Homall Direct Single Recliner Chair Review

Recliners don’t have to be the most expensive option for your living room. When you can get something reliable, comfortable, and long-lasting without breaking your bank, then you are getting a product that’s worthy of your money. The Homall Direct Single Recliner Chair is exactly that chair.
The best recliner under 1000, this magnificent sofa delivers comfort at its best, a simple but convenient design, and durable & sturdy construction that you won’t get tired of. Whatever you expect from this chair, it will offer it all.
You just need to remember that it all comes down to getting something that’s worth more than it actually does. So for a superb option, this is easily among the highest-quality options the when compared with many alternatives that are worth even twice what this is worth.
But there’s more to this recliner than its price only. That’s why we are going to explain how this superb chair offers much more than its design says – come further and find out!

Homall Direct Single Living Room Sofa Recliner Overview

A recliner sofa bed doesn’t have to be complicated or boast a wide array of features. The Homall Direct single sofa is straightforward, making it easy to sit and recline whenever you want without making any effort.

It looks attractive even for its price and will make any living room, office, or a bedroom much cozier with its design. Wherever you place it and whatever the purpose to have it – this is a chair that you won’t regret having.

From the PU leather to the thick-padded seats & rests, this recliner goes a step further to provide what other options don’t. So you’re getting a high-quality product that doesn’t stay behind the competition, even for an amazingly affordable price you won’t find anywhere else.

You could also say this is among the most convenient in the market, especially with the straightforward reclining function and the easy assembly process. It takes less than you can imagine to set-up and a few seconds to thoroughly enjoy.

Just jump on it, recline, and take the most comfortable nap you can imagine. That’s what this chair offers and much more – and all of that without leaving simplicity behind.

Advantages of the Homall Single Recliner Chair

Apart from having an unbeatable price, this chair comes with a few other benefits that are worth mentioning. Here you’ll learn why this product is more than it looks like:


Gorgeous Design

You don’t need the sleekest chair to say that this one is simply beautiful. With nothing to complain about, this recliner offers all the appearance features you expect from a high-quality chair but with a low-quality price tag.

The stitching is gentle and straightforward, adding a touch of elegance to the chair that looks like it costs way more than it really does. All of it thanks to the polyurethane leather that sets it apart from others.

You’ll get either a Black or Brown chair that stands out in your living room. It will add the perfect style to match any kind of room, doesn’t matter the style or the purpose.


Always Cozy & Relaxing

This recliner is not only handiness – it also provides amazing levels of comfort that you can enjoy at any moment.

It starts with soft PU leather that’s totally skin friendly. Pair this up with the high-density sponge that adds a layer of loft to the chair, and you’ll get one of the most comfortable chairs out there.

The foam padding in the footrest is also no joke. You can feel how your legs rest after a long day of work, making it easier to reach sleep and forget about your problems for hours without problems.

Whatever you expect in terms of comfort, this chair won’t let you down. Even with the curved armrests and ample seat, this low-priced recliner will promote a comfortable experience you won’t forget.


Highly Convenient

Apart from having a sleek design, this chair also manages to come with a perfect set of convenient features that will put your overall level of comfort high up there. Starting with the retractable footrest, you can expect it to provide excellent levels of convenience even when not using.

You can adjust it however you prefer and always get the comfort you deserve. And it acts along with the backrest, so you can incline even to the flattest level and enjoy a fantastic afternoon or night taking a nap, sleeping, or just reading your way out of boredom – this chair does it with the utmost comfort.


Large & Secure Design

The whole chair comes with PU leather that’s one of the strongest in the market, along with thick padding that stands for years without any drawback, and a fantastic durable steel frame that makes this chair completely reliable for decades.

You can add the hard plastic feet that add an even higher layer of safety, making this chair sturdy & dependable no matter how much you use it.

Everything on this chair is designed to last a lifetime, and it will still hold anyone without problems. Measuring 27.6-inches wide, 22.1-inches deep and 27.9-inches high – this is one of the largest options in the market – and it can hold up to 265 pounds easily. So you’re getting a large but reliable chair as a whole.

Disadvantages of the Homall Single Recliner Chair

This is probably the best recliner sofa, but it isn’t free of flaws. So here we decided to explain what factors about this chair are not enticing and you should be careful about:

Fragile Armrests

This is common for a chair that costs less than 90% of all recliners in the market. The armrests frame is not the strongest out there, and it isn’t a surprise.

While the most expensive options in the market come with really wide and robust armrests that can hold your weight without any problem, this one mostly offers rests to place your forearms, and that’s it. If you get to put your whole weight on any side of the seat, the armrests may eventually break.

This is not something that will happen 100% of the time. But it is possible. Still, you need to remember that it’s totally understandable once you look at its price.

Not for Tall People

This is not a small recliner, but it isn’t the largest either. So you’re getting a chair that holds people up to 5 feet and 10 inches pretty quickly, but anyone longer than that may eventually hang off either from the head or from the feet.

It’s comprehensive to have this kind of problem when you consider its fantastic price. But what really makes it totally understandable, is that you won’t get any other complaint about it. The chair is a little shorter than expected, but tall people will still feel reasonably comfortable on it.

As long as you don’t have a problem with your feet hanging off when reclined, this can still be an excellent choice for your living room.


The sturdy build makes it one of the most reliable in the market thanks to a durable steel frame

Top-notch surface with PU leather with extra-thick padding for exceptional comfort

Outstandingly handy design including a flat reclining option with retractable footrest

An exquisite leather style that matches any room without any problem

Comes at an unbeatable price that you won’t find in any other chair of its kind


Feels a little awkward for tall people as it isn’t the largest option out there

The armrests can be pretty fragile and easy to break

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this a power recliner?

A: No, this modern recliner chair works entirely on a manual mechanism.

Q: Does this chair recline completely flat?

A: While it won’t put you on a 90-degree position, it will go down enough to get as close possible to how a bed feels.

Q: Does it take a lot of effort to recline this chair?

A: This chair reclines fully on a single push of the backrest. To get the footrest up, you just need to detract it from its base position, and that’s it.

Q: How much does this chair weigh?

A: It reaches 60 pounds of weight, but it can hold up to 265 pounds easily.

Q: How long does it take to assemble this chair?

A: It takes about 30 minutes to fully assemble. The chair ships in two boxes with two parts you need to put together to set it up.

Bottom Line

You won’t find any better choice at such an unbeatable price. This is the best recliner under 1000 when it comes to overall worth, and we gladly jump on that wagon without any regret.

When you look for the best sofa possible, you want something that offers comfort, handiness, and leaves nothing to the mind when using – and that’s what you get with the Homall Single Recliner Chair.

There’s practically nothing about this chair that will disappoint, apart from the low-quality armrests & short design. The rest will most likely surpass your expectations, especially when it comes at an unmatched price.

Getting this chair will be your best choice as a low-budget user – a decision you won’t regret.