RecPro Charles 67’’ Collection Double Recliner RV Sofa Review

A reclining sofa needs to be comfortable, convenient, durable, and still manage to provide a specific type of use depending on its design. That’s precisely what you get with the RV sofa from RecPro Charles Collection.
It is a loveseat with cup holders and a unique reclining mechanism that makes it the best recliner chair of its kind. Ultimately designed to fit narrow spaces and with a unique upholstery for more resistance & durability – this is a perfect sofa for RV and house use.
There’s a lot about this sofa to unfold. We want to make it easy to understand that it a fantastic choice in its entirety, so we’ve decided to do a review with all critical features & flaws to consider. With so much more to say about it and little time – then don’t waste any and keep scrolling to learn!

RecPro RV Zero Wall Loveseat Sofa Recliner Overview

At first sight, it appears to be like any other sofa, but once you get close, it becomes one of the best-looking options you’ll find. While it doesn’t come at the same single recliner chair price as others, it is still reasonably priced for the superior construction, design and looks it offers.

The 67-inches design with contemporary looks fit almost any living room, but most importantly, it looks fantastically well on RVs and similar places with little space. You can make it work in any site without problems too, as it is small but also a piece of cake to set up when needed.

Then you get a fine faux leather, a sturdy steel frame, and a hugely convenient design – everything fits together to make it a tremendously practical but comfortable option to get.

It is not a cheap sofa at all, but that’s all translated into a superb quality you won’t find with many higher-priced options, and of course, something that beats all lower-priced sofas out there.

Whether it is an RV, an apartment, a small house, or just in a stuffed living room – this Zero Wall Loveseat Sofa Recliner will make your life better without a doubt. It looks, feels, and lasts precisely how all high-end products should – so you’re getting a great product entirely.

Advantages of the RecPro Charles Collection RV Sofa Recliner

When you get a recliner this costly, you’ll need to be careful about the features of the product before buying. Luckily, the Charles Collection from RecPro never disappoints, so you’ll get fantastic benefits such as:


Exceptional Upholstery Quality

Elegant and classy but with a touch of modernity, that’s what the RecPro Charles Collection double-recliner offers at first sight. It all comes down to the combination of polyurethane fabric that adds a modern touch but with a fluffy design and a Toffee or Putty color choice that increase its pleasantness.

The pattern is scaled, using the popular RecPro Tiona design that’s both very good-looking but also manages to offer excellent reliability. You’ll get a sofa that looks amazing wherever you put it, offering two color choices and lasting a lot of time as long as you clean it consistently and don’t tear it intentionally.

You can also expect this fabric to be very soft to the touch. This will add to the comfort of the product and paired up with excellent sewing, it won’t let you down regarding either cushion divisions or cleaning ease. So no matter with which perspective you look at it, the upholstery quality is just exceptional.


Superb Design Overall

Everything about the design of this sofa puts it high up there among the most reliable, useful, and durable options in the market.

It starts with a modular structure that makes overall installation easier than peeling a mandarine. You can easily attach the sides together without much effort. Coming in three pieces and measuring 67-inches in width, 39-inches in height and 37-inches in depth when fully built – this couch makes overall functionality pretty convenient.

You can place it wherever you want, use however you prefer, and still enjoy its excellent design that offers both practicality and convenience only high-end products like this can achieve. It even fits large & heavy people without any problem – making it an ideal option as a whole.


Outstandingly Convenient & Comfortable

Two cup holders in the middle to put your drinks, a roomy storage console in the center, and a superb reclining system with parachute style – the handiness you get with this sofa is just unique.

The armrests are in a perfect position so you can enjoy sitting without having to make an effort, especially when you consider the curved seats that bring down your body when relaxed. You may also enjoy the fully recline function, making it easy and fast to get back entirely to a fully flat position whenever you want to relax even further.

The cushions don’t let anything to expect, increasing overall comfort exponentially which alongside the soft fabric improve the capacity of the product to release some stress. And of course, installation and setup are relatively quick too, including the removable backrest & space-saving design so you can achieve the best comfort & convenience possible without anything to complain about.


Highly Long-Lasting

There’s probably nothing better about this sofa than the capacity to last a lifetime. Adding up the Suprima fabrics quality with the polyurethane upholstery, this couch won’t tear, wear, or get filthy as quickly as other options in the market. This way, you can expect it to last a long time before anything unexpected happens.

But it isn’t only the upholstery but the fantastic steel frame. This way, it can not only hold in the surface but also internally. And what’s even better, the steel frame with heavy-duty construction will keep even the heaviest of people without problems.

It provides a reliable reclining mechanism, comes with an exceptional fabric, and works like new even after years of use. So you’re getting a sofa that not only looks great, delivers a comfortable & handy design, but still handles the weight of the years that most couches are subjected to.

Disadvantages of the RecPro Charles Collection RV Sofa Recliner

While this brown recliner chair looks and feels like no other in a good way, it still has some imperfections that are important to mention. So here we explain what things you may not like about it:


Fabric May Feel Plastic

One of the smallest issues you can have on a sofa, but still there. This happens due to the polyurethane build of the upholstery, making it feel more like plastic than it feels like leather or soft fabric.

It isn’t a problem by itself, as it happens that way because polyurethane is more resistant and robust than other types. But surely, it feels like plastic, which in turn is not the preferred type of surface of many people who will eventually hate or at least just dislike.

On the other hand, this polyurethane feels a little like plastic but makes cleaning easier and makes sure it doesn’t wear or tear as standard leather or softest fabrics. So you get something that feels plastic but for a purpose.

A Little Tricky Reclining

This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when you take a peek at this sofa. While the reclining system may feel smooth and easy to use at first, you may also experience a few issues after some time. This happens mostly because the mechanism may get a little stuck if you don’t push the backrest well enough.

Users who can’t push the backrest with enough strength may feel frustrated when it doesn’t go back down as they desire – so it can be a problem in the long term. This is most of all a security measure the manufacturer took to prevent the backrest from falling entirely down when the pull lever was actioned. But it can still be a little frustrating.  


High-quality PU upholstery provides a reliable, easy-to-clean, and comfortable surface

Completely well-made with steel frame & long-lasting fabric on a small design

Huge convenience with cup holders, storage, and straightforward reclining function

Outstandingly comfortable with thick padding and firm feel that lasts years

Fantastic Tiona surface design provides magnificent looks


The reclining system may produce some inconvenience when reclining back down

The polyurethane fabric doesn’t feel as soft or fluffy as other options

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much time do you need to assemble this sofa?

A: Unlike cheap recliners, the assembly process takes little time and effort. In about 10 to 30 minutes, you can set-up this couch completely.

Q: Does this couch really fit in small spaces and RVs?

A: Yes, the small design it offers with little reclining footprint makes overall design pretty useful in small rooms, RVs, and other narrow places.

Q: Can really tall or heavy people use this recliner?

A: This sturdy recliner chair fits all kinds of people, including tall and heavy users without any issue.  

Q: Is the polyurethane upholstery easy to clean?

A: Yes, thanks to the plastic-like surface, it is pretty easy to clean. It doesn’t let filth stick like regular leather or soft fabrics do.

Q: Does this sofa offer a rocker or glider feature?

A: No, the sofa only comes with a reclining function.

Bottom Line

Among the many options in the market, few match the ability of the RecPro Charles Collection RV Sofa Recliner to provide unmatched comfort in a little amount of space.

You could say it is the best recliner chair for small places. Whether you want it on an RV, small living room, or in a bedroom, this couch works wonders for sure.

Despite a few issues with the recliner & the upholstery, it still holds well throughout the years, manages to provide great comfort, and matches even the highest-quality sofa in terms of overall convenience & reliability.

If you want a recliner that doesn’t disappoint while impressing you with great results, this is the sofa you need to go for.