CANMOV Rocker Recliner Chair Review

After several chairs, we came back to CanMov, the best recliner brand in the market both for its hugely comfortable couches but also for the excellent price tag.
This time we encounter the Rocker Recliner Chair, one of the most unique and convenient options in the market. The ability to recline your body while rocking at the same time will increase your comfort to the maximum levels.
Ideal for anyone who wants to be most relaxed possible, this chair is an option you shouldn’t overlook. And to help you with that, here we bring a review with all the critical factors, quirks, and crucial stuff to know about it.
Interested in what this excellent rocker recliner from CanMov has to offer? Don’t hesitate and take a look!

CanMov Breathable Bonded Leather Rocker Chair Overview

You couldn’t say this is a flawless couch, but surely one of the best overall. For its fantastic rocking capacity and still reclining according to your needs, you won’t get less than hugely enjoyable experiences from this chair.

If somebody asks you “who makes the best recliners?”  this recliner & rocker chair will be an excellent proof that CanMov is probably that brand. To create a completely functional and comfortable machine that leaves nothing to be desired is what every other brand should aspire to be – and CanMov does it excellently.

You can use this recliner for anything including napping, sleeping, or just watching TV or reading. And you can expect it to last a lifetime without problems thanks to a very sturdy frame made of wood and a steel-reinforced backrest.

Everything comes with high-quality leather, high-density foam for comfort, and much more. You won’t have anything to criticize about this chair. And only for that, you could say it is one of the best recliners in the market.

You just need to add the fact that rocks and reclines without leaving all other factors in the table and you’ll get one of the most practical, relaxing, and versatile options for recliner chairs.

Advantages of the CanMov Rocker Recliner Chair

Before deciding whether you want it or not, it’s ideal for learning as much about it as possible. That’s why we brought all the benefits you’ll get when getting this chair. Come and learn!


Stylish with a Vintage Touch

A vintage design always brings the most passionate users, and the CanMov Rocker does this perfectly. You get a classic armrest design using bonded leather for a fresher experience. But it doesn’t end there. It still comes with brass accent nails on the sides of the armrests, making it look even more classical.

This way you can add this couch to any room, and it will look fabulous without forgetting that the leather texture is one of the softest out there. However, it is the color-rich shade it offers that makes it so amazing, adding an old-fashioned touch to any classic-looking room.


Large & Reliable Build

So you get a good-looking, comfortable, entirely functional, and what’s even more critical – a reliable chair. Using heavy-duty wooden planks and steel reinforcements, the whole construction of this couch will ease your worries through the years.

Not only it is stable and pretty sturdy, but it also manages to hold up to 300 pounds without problems. And this comes with a chair that measures 34-inches wide and 38-inches deep with a height of 40 inches. So you’re not getting the smallest of chairs, you’re getting a considerably large recliner & rocker that never lets you down.


Comfort at Its Best

Anyone can get the most out of this chair, especially for the level of support it delivers. The stylised design along with the high-density foam in its entirety makes it cozy for anyone. This leather feels as soft as it looks, and provides a fresh experience by using a bonded leather finish.

And you still get a product that supports your back to prevent any pain from escalating. It contains a laminated veneer lumber system that increases the support and delivers the ideal option for anyone with problems on the lumbar, back, or neck.


Rocker & Recliner Design

There’s probably no competitor to the fact that this chair is not only a recliner but also a rocker. Along with the comfort & support levels you get, the chair also manages to help you achieve whatever position you want and still rock for the utmost convenience out there.

Relaxing on this couch will be a piece of cake. You just need to adjust the backrest to 90, 120 or 145 degrees, elevate the footrest, and start the rocking system so you can forget about any of your problems in a matter of minutes. Whether you want it to sleep, nap or relax after a long day – this chair won’t disappoint you.

Disadvantages of the Rocker Recliner Chair

Even the most fantastic rocker comes with its own set of flaws that need mentioning. Here we explain why this recliner may not be a perfect choice for everyone:

Narrow Seat

While this couch is large and comfortable for short and tall people, it is the narrow seat that can feel a little uncomfortable for most.

This is not precisely a bag thing, as many people actually prefer narrow seats instead of wide ones. But most of the time it’s slightly uncomfortable and may cause some problems when fitting.

And when it comes to sleeping or just taking a nap, a narrow seat may not offer enough place to move – which can cause further discomfort. So if you want something really wide & comfy, this may not be your ideal recliner.

No Electronic Mechanism

A manual rocking & reclining mechanism is always ideal for preventing the couch from becoming a liability when there’s no power. This way you can always use it no matter the place or time. But this also makes the chair inconvenient as it doesn’t move by itself.

While you’ll need to grab the handle and pull to make it recline, other recliners only need a simple touch of a button to move up or down accordingly. So you’ll be losing lots of coziness and handiness with this chair, as it doesn’t come with an electronic or automatic system for smooth operation.


Excellent bonded leather surface for a soft yet reliable construction

Beautiful vintage looks using bonded leather for classic armrest design

Top-notch build with wooden planks & steel reinforcements that lasts a lifetime

Unique rocker & recliner design for a more functional and convenient design

Exceptional high-density foam with plush touch for a hugely comfortable experience


The seat can feel pretty narrow for some people

It doesn’t offer an automatic or electronic operation which can be inconvenient

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does it take to assemble?

A: Due to a straightforward design without an electronic system, this recliner & rocker doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up.

Q: Can you rock the chair while reclined?

A: No, it only rocks back and forth when it is in an upright position.

Q: Is it comfortable for people over 6 feet tall?

A: Yes, people up to 6.5 feet can sit and recline comfortably on it.

Q: Does this recliner come with a massager?

A: No, the chair only comes with a recliner and lifter function.

Q: Does this sofa offer a manual reclining system?

A: No, it only works with its powered mechanism.

Bottom Line

So you’re looking for a chair to place on your living room, and you want something stylish with a vintage look that rocks, reclines, and offers the highest level of comfort possible. Well, the CanMov Rocker & Recliner is probably the one you need.

Coming from the best recliner brand that delivers continuous quality in every chair, this chair recliner goes a step beyond what others are willing to go so you can receive a product that doesn’t disappoint.

There’s no significant flaw on this chair to mention apart from the lack of an electronic reclining system. Get that out of the equation, and this is probably the perfect chair for anyone. Get it now, and you won’t regret it.