Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner Review

The Yandel Power Recliner from Ashley Furniture is a Signature Design model that delivers unbeatable comfort taking fantastic stylistic choices for a beautiful product in its entirety.
Crafted with the most durable materials and providing a magnificent design, you can expect this recliner to be among the best recliners 2019.

Here we will explain every crucial factor you need to know about this magnificent chair, and why getting it can be your best choice. Want to know more about it? Then come further and find out!

Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Overview

A chair that doesn’t disappoint, that’s what the Yandle Power Lift stands out for. From its comfort to its fantastic build, you can expect this high-end product to deliver what no other does.

Let’s start with its build. With this chair, you’ll receive a corner blocked frame that stands even the heaviest of weighs, a set of the reinforced seat with a footrest that won’t let you down throughout the years, and nail-head trim & tufting for superb reliability.

It doesn’t leave anything to be desired when it comes to style either, yet it focuses on comfort to provide even the most demanding users with the perfect recliner chair for the long Sundays of television watching.

When you look for the best recliner chair, you want something roomy and comfortable as well. That’s why you get pillow top armrests and headrest for exceptional comfort.

Alongside that, you’ll encounter a pleasant bustle back that offers terrific lumbar support.  And surely, it is large enough to house a big person without any problem.

Overall, this is a product for the hard-to-satisfy user who expects the most out of a power recliner. If you are looking for a couch that brings to your house the utmost comfort & high-end style – this is the one to go for.

Advantages of the Ashley Furniture Yandle Power Lift Recliner

You won’t find the right recliners out there without taking a look at they offer with specificity. Here we will explain what makes the Signature Model Yandle such a great choice:


Exceptional Comfort

Coming with faux leather upholstery, you can expect this couch to feel soft and gentle on your skin. Pair this up with the high-back design, and you’ll get a hugely comfortable chair that doesn’t leave support behind.

The chair is one of the largest of its kind too, with a width of 35-inches and 40-inches deep so you’ll feel like a baby on it.

And the seat is 20-inches high and may recline to 69-inches so you can lie down and take a nap while enjoying the 19.50-inches reclining footrest for an even more horizontal & relaxed position.


Long-lasting Materials & Build

While the surface of the couch looks like leather, it is actually polyester fabric, one of the thickest out there. This means you don’t get foolish leather that wears out and absorbs weird smells over time. Instead, you get a sturdy poly fabric that lasts a lifetime without leaving softness behind.

Along with this fantastic fabric, you get a corner-blocked frame that prevents wooden planks from breaking. This type of construction makes sure you can enjoy this reclining chair for years to come.

And when you add the reinforced seat, you get a recliner that goes a step further to handle decades of use without any issue.


Stylish & Functional

Boasting a classic brown-leather style with cushy pillows and rests all around, you can expect this chair to fit practically any living room. But it is isn’t how it looks what stands out the most, but the amazing motor lift reclining capacity that adds outstanding functionality.

With only one touch of a button, you’ll be able to change the stylish couch design in your living room to one of the most comfortable recliners out there. Ease off your back, put your legs and feet up, and relax your body entirely on one of the best recliners in the market.


Straightforward Assembly

Apart from being one of the most comfortable, durable, and beautiful reclining couches in the market – it is also one of the easiest to assemble.

Its assembly process takes no more than an hour, and you can do it by following the straightforward instructions. The couch even comes with all the pieces, tools, and hardware so you can build the recliner without having to waste any effort, time, or money in the process.

Disadvantages of the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power Lift Recliner

Even the highest-quality sofas with the most reviews and sales in the market come with their own set of drawbacks. Here we’ll explain why the Yandle Power Recliner is not a flawless chair:

No Power Backup Option

So you’re using this chair at home all comfortable and happy in the highest reclining angle you can. That would be a fantastic experience until electricity goes completely out.

This will leave the chair on the exact same position you were without being able to change it at all. Without having current electricity from a standard outlet, this chair won’t work in any way.

While this is not precisely a bad thing, it could be handy to have a backup battery, power alternative, or at least a manual system, so you can eventually set it up if there’s a power outage.

Footrest Doesn’t Go High Enough

Some people like to be almost entirely flat on their couch, as it resembles the most comfortable position possible in a bed without having to buy one. Sadly, the footrest of this couch doesn’t go high enough to provide that same position many users love.

So you’ll get a product that can reach excellent backrest recline and enough footrest elevation to be comfortable, but you’ll still be in a diagonal position. If you want something flatter, this chair won’t be it.


Excellent comfort factor thanks to a top-notch reclining design in backrest & footrest

Takes little to no time or effort to assembly with very easy-to-follow instructions

Comes with a corner-blocked construction that makes plank angles more durable

Superb polyester faux fabric that resembles leather but is way more affordable & long-lasting

Delivers a classic brown leather-like design that looks amazing on any living room


Footrest doesn’t go high enough which can be bothersome for some users

Lack of backup power or manual set-up option makes it unusable without power

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can you lower/raise backrest or footrest individually?

A: Yes, you can both lower and raise all movable parts of the couch individually without any problem.

Q: Can you move the headrest up and down?

A: No, the headrest moves along with the backrest of the couch.

Q: How many pounds of weight can this chair support?

A: This is a large chair that supports up to 300 pounds of weight without problems.

Q: Are there different colors to choose from?

A: Yes, you can either pick the classic brown Saddle leather color or a Black leather one.

Q: Does this chair come with massager or heater?

A: No, this chair only reclines. It doesn’t offer either a heater or a massager.

Bottom Line

So, you got this far into this article, and you’re still confused whether it is the right option or not. Well, let us just tell you that the Ashley Furniture Signature Model Yandle is a power recliner that doesn’t care about any other thing more than your complete satisfaction.

Just by touching it for the first time and sitting for a few minutes, you’ll find out how comfortable this chair can be. And that’s enough to say this is a great choice, without mentioning the durability, fabric quality, and overall handiness it offers.

As long as you can handle a footrest that doesn’t go as higher as other chairs and the lack of reclining feature when there’s no power – then you’ll find this chair one of the best recliners 2019.