, and the backrest will go back down. Then you can push the button on the side, and you’ll go back to the upright position. If that’s not a fantastic reclining system, then nothing is.


Superb Leather & Padding

Despite not being the most critical part of the sofa, the leather and the padding are the things you’ll enjoy at first. It starts with the superb Suprima fabric leather boasting a unique Charles style that makes sofas look amazing.

The padding also offers a good-looking touch, including the armrests and backrest, providing a soft feel using Tiona pattern in the leather. It’s utterly smooth to the touch and comes in several colors including Putty, Toffee, Mahogany, and Chestnut for an unbeatable style that fits any room effortlessly.

This also helps to achieve more comfort, especially with the fluffy and soft padding working with the leather. You’ll sit on this sofa, and you won’t believe how comfortable it is. And it does it all without leaving looks behind – so it is a pretty well-made product that handles all kinds of demands.


Durability at its Best

Apart from the stylish design, the unique upholstery, superb comfort & the unparalleled level of convenience – this sofa is also one of the most durable you could get.

Boasting a high-quality wooden frame with a superb metal mechanism, this couch won’t let you down even after many years of use. The reclining system comes with a durable motor so you can expect a smooth recline, but also an engine that lasts for several years without fault.

And the fabric doesn’t stay behind in terms of reliability either. The Suprima fabric is actually one of the most long-lasting and resistant upholstery options out there. You’ll enjoy soft it is for many years to come, without any stain, and with an utterly easy-to-clean surface.

Disadvantages of the RecPro Charles 58″ Powered RV Wall Hugger Sofa

Even if you think the RecPro Charles at 58-inches is the best leather recliner chair for you – it is still essential to consider some of its imperfections. Here we explain what this couch fails to deliver:

No Recline without Power

This is a common issue with most powered sofa recliners out there. They won’t recline, not even an inch, if there’s no power at all. And it happens because it doesn’t have a backup battery or an alternative manual method to use the reclining system.

This makes the sofa a little inconvenient; especially if you are someone who thinks the automatic reclining mechanism is what makes this sofa so amazing. Once there’s no power, this sofa will only work as an upright couch – so it ends up being less handy than expected.

Heavy for its Size

The 58-inches reclining length of this chair makes it a tiny alternative from other RecPro Charles. But even still, this small sofa with only two seats weighs 178 pounds, which is almost the same weight as options with central consoles.

It won’t be a problem to piece together because the seats come separately. However, once it is assembled and it’s time to move, the sofa will become a headache. This will make it a little challenging to clean, transport from one room to another, or simply modify its position to make changes in your living room.

It won’t make it impossible to handle like other options, but the heavy design will still be an issue in the long run, particularly for its size.


An unbeatable reclining system with the automatic process with a simple touch of a button

Great set of features including cup holders with LED lights, button operation & USB charging port

Top-notch leather quality with Suprima fabric for excellent looks and durability

Highly comfortable padding for a fluffy and relaxing experience at all times

Outstandingly well-made with metal mechanism & wooden frame for a long-lasting product


Hefty build at 178 pounds despite its small design

Only reclines with power, so it only works as an upright sofa without electricity

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is the upholstery of this sofa easy to clean?

A: Yes, it comes with a leather-like surface made of polyurethane that’s totally easy to clean and very resistant against stains and filth.

Q: Can you recline each seat independently?

A: Yes, each seat has its own reclining button, so they go back down individually along with the footrest.

Q: Is it possible to bolt this sofa to prevent it from moving in an RV?

A: No, this couch doesn’t come with the ability to bolt down in any place.  

Q: How much time does it take to install & use this sofa?

A: The product arrives in two pieces, the left, and right seat accordingly. You’ll only need to piece them together in about 10 minutes and then connect the plug to an outlet, and you’ll have the sofa ready to use.

Q: Can a tall person fit on this sofa comfortably?

A: The 58-inches reclining length allows people of up to 6 feet to feel comfortable on it. However, for people taller than that, this sofa could be a little small.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve seen all the RecPro Charles Powered Loveseat Sofa at 58 inches offers, there’s no mistake this is one of the most fantastic options you’ll have.

We’ll go the point of even saying this is the best recliner sofa 2019. Not only because it offers exceptional quality in every aspect, but because it manages to fit practically on any space, including RVs, motorhomes, trailers, or the smallest living room.

But this sofa is not cheap, it is also not an option for people with constant power outages or those who are always moving it around. Overall, however, this couch will take your free time to another level so you can relax for many hours without any shortcoming.

Want a sofa that stands out and never lets you down? Then the RecPro Charles 58’’ RV Wall Hugger recliner is the one to go for.