RecPro Charles Collection 58″ Double Recliner Sofa Review

When looking for lazy boy recliners, there’s nothing more important to consider than a fluffy, attractive, and still minimal design to enjoy. And guess what, that’s precisely what you get with the RecPro Charles with the 58-inches wide design.
It is isn’t the largest or the smallest, it isn’t the best-looking or the simplest, and it isn’t the most convenient or the most comfortable – but it is probably among the best options you’ll find out there without a doubt.
When you consider its cost and the amazing quality it provides, the RecPro Charles is undoubtedly among the highest-quality sofas for people who want the best of the best. And this is not an option to dismiss.
If you want something reliable, excellently made and hugely comfortable – then this couch won’t be a wrong choice. Here we will explain everything it offers and more. Care to learn more about it? Then keep scrolling and learn!

RecPro Charles Collection 58″ RV Loveseat Sofa Overview

Once you enter your favorite best store to buy recliners, the first sofa you should look for should be the RecPro Charles. It is a loveseat couch for those who want the most comfortable experience of their lives, without leaving overall convenience & exceptional looks behind.

This excellent sofa handles so much comfort that it is simply amazing. From the soft surface to the fluffy padding and the overall design you can enjoy alone or with another person – this couch will make your whole experience magnificently better.

The upholstery is one of the softest out there, coming in four different colors so you can make it work with any type of living room decoration. It also comes with a very lightweight build so you can place this sofa wherever you prefer without problems.

Another great feature to consider is the high-quality wooden frame, excellent to make the sofa work for years before experiencing any drawback. And what’s even better, you’ll enjoy the superb reclining mechanism that makes it easy, quiet, and very enjoyable to recline back and have the time of your life.

Whatever your expectations from this couch, it will probably surpass them all. It is the perfect choice for demanding users and those who want more than a simple sofa in their living room. If that’s not enough for you, then keep reading to find out more.

Advantages of the RecPro Charles Collection 58″ Recliner Sofa

It doesn’t matter how amazing the sofa looks like. At first, you need always to consider all the additional functions & benefits it provides. The following factors will let you know how practical & magnificently made this sofa is:


Beautiful Leather Surface

One of the main factors that sets this sofa apart from the rest is the unique leathery look it gives. Boasting faux leather with the polyester build, this recliner stands out in good appearance, making it easy for you to get in love with it at first sight.

The best of all is that it comes in different colors, including Putty, Mahogany, Toffee, and Chestnut. This way, you can pick the one that best fits with your home, so you can have an excellent piece of furniture that goes well with the rest of the decoration.

But it’s not all about looks. This faux leather is also amazingly resistant and durable. It will be easy to keep it neat, it won’t scratch as easily as other types of leather, and it will retain the softness and fluffiness for many years. So you could say this is the perfect leather for those who want quality over everything else.


Exceptional Space-Saving Design

Apart from being beautiful and comfortable like no other couch out there, this sofa is also pretty easy to place around the house. All of it thanks to the excellent small design with only 58-inches of width and 38-inches of height plus 37-inches in depth.

You will literally have the chance to place this sofa anywhere. It even comes with a wall-hugging feature so you can fully recline in the tightest places with only 3-inches from the couch to the wall. This will give you the capacity to relax in almost any area without any problem.

Whether it is on an RV, inside a small bedroom, or even in a trailer – this sofa will make it easy to sit and have a relaxing time. But what’s even more critical, you could install it in a matter of minutes and without worrying about space. That’s how fantastic this sofa is.


Quietest Reclining Mechanism

When you look at this sofa, the first thing you need to consider is the fantastic reclining mechanism. Totally made of metal and working with a handle on the side, the reclining mechanism works quietly and almost with the most perfect smoothness you can imagine.

Once you pull the parachute-style handle, the sofa will recline softly back automatically. This will leave you in the most comfortable position you can think of. Either to take a long nap or to sleep an entire night, this sofa will give you all you need without problems.

Alongside the exquisite padding and the beautiful leather, the comfort level you’ll achieve on this sofa will be unbeatable. Add the fantastic set of armrests and the superb fluffiness in the entire build, and you’ll enjoy a fantastic time on this sofa.


Highly Durable Build

But this recliner doesn’t fall short in terms of durability either. Apart from being a loveseat and a lazy boy sofa, this couch comes with a robust machine-grade frame that takes durability to a whole other level. You’ll enjoy this sofa for years without having to worry about breakage or wear.

What’s even better, the sofa comes with a high-quality metal mechanism for reclining that’s not only smooth and quiet but also highly reliable. You won’t have to do any upkeep or take care when reclining, you just enjoy what it has to offer at any moment, and you’ll feel amazing. This sofa will simply make your experience as an owner unique.

Disadvantages of the RecPro Charles Collection 58″ Recliner Sofa

Whenever you see double recliners for sale like the RecPro Charles, it is essential to also look at the drawbacks. Here we explain all the things this couch does wrong:


Not for Tall People

This is one of the main problems when you get small wall hugger & RV sofas, they are usually pretty little and not the most comfortable for taller users.

If you are higher than 6 feet, this sofa will probably don’t work for you. While it won’t be a pain to use, you will likely have your feet hanging or your head going over the headrest. And that can produce a little discomfort while using.

So if you are too tall and want something that meets your requirements completely, then better go for a different product.

Inconvenient Reclining Mechanism

While the mechanism works wonderfully, smoothly, and pretty quietly – it is still a little frustrating to pull the handle whenever you need to slide back. The same happens when you want to come back to an upright position; the pulling of the handle becomes a little tricky.

In other wider models, the whole mechanism works automatically with the touch of a few buttons. But in this console-free design, you’ll have to do it all by yourself. And while this doesn’t change the fact that the reclining mechanism is one of the best out there, it still adds inconvenience to the process – especially when you are already reclined.


Fantastic soft upholstery with different color choices for a more beautiful design

Exceptionally well-made for a more durable and robust build

The small & light design fits anywhere and offers a straightforward installation process

Hugely comfortable with soft upholstery and very fluffy padding

The outstandingly quiet & smooth reclining mechanism


It’s a bit awkward to activate the reclining feature

Very small design is not the most ideal choice for tall people

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does it take to install this sofa?

A: Usually, it takes about 10 to 30 minutes. The pieces are easy to handle and light enough to make the installation easy.

Q: Are the seats of this couch soft or firm?

A: The seats are medium soft. This means they aren’t the softest out there, but they aren’t firm at all.

Q: Does this sofa need electricity to work?

A: No, this recliner works with a lever mechanism, so it’s completely manual with no electricity.

Q: Can I use this sofa inside a camper or trailer?

A: Yes, the small design of this couch makes it perfect for any vehicle like RVs, campers, and trailers.

Q: How many pounds of weight can this couch hold?

A: It can take up to 300 pounds of weight in each seat without problems.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy when you’re looking for the best lazy boy recliners, and all you find is low-quality sofas that don’t meet your requirements. Luckily, the RecPro Charles exist to surpass all your expectations – doesn’t matter how demanding or unique they are.

With the distinctive faux leather for softness and durability, the excellent set of padded cushions for fluffiness, and the superb manual reclining mechanism, you won’t have any problem with this sofa at all.

Apart from being too small for people taller than 6 feet, and for those who want an electric recliner – this sofa is probably the most complete option out there. Just install it anywhere you want and enjoy a fantastic time without worries. It’s totally worth it.