New Classic Kenwood Loveseat Recliner Sofa Review

You can read thousands of recliner reviews, but nothing will really catch your attention unless you are looking at a sofa that spreads quality from only looking at it.  And that’s truly what you see at first take a look at the New Classic Kenwood Loveseat.
It looks fantastic, feels as soft as no other sofa, and manages to provide one of the most comfortable experiences in the market. Apart from that, it comes from one of the most prestigious and reliable brands out there – so this recliner is easily among the best you’ll find.
But there are hundreds of things you need to know about this sofa before deciding you like it or not. That’s why we are going to make an in-depth review of everything it offers so you can learn more about it and decide how much it can fill your needs.
Interested in learning every single key factor this sofa has to offer? Then don’t move your eyes anywhere else and keep reading!

New Classic Kenwood Dual Recliner Console Sofa Overview

In the world of lazy boy recliner chairs, few options will come with every essential aspect as the Kenwood Dual Recliner does. With its 2-seat design, the fantastic performance fabric, and the superb set of cup holders – this is one of those sofas that you can’t simply ignore.

The sofa is comfortable to the bone, following a set of thick padded cushions that make the overall sitting experience completely cozy. You’ll enjoy a plush feeling that takes your body to high relaxation levels.

It also comes with a pretty good-looking fabric in brown color, excellent to match any kind of living room decoration without leaving behind softness. And with its superb design with two seats for comfortable TV or movie watching experiences, this sofa takes overall convenience to another level.

You even get cup holders and console storage with this couch. So apart from offering what every sofa should regarding comfort & convenience, it goes a step further to match the most exquisite demands of those rigorous users.

When it comes to having a fantastic experience, few sofas will offer all the Kenwood Loveseat does. So it is effortlessly among the best options you’ll have to get a top-notch sofa for your living room.

Advantages of the New Classic Kenwood Loveseat Recliner Sofa

All products have their pros and cons. And the New Classic Kenwood Loveseat Recliner is not an exception. However, we’ll start first with the positive things. So here are all the positive features you should know about this sofa:


Entirely Convenient Design

The New Classic series of sofas are all about convenience above everything else. Every couch from this brand has something that sets it apart from its competitors in terms of handiness and unique features. And this sofa doesn’t stay behind.

Apart from its reclining system that activates with the pull of a handle on the sides, the loveseat also comes with a set of two cup holders so you can enjoy watching TV, reading a book, or just working with your laptop with a drink on your side. And what’s even better, close to the cup-holders you’ll find a storage space.

This storage looks like regular armrests in the middle console, but once you pull it up – it opens a large-enough space so you can store things such as smartphones or the remote control. And what’s even better, there’s a second storage space in the bottom – again just pull it out, and it opens space to place any of your items. That’s how convenient this sofa is.  


Comfort at Its Best

There’s probably nothing more crucial for a sofa than being comfortable. And this couch does that excellently well. Starting from the Leather Fusion upholstery made of 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane, you will get a fabric that looks almost like leather but provides an even softer feel.

Paired up with this upholstery, you get a memory foam set of cushions with fiberfill backs. This means you get an exceptional plush feeling so you can rest on this sofa without any setback. It will help you relax in a matter of minutes, and will never let you down in terms of comfort – even after several years of use.


Reliable & Long-Lasting Build

One of the many things many people tend to overlook about sofas is that their construction also matters. And New Classic doesn’t care what people look for, they still want to deliver couches that are reliable and well-made.

That’s why the Kenwood Dual Recliner Sofa comes with a hardwood frame in each seat and the console. This allows better durability and strength, offering a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds on each side of the sofa.

Apart from that, the padding and the cushion come with a 64-pocket build, which means it is firm enough never to lose its fluffiness. This way, you’ll enjoy a sofa that not only holds tons of pounds but also holds the utmost comfort for a lot of time.


Amazing Contemporary Looks

Once you set your eyes on this sofa, you’ll know it will look beautiful on any place. Whether it is in a traditional-looking living room, in a modern or contemporary apartment, or even alongside your wooden bedroom & closet – this couch is outstandingly lovely and will feel like that on any place.

Getting in love with this couch is not a hard job. And it all comes down to its Leather Fusion upholstery in dark brown color that makes it easy to enjoy. This lovely shade of brown gives a classic touch without leaving behind sleekness – so you get a product that looks fantastic.

Disadvantages of the New Classic Kenwood Loveseat Recliner Sofa

Even if this sofa is among the highest-quality and comfortable recliner chairs  in the market, it’s still not a perfect product. Here we want to go over those quirks that make this sofa not as amazing as it seems. Keep reading to learn:

Slightly Unreliable Stitching

When you get a couch as costly as this one, you expect to get something with almost no flaws in terms of durability. Sadly, this couch may have a little unreliable stitching process that could tear at any moment.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that this sofa will start tearing since day one, but with the slightly unreliable stitching, you may eventually have to re-stitch yourself.

You may not experience anything in the first year or two, but with time, it will start to wear and maybe open a small hole from the stitching line. And that can be a little frustrating for those who expect a decade of use or more from this recliner.

Very Heavy Build

Despite being only a loveseat with two seats, this couch is actually one of the heaviest out there. It all comes down to the heavy hardwood frame that increases the overall sturdiness of the product. While it makes the sofa very strong and durable, it also makes it cumbersome.

This is not precisely a problem as long as you don’t move the sofa around. Whenever you want to move it to another room or just place it in a different area of the living room – you’ll feel how heavy it is, and how hard it can be to move around.

So if you want a sofa that moves smoothly and doesn’t need more than one person to lift, this won’t be the right choice.  


Hugely comfortable with thick memory foam padding that holds fluffiness for several years

Excellent design with handy features such as cup holders and two console storage spaces

High-quality hardwood frame makes it a durable and robust couch in its entirety

Very stylish design with unique Leather Fusion upholstery for a contemporary look

A highly straightforward and reliable reclining system with a simple pull of a handle


The sofa can be cumbersome and challenging to move around despite its loveseat size

The stitching in the upholstery is not the most reliable out there

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this recliner a wall hugger for RVs?

A: No, this sofa is not a wall hugger. It is specially made for living room use, and you’ll need around 10 inches from the wall, which is more than the standard wall hugger.

Q: Is this a power recliner?

A: This sofa is not a power recliner, it is totally manual.

Q: Does this sofa come with a USB charging port or LED cup holders?

A: No, the Kenwood series from New Classic doesn’t offer either a USB port or LED in the cup holders.

Q: Can this sofa recline fully to a 180-degree?

A: No, this recliner only achieves a 150-degree position as its maximum level or recline.

Q: Can this couch rock or glide?

A: No, this sofa is only a recliner.

Bottom Line

There’s no use in reading thousands of recliner reviews to get the right product when you have something as amazing as the Kenwood from New Classic.

This loveseat sofa will make your living room experience one-hundred percent better than any other couch out there will. From its comfort to its excellent handiness and high-end set of features, you can expect this beautiful recliner to make your life better in every way.

Apart from coming from a little unreliable stitching in the fabric & a small weight problem, there’s nothing about this sofa to complain about. So don’t hesitate and put it on your cart – you won’t regret it.