CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

If you are looking at the best recliners reviews in the hunt for a high-quality power lift chair for your lounge or bedroom – then you’ll find the Canmov recliner a go-to choice in every way.
Apart from being one of the most inexpensive of its kind, it’s also one of the most practical with tons of functions and comfort-rich features.
This chair is also one of the softest with unique upholstery that you won’t find in any other recliner.

And on top of all that, it delivers an amazingly comfortable design that even the heaviest, tallest, lightest or smallest user will enjoy.
But this recliner still has a lot more to offer. We want you to learn more about it and decide whether it’s an excellent choice to have or not.

Ready to know why this recliner is such a worthy chair? Then keep scrolling and find out!

Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair Overview

As a recliner gaming chair, it delivers what no other does in terms of comfort and convenience. Boasting an overstuffed foam motion and a superb reclining mechanism, this hugely functional recliner doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll love its smooth reclining function with its electric powered lift so you can lie down without any kind of hassle.  

And its easy-to-use remote control that activates with the simple touch of a button will make you adore it even more. There are many functions to activate including reclining, lifting, sitting and more. You’ll have it all to pick depending on what you prefer.

It works either for your longest gaming days or for just watching movies in your living room on a rainy Saturday.

Brought to life from the simple idea that focuses on the softest upholstery with innovative design, this chair doesn’t leave anything behind in terms of coziness & handiness.

This way you can expect a totally easy-to-assembly chair that still manages to be one of the most reliable & most comfortable out there. You can wait for it to last a lifetime without problems while providing unique relaxing furniture that works for several years to come.

Advantages of the CanMov Power Recliner

There’s no doubt that the best recliner armchairs always have specific features that put them over of many others in terms of quality and worth. This recliner also has those characteristics that are crucial to highlight – such as:


Unbeatable Looks

The modern style the CanMov Power Recliner possesses stands out among thousands of options in the market. You can pick several colors including the luxury Camel color, three different high-quality shades of Brown, and a darker Chocolate option for those who want an even more stylish touch.    

All this pairs up well with a fully functional design that will smoothly fit any user needs. You can get the most out of its looks but also its amazing soft-looking fabric, perfect for coziness-demanding users.

But what really stands out the most is the amazing suede-like surface. You will be able to enjoy the amazing looks but still a pretty soft appearance that’s both pleasing to the eyes and to the touch.


Tough & Durable Build

Coming with an utterly handmade fabric along with metal & electric mechanism – this chair is as sturdy as the hardest rock. You can expect it to last a lifetime without not even one broken plank or worn fabric.

And all of this comes with an assembly process that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. It even comes with its own instructions and video guide to make the whole operation a piece of cake to follow.  

After that, you’ll get a chair that stands up to 300 pounds without problems, with a width of 40 inches and up to 39 inches in depth and a seat that goes up 20.5 inches for exceptional comfort.


Delivers the Greatest Comfort

Everyone wants a recliner that gives no other than the best comfort possible. And that’s pretty much what you get with the CanMov recliner.

The overstuffed cushions in the back, head, seat, arms and even in the footrest transform a soft chair into one of the most comfortable out there. All thanks to the high-density sponges that apart from great relaxation, also offer an odor & stain free capacity.

Apart from that, it supports your back in its entirety. So if you have any back problem, this chair will help you relief them with high-back design and antiskid fabric for a safe yet natural feeling at all times.


Handiest Operation

You probably use a remote control for your television, for your AC, and now for your recliner as well. The 2-button design allows you to change the reclining and lifting modes easily. A simple touch of a button will be enough to enjoy your reclining chair without any hassle.

And this becomes even handier when you add the side pocket, large enough to fit not only the chair control but also any additional controller or item you want.

Disadvantages of the CanMov Power Recliner

Despite delivering a fantastic performance & design in its entirety, there are still a few factors you may want to know about before buying. Here we explain what this recliner doesn’t do as well as you would like:


Short Backrest Design

There’s no doubt this chair is among the coziest in the market – but it’s also true that it’s not the most comfortable options out there.

You’ll get a recliner that makes it easy to relax no matter where you are or what you’re doing, especially with the overstuffed cushions all around. But this doesn’t fix the short backrest design that might be a bother to some users.

Customers taller than 6 feet often feel as if the backrest doesn’t fill their demands. And this could happen because this backrest is a little shorter than expected, which could feel a bit uncomfortable for tall owners.

Low Armrests

As soon as you take a look at the design of the CanMov Power Lift Recliner, you can see the armrests are far lower than they should. Along with a short backrest design, this can be pretty uncomfortable, especially for the tallest people.

But it’s interesting to know that the armrests are barely above the seat level, which makes it pretty comfortable for anyone who wants to lie down. In a seating position, however, this design can promote a little discomfort which many users won’t like. And you may be one of these users, so consider this flaw before buying.


Fantastic overstuffed cushions with soft fabric that delivers high-level comfort

Straightforward two-button remote control for smooth operation

Durable & reliable build with metallic frame and reclining mechanism

Straightforward assembly process with video guides doesn’t take more than 10 minutes

Beautiful design with unique colors & shades that fit any living room


Armrests can feel pretty low and uncomfortable

Low backrest design may be an issue for the tallest users

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I recline this chair flat to use as a bed?

A: Yes, it reclines almost entirely flat so you can lie comfortably on it.

Q: Does it offer a power backup or manual setup option?

A: No, you won’t be able to use the recliner if there’s no power.

Q: Does it have a rocking mode?

A: No, this recliner only reclines up and down in a static position accordingly.

Q: Is this recliner comfortable for a tall man?

A: Yes, but it all depends. People over 6 feet may not feel as comfortable as a 5 feet person.

Q: Is this recliner also a massager?

A: No, this recliner doesn’t come with a massager.

Bottom Line

For its exceptional quality and tremendous comfort, there’s no doubt this is close to being among the best recliners reviews you’ll find.

Coming with everything you could need to get the most out of it, there’s probably not a better choice for such an amazing cost. And even though it comes with small design flaws, you can still get whatever you want out of it without any problem.

If you want a recliner chair that doesn’t fail and at the same doesn’t rock your wallet out of money, then this is the one you need. Just remember that it’s not the ideal choice for tall users due to its small defects and you’ll be ready to have it at home.