FLIEKS Sectional Set Loveseat Recliner Sofa Review

Finding a good recliner at an ideal price can be a hard job. Having to look all around the market just in search of something reliable, well-made, good-looking, and comfortable that doesn’t cost an eye can be a daunting experience. Luckily, we know the Flieks Sectional Loveseat Recliner can be a great choice.
It comes at the best price leather recliner chairs you’ll find without breaking your wallet. And still, it manages to provide all the other factors you expect a loveseat recliner to offer, including superb comfort, excellent convenience, and a durable build that lasts several years.
The best of all is that you’re getting a brand that relies on exceptional service and quality builds never to let any customer down.
But still, there are many other things about this magnificent sofa you need to learn about. Care to know what this sofa has to offer? Then take a step further and learn!

Flieks Leather Loveseat Recliner Sofa Overview

At first sight, the Flieks Loveseat Recliner looks like any other sofa in the market. However, as you get closer, you start appreciating the high-quality leather used in its construction. This leather not only looks impressive, but it also provides one of the most long-lasting experiences you can expect.

And for the quality and its cost, you could say this is a two for one recliner sale, as you won’t have to spend more than what it’s really worth. Starting from the hugely cozy padding and the fluffy cushions, this sofa will take your comfort to the maximum level possible.

It is a pretty wide couch as well, excellent to host two people comfortably and conveniently no matter the time or purpose. And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy a unique reclining system that makes it easy and straightforward to use.

Everything else from the durability of the frame to the quality of the leather and even the overall design & ease of installation, make this sofa one of the best you’ll find. It doesn’t leave anything behind so you can enjoy a sofa that has it all and probably more than you need.

Advantages of the Flieks Accent Loveseat Recliner Sofa

Few sofas deliver amazing results as the Flieks Accent does. It takes the couch experience to another level, making it easy to enjoy and get the best from it for years. Here’s why:



Classic & Stylish

It starts with a faux leather design that stands out from all other sofas in the market. This upholstery comes with a smoke-like design that makes it stylish but without leaving the classic or traditional design behind using bolted accents as sewing on the leather.

So you’re getting a sofa that looks exquisite while making it easy to fit on any type of living room. Especially if you have a traditional decoration, this couch will fit like a gem.

And this faux leather doesn’t fail in terms of durability either. It is pretty easy to clean, doesn’t scratch easily, and prevents stains and other marks from using. The best of all is that it doesn’t tear at all and reduces wearing throughout the years, so the sofa stays neat for years to come.


Extremely Comfortable

Regarding coziness, this couch doesn’t disappoint in any way. From the headrest to the seat, the footrest, and even the waist – it comes with thick and fluffy padding that levels up comfort for the most remarkable experience.

The padding is still firm and durable so you can expect to enjoy the comfortable sofa for years. And thanks to its design, it can fit up to three people comfortably.

The dimensions start at 60-inches in width, 35-inches in depth, and 39-inches in height. So not only it is spacious and comfortable, but it also provides the ideal design so you can place it anywhere and appreciate its extreme comfort.


Convenient & Straightforward Design

It wouldn’t be a loveseat recliner without the reclining function. And this sofa does that amazingly well with different levels so you can set the backrest from 90 to 160 degrees depending on your needs. This will allow you to achieve the desired level of comfort according to the activity. Either to rest all the way back for a nap or just a little so you can watch a movie comfortably.

The best of all is that this reclining function only demands a little pull from a side tab. This way you’ll recline back to your desired level and enjoy everything this sofa has to offer without making much of an effort.

The same happens with the installation process. Not only the couch is small enough to fit inside any door when disassembled, but it’s also a piece of cake to install when you’re ready. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be prepared to enjoy this sofa after it arrives.


Durable & Well-Made

Last but not least, this sofa stands out for its superb durability. You’ll get an astonishing metal frame in the whole body of the couch, so it holds several hundreds of pounds easily and for many years without showing instability.

The extra spacious seats make it perfect for tall and wide people to enjoy this recliner as well. And with its wonderful 330-pound of weight capacity, no one will have a problem sitting on this sofa for long. Whether it is to watch a movie in the living room, taking a nap after a long day of work, or even just having a good night of sleep – this couch will not disappoint.

Disadvantages of the Flieks Accent Loveseat Recliner Sofa

What is a recliner chair  that doesn’t come with flaws? All the products you’ll find in the market will either come with several or little drawbacks to consider. So it’s essential to know them all before choosing. Here we explain what the Flieks Accent Loveseat Sofa doesn’t do well:

Metal Parts

One of the most common issues of this sofa is that many people complain about feeling some metal parts in the seat. Not in the backrest, armrests, or other parts of the couch – but specifically in the seats.

This doesn’t happen often, and it is mostly a matter of weight. But this could also mean the build is not as flawless as expected. So if you are someone large and heavy who wants to sit comfortably and stay for many hours, you may eventually feel some metal which can cause a little discomfort.

Overall, however, this metal doesn’t hurt at all. So while it is comfortable enough, you may still feel some metals while sitting on it, especially if you’re a heavy person.  

Hard Cushioning

Another common complaint from many users is that the padding is not the most comfortable you’ll find. It starts with the backrest that despite looking fluffy and pretty thick actually delivers a hard foam that may not be ideal for most people.

In the seat and footrest, the padding seems to be a little thinner, which means you may not have enough fluffiness to enjoy. And the armrests suffer the same destiny than the backrest, despite being thick they are hard and a little uncomfortable.

So this sofa is well-made in its entirety, but the padding tends to be firmer than expected. If you are someone who prefers something soft & fluffy – then this sofa may not be for you.


Excellent faux leather with accents & smoked style provides a good-looking touch

Wide and convenient design with reclining system make it easy to enjoy

The pretty straightforward installation method for 10-minute assembly

Decent foam padding so you can relax comfortably for hours

Outstanding construction with metal body frame for more durability & strength


You may feel some metal parts on the seat when using the couch

The padding tends to feel thick & hard which can cause discomfort

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I set the back of the sofa to the desired angle?

A: Yes, it has an adjustment buckle on the side that you can configure to let set it on any angle you prefer from 90 to 160 degrees.

Q: Is this a power recliner?

A: No, this sofa works entirely on a manual mechanism.

Q: Can I use this sofa outdoors?

A: No, this sofa is for indoor use only.

Q: Does a tall person fit comfortably on this couch?

A: It depends. People over 6 feet may not feel the most comfortable on it. But it still offers a large enough design for most people.  

Q: How many colors does this recliner offer?

A: You will only have one color, the leathery smoked brown it comes with.

Bottom Line

The process of choosing the ideal recliner is not easy. It takes time to know what you’re getting, and effort to learn precisely what you need – so you can eventually choose accordingly.

But when you find the best price leather recliner chairs like this loveseat sofa offers, then there’s nothing else to consider.

It is comfortable, well-made, durable, highly convenient, and still manages to look fantastic. You’ll have a recliner that fits on any house, apartment, or living room without making much of an effort.

Despite its problem with thick and hard padding and the slight discomfort some metal parts may produce, this is an almost perfect product, especially for its price. So don’t overlook what this sofa has to offer – you won’t find many options as good as this one.