CANMOV Heavy Duty Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

Every CanMov chair we review comes with the same features that most of the best sofas offer, so you can guess that this one is also a great choice to consider.
Whether you want it on your living room or bedroom, you’ll get what others don’t offer and much more with this recliner. It is comfortable, easy to use, handy, and the most crucial factor of all: it is a chair that stands years of use effortlessly.
But this is also the best recliner for gaming when you consider the number and quality of features it offers. From the superb comfort & excellent reclining mechanism, it will take your experience to a whole new level – especially as a gamer. And here we want to explain with more depth precisely why.
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CanMov Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly Overview

We love CanMov, so for us there’s no doubt this is sofa that’s completely worth it. Everything this chair offers, for example, is an exact idea of what we look in a chair.

It starts with the foam, overstuffed and comfortable at first touch. The chair absorbs you and leaves on a hugely comfortable position that gets even better as soon as you use the reclining mechanism.

This electrical process is still reliable overall; it’s smooth and safe so even the eldest people can use it without any problem. Just grab the remote control and push a few buttons, the whole chair will do what you want in an instant.

As soon as it lands at your house, you’ll find this is not just any chair. The assembly process doesn’t take much, the metal frame looks and feels as strong as it is, and the whole upholstery will make you the most satisfied user in the world. Whatever you could need and expect of this chair, you’ll find it.

CanMov stands on the idea to make a simple product the most convenient & comfortable of all. Using innovative ideas with cutting-edge tech and handmade builds, there’s no doubt this is a chair that impresses even the most demanding users.

Only for what the brand stands for, you can expect this recliner to be much more than it seems. That makes it one of the best chairs in the market.

Advantages of the CanMov Heavy-Duty Power Lift Recliner

It can be an amazing gaming recliner entirely, but only that name won’t make it for highly demanding buyers. That’s why we need to mention all of its basic features and a little more. Here you have what you look for:


Stylish & Functional

At first sight, this chair looks like any other with not much to consider. But look closely, and you’ll find that the functionality and style this recliner boasts is way more than you can hope for.

The modern style using suede-like polyester fabric makes it as soft to the eye as it is to the touch. As soon as you have it on your hands, you’ll want to stay on it forever.

And all that starts with a simple look, thanks to a design that you can place almost anywhere on your house and still highlight above everything else.

But it is not only how it looks, but how it works. It comes with a heavy-duty mechanism that reclines and lifts you up. This way you can enjoy the fantastic design that matches with your living room but also the hugely convenient functions that increase how much this chair is worth. You get a product that delivers much more than it promises with its looks.


Unbeatable Comfort Levels

So it looks and functions like no other, yet it still doesn’t leave overall comfort behind. With the soft polyester upholstery, this is a chair that goes further and beyond to improve how well you feel when sitting.

The thick cushions & high-density sponges with an overstuffed design go a step manage to increase the overall comfort level when sitting. You feel soft, but you also feel entirely hugged and amazingly comfortable that you won’t like to stand up for a long time.


Simple & Reliable Design

This recliner is not exotic-looking or complicated in design, it’s actually one of the simplest out there. But still, it manages to deliver what not many attention-seeking designs and models care to provide: total reliability.

You get a sturdy metal mechanism & frame that go a step further to provide a sturdy chair that lasts for years. With a simple reclining & lifting function, you can expect the mechanism never to let you down – and with its sturdy build, it can hold up to 300 pounds every day without any problem over the long term.

And all this comes with the ability to be assembled in a matter of 10 minutes. You simply need to get it out of the box and start piecing the parts together. Soon you’ll have a 34-inches wide, 39-inches deep and 41-inches height chair on your living room ready to give you the most comfortable time of your life.


Handiest Design

The most functional chairs in the world offer not the most number of functions, but the highest-quality possible in just one feature. Thankfully, this chair does it all.

Apart from the considerably soft & comfortable design along with beautiful surface, you can also expect this chair to go a little further and come with side pockets for convenience. And with the remote control for operation, it becomes a convenient design that you shouldn’t dismiss.

This way you can grab the remote, push either the reclining or lifting button, and then let the chair do the rest. Finally, place the control inside one of the side pockets, and you’ll have it at reach whenever you want to turn it off. As if everything else wasn’t enough, this chair manages to be as handy as no other.

Disadvantages of the CanMov Heavy-Duty Power Lift Recliner

It could be among the best options you’ll find, but it still has an array of defects that need mentioning. Here we’re talking about them so you can learn what this chair offers but also what it doesn’t:

Really Low Armrests

You want the utmost coziness possible when sitting on your recliner. That’s the whole purpose of having one of these. But that’s not possible when the seat puts the user at such a high position that the armrests are barely reachable.

This is not pretty common for CanMov chairs, but it tends to be one of the first things most users complain about this model. So it is not a hugely uncomfortable recliner that will make the experience an utterly horrendous. But it may cause some discomfort that some users will probably dislike.

Easy to Get Dirty

Recliners are to provide a relaxing experience after a long day of work where you’re at your worst. And that can be a little of a problem with this chair.

Due to its suede-like polyester fabric, this recliner can quickly get dirty and absorb smells. While the plastic origin of the polyester says otherwise, it is typical for this type of chair to really smell if you don’t take good care of it.

In contrast with leather, you need to take keep it clean as much as possible and prevent getting dirty or smelly on it. The soft fabric feels amazing on your skin, but that’s because it is way more responsive to touch which makes it fragile to odors and filth.


Amazingly simple design that offers one of the most reliable builds out there

Very thick and lofty cushions manage to provide exceptional levels of comfort

The high-quality polyester fabric that looks like suede adds outstanding looks to the chair

Completely well-made lifting & reclining mechanisms for a more reliable experience

Unbeatable levels of convenience with remote control operation & side pouches for storage


The suede-like fabric can get filthy pretty easily which adds a touch of inconvenience

The low armrests may not be completely well-made which is a little discomforting

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can this chair go completely flat?

A: No, but it does go very far back to the point of almost flat. So it is not precisely what most people look but close enough.

Q: Will a tall person fit inside the chair easily?

A: Yes, people over 6 feet may not fit as comfortably as shorter people, but it will still feel reasonably comfortable.

Q: Do the armrests feel low?

A: Yes, the design of the chair elevates the person fairly high when sitting so the low-armrest design may be a little uncomfortable.

Q: Can you power it up with a backup battery when there’s no power?

A: No, you will have to wait for power to come back to make use of its reclining or lifting features.

Q: Is the remote control wire long enough to be used with both hands?

A: Yes, the cable is long enough to use with right and left hand. However, the length reduces significantly when used with a left hand which can be a little inconvenient.

Bottom Line

After reading this review, you are probably on the same page as us with this chair: it is the best recliner for gaming for the price and its functions. It simply takes the experience to a higher level of comfort & convenience, so you can enjoy sitting for hours without any issue.

If you want something reliable, beautifully-looking, and still functional like no other, then you want the CanMov heavy-duty power lift recliner chair.

It is an opportunity for those who want to spend their money on something worth more than it looks like. This is a chance for demanding users to get exactly what they pay for and probably much more. So don’t think much about it and spend your money well in this chair. You won’t be disappointed.