RecPro Charles 70″ Powered Double Recliner Sofa Review

Almost all RecPro Charles are the same in looks, but they always change in width and overall design. This one has what every other Charles two person rocker recliner boasts, but at a wider 70-inches design that helps to get more comfort than others of its kind.
If it comes to comfort and convenience, this model will surpass your expectations in almost every way. This is easily the most feature-oriented sofa of its kind, so you’ll get the same experience you can get with all other couches, but this time with a broader set of functions.
But it is not only the number of features this sofa has that make it so amazing. There are also several other things to consider before you consider buying it or not. Here we are going to explain everything it offers and more – want to learn? Then take a step further to find out!

RecPro Charles 70″ Double Recliner Loveseat Sofa Overview

This swivel rocker recliner  comes with almost everything you could expect a high-quality sofa to offer. From a 12-inches console where you can store things to a set of cup holders that light up for a more exciting sofa in its entirety – this model won’t leave anything to complain about.

Even the comfort levels are outstanding, using a very wide design to hold anyone with huge comfort while delivering exceptional softness thanks to the upholstery & high-density padding. And it still manages to look fabulous wherever you place it using the unique Suprima fabric from RecPro.

It’s easily one of the most complete and well-made options you’ll find. Standing out in terms of convenience and overall coziness, this is a sofa that will take your living room experience to an entire new level.

For anyone who wants something from a brand that goes beyond what other brands are willing, this is the perfect couch to have. Even in terms of reliability & strength, this sofa stands out completely to provide what others are not able to.

So if you are someone who desires the highest-quality product for their living room, bedroom, or entertainment space – this magnificent recliner will come like a gem.

Advantages of the RecPro Charles Power Recliner Wall Hugger Sofa

There’s no point in getting something you don’t know at all. For that, we always explain the positive features every sofa offers so you can have a better idea of why it’s such a great choice. Here’s what you should know about the RecPro Charles:


Highly Convenient Design

There are many helpful functions to enjoy in the RecPro Charles Recliner Sofa for your RV. By touching a button, you’ll be able to recline back to your desired level automatically. Another button will make sure that the cup holders light up in blue, and the last button will help you get back to an upright position.

But that’s not all. This couch also comes with the ability to charge your phone or any device via USB. Close to the cup holders, you’ll find a USB port where you can connect the device’s cable and start charging your phone while watching TV, movies, or only taking a nap.

The best of all is that everything is in close reach when you’re sitting. Just extend your arm a little to the 12-inches console, and you’ll have the chance to do all this and more. It even offers a console storage space so you can place things such as remote controls or other devices – a perfectly convenient sofa entirely.


Excellently-Sized Build

Having a 70-inches width in total, you could easily say this is one of the widest loveseats in the market. This will fit perfectly with the 12-inches console with cup holders and the weight of 210 pounds.

Anyone will be able to enjoy a fantastic afternoon time sitting on this couch. With the comfort and unique handiness it offers, relaxing for a few minutes or hours will be a piece of cake.

But all doesn’t leave durability behind. With this sofa, you get a sturdy wooden frame with a hugely reliable metal mechanism that makes sure you have several years of use before any drawback. And what’s even better, this allows you to use the couch without worrying – doesn’t matter if you’re large, heavy or small. This sofa makes it easy to enjoy your favorite times at home.


Unique Reclining Mechanism

Yes, you can comfortably recline in this sofa with the simple touch of a button. But that’s not all this reclining mechanism offers.

It is actually one of the smoothest, quietest, and most relaxing recliners in the market. After pushing the button to recline, you’ll extend far back to the desired position in a few seconds, quietly and without any issue.

This way, you can even place the sofa close to bedrooms or alongside a baby’s crib, and enjoy some relaxing time with your recliner without causing a hassle. Just lift your finger, touch the button, and then you’re done. When going back to the upright position, the process is the same, quiet and smooth.


Softest & Fluffiest Quality

When it comes to comfort, not many couches will be the capacity of the RecPro Charles. It boasts a very soft Suprima polyester leather surface that feels amazingly at the touch. And with the thick and fluffy padding, the whole sofa has, you’ll be able to relax in a matter of minutes after sitting.

From the backrest to the headrest, the footrest and even the armrests are heavily padded so you can enjoy the utmost comfort at all times. Pair that up with the amazingly soft surface of the Suprima leather, and you’ll enjoy an exceptional sofa that leaves nothing to the imagination.

You’ll just need to sit, recline the couch, and enjoy everything it has to offer. It’s very likely that watching a movie becomes a tough thing to do in this sofa, as you’ll only want to take a nap. That’s how comfortable this recliner is.

Disadvantages of the RecPro Charles Power Recliner Wall Hugger Sofa

Even if it is the most comfortable recliner,  it will still have some flaws to talk about. This will help you know better before picking:

Extremely Heavy

One of the problems with the RecPro Charles series is that having such a fantastic automatic reclining mechanism makes it very heavy. And not only that, but its feature-rich design also adds a lot of weight to its build, so you get a practical sofa that does it all and comes with every useful feature you can imagine – but ends up being a cumbersome product.

This won’t necessarily be a really huge problem, but could eventually make it frustrating & tiresome to move the sofa around. Especially when it comes to moving it from one room to another, you may end up with your back hurt.

So before you get it, make sure you understand it weighs 210 pounds.

Low Armrests

This is something that tends to happen a lot with the fluffiest sofas: it leaves you very high to the point of not reaching the armrests at all.

If you like to achieve a comfy position by relaxing the arms on the side armrests, then this couch may not be the ideal choice for you. Due to the very thick padding on the seat, a tall person may not feel the most comfortable in this chair when upright.

So if you are someone too tall or who prefers large and comfortable armrests, this may not be your ideal choice. You may want to look somewhere else.


Comes with the ideal size to hold two people comfortably & conveniently

Offers the softest Suprima poly leather with excellent padding for the utmost comfort

The exceptional design comes with a unique array of practical features

The top-notch reclining mechanism for a smooth & quiet experience

Trustworthy & durable construction with wooden frame and metal mechanism


The sofa weighs 210 pounds which is heavier than many other options

Low armrests in the design can promote a little discomfort when using

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does this sofa come with a rocker or glider?

A: Yes, it has a mild gliding mechanism that feels like a rocker.

Q: Can you elevate the footrest without reclining the backrest?

A: No, the automatic mechanism of the sofa reclines the backrest alongside the footrest without exceptions.

Q: How many pounds of weight can this couch support?

A: It can support up to 400 pounds of weights easily.

Q: How much time does it take to assemble this sofa?

A: It takes about 30 minutes attaching the three pieces together.

Q: Do I need to bolt the recliner to the floor on my RV?

A: No, it doesn’t have any ports or holes to do this. Instead, the sofa is huge and heavy, so it stays still by its own weight.

Bottom Line

So you’re looking for the perfect two person rocker recliner that makes your Sunday afternoons more enjoyable and relaxing. You’re looking for a sofa that makes it easy to release stress and get away from everyday life. If that’s the case, then the RecPro Charles 70’’ RV sofa will be a perfect choice.

As you know by now, it comes with everything you could expect a high-quality sofa to deliver. A superb set of features, exceptional comfort level, and a unique set of features for an excellent experience from the first time you sit on it.

Apart from its weight and its small armrests, you will not have a single problem with this sofa. Even for its expensive cost, it’s easily one of the best options you could find.