MCombo Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

Whether it is on an apartment, house, or small residence, nothing compares to the comfort level a recliner can offer. It doesn’t matter how big or small the space is – you always need to have something to relax after work or just to have a fantastic time on a dull afternoon.

That’s precisely what the best quality recliners offer, the ability to sit down and get away from the world without any effort. Especially with the handiest options and the ones with the most comfortable designs, you can just lie down and forget about everything else in a matter of seconds.

But not all recliners are the same. For us, the MCombo Power Lift Recliner Chair is probably one of the best options you have. And here we want to talk about it.

We know how important it is always to choose the right product, so we decided to make an in-depth review of everything this chair offers. If you are interested, then keep reading!

MCombo Power Lift Recliner Chair TUV Lift Motor Lounge Overview

Going over several chair reviews can be exhausting. So we want to make it as clear and brief as possible: this chair is an exceptional choice from its build to its comfort level, handiness, and every other factor you can think of.

This is a new 2019 multifunctional recliner with a power lift function that you can use with the modest push of a button from its remote. It goes back to the most comfortable position so you can have a nap or a pretty good night of sleep.

It offers several convenience-rich quirks as well, including storage pouches and handy remote control. All of this comes without leaving style behind, boasting a suede-like fabric that’s soft at the touch and completely comfy when you seat.

It is large enough to host people of up to 5 feet 10 inches easily and provides an outstanding weight capacity that you won’t find anywhere else. All of this comes at a pretty decent price and still manages to be a complete piece of cake to assemble.

Whatever you’re looking, this chair has it. And the best of all is that you won’t have to empty your wallet to get it, as it is still one of the most affordable of its kind.

Advantages of the MCombo TUV Power Lift Recliner

Many people know this is the most comfortable recliner of its kind, but also one of the most convenient & durable out there. It has tons of highlights to consider, so here we explain the most important ones:


Superb Comfort in Its Entirety

In terms of coziness, few chairs offer what the MCombo Power Lift Recliner does, starting from the overstuffed padding and the unique treated fabric surface.

Both the padding and the fabric promote a hugely comfortable experience comprised of a soft surface along with the firmest padding, so you don’t have anything to complain. Even the armrests and the lower-back support are amazing.

Just sit on the chair, recline its backrest and let it do its job. After just a few minutes you’ll relax like you never had before.


Excellent Reclining System

A power recliner will not let you down in handiness and overall comfort. You just need to push a button on the side, and it will do its job without leaving anything to be desired.

As soon as you bring the backrest deep down to a flat position, you’ll feel like no other chair can. And all of this happens thanks to the quiet operation & high-quality TUV motor.

You can adjust the chair to your favorite position without a problem. And with its lifting function, just let it push forward and make the most comfortable position to either stand up or sit more comfortably.

The lift motor comes with a TUV certification so you can expect not only a quiet & reliable operation but also a mechanism that lasts decades without any problem.  So you get something not only functional but hugely dependable.


Unique Convenience Levels

Whatever you can think of, this chair has it. Start with the two cup holders that let you relax while drinking a cup of coffee or a cold beer. The refreshing effect gets even better when you can just lie back at 160 degrees and forget about your problems.

But that’s not all. This chair actually has two USB charging ports as well, making it one of the most unique & handy features in the market. Connect your phones, laptop, or any device, and you’ll charge it without having to look for an outlet.

So you get impressive levels of convenience and more. As long as you aren’t expecting it to do impossible things, there’s no doubt this recliner can surprise you.


Outstanding Toughness

You want comfort, convenience, and a reliable mechanism, but you also want something that stands the wear of time for long. That’s what the sturdy frame construction with metal body delivers.

You’ll be able to sit on it without any drawback. It pushes your body back when needed and delivers the most comfortable position without any tipping. It will make you feel like no other, avoiding unsafe situations, and still making you happy in the process.

You can also expect the surface fabric to last a lifetime. The elasticity, anti-pilling, and anti-felting design make it resistant even against wear, stains or scratches. You’ll get a chair that looks like new even after several years of use.

Disadvantages of the MCombo TUV Power Lift Recliner

All pieces of furniture come with benefits and drawbacks, and this MCombo recliner is not exempt from that. Here we want to explain the things this chair doesn’t do well:

Slightly Firmer than Expected

While the chair is hugely comfortable for most people, you may still feel like it’s not enough. The padding is thick and deep, giving a sort of flush feeling when sitting. But after several minutes or hour, you’ll find out that the filling is not as soft as it initially looks like.

So you could say it is incredibly comfortable and leaves almost no important factor behind, but it could still be a lot softer in its padding. Especially on the backrest, you’ll find out it is not the softest out there.

Could Be Wider

Following the same line of thought, this chair could also be a little wider and accommodate people even more comfortable than it does. It is not precisely a bad thing to be this narrow, as tons of users would prefer it this way – but for the biggest people this could be a huge problem.

When you consider the overall weight capacity, you expect a large-sized chair that fits all types of persons easily. But in reality, you get a medium-sized chair that could be wider even for its kind.


Solid frame made of metal for a durable & reliable build entirely

Excellent set of handy features including two cup holders, two pouches & USB chargers

Hugely comfortable design with soft fabric and extra-padded cushions

A top-notch reclining system that works with the simple touch of a side button

Comes with a helpful & reliable lifting system for easy use by older people


The padding tends to be a little stiffer than what most people expect

The seat is narrow so it could add a little discomfort when sitting

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can you use the recliner or lifter when there’s no power?

A: You can’t use the recliner or the lifter when there’s no power. But you can get this chair working with a backup battery if you buy it separately.

Q: What kind of fabric is this chair made of?

A: The fabric is a combination of linen and cloth for a soft and suede-like feeling.

Q: Does the footrest extend in an upright position?

A: No, the reclining system motor has the backrest and footrest connected, so they work together only.

Q: How long does it take to assemble?

A: This chair takes only a few minutes for assembly. It comes with two boxes with all the needed parts and tools to do so.


Q: Will a person over 6 feet feel comfortable on it?

A: According to the specifications, it is ideal for 5-feet 10 inches people and under. A person over 6 feet may not feel entirely fitting on it.

Bottom Line

There’s not much to complain about when you are sitting on the most comfortable chair, reclining your back down flat, and feeling even more comfortable than in any bed. And guess what – that’s what you get with the MCombo Power Lift Recliner Chair.

Easily one of the best quality recliners the market and comes with a pretty decent price, this is an option not to dismiss.

If you are someone demanding to look for something that delivers the utmost comfort without leaving any other feature behind, then this chair will completely surprise you. With only a few forgettable flaws, you’ll feel like no other chair is capable of making you feel – and only for that, this is a unique opportunity you shouldn’t let pass.