Esright Massage Recliner Chair Review

Going on the market trying to find a decent recliner can be an exhausting job. With so many brands and models to pick, different builds & designs, and a wide array of colors and sizes may eventually make the whole process a daunting experience.

That’s why we want to make it easy for you and bring a superb choice among the top rated recliners – the Esright Massage Recliner Chair Ergonomic Lounge.

This is one of the most functional, comfy, easy-to-use and completely reliable options you’ll find. Not only it offers all that, but you also get the safety of using a reputable brand that doesn’t disappoint, plus a wide array of surprising quirks you won’t find anywhere else.

Want to learn more about this excellent recliner & massager chair? Then keep reading and get to know it all!

Esright Massage Ergonomic Lounge Chair Overview

To read thousands of recliner chair reviews can be a waste of time when you can simply get one of the most convenient of all: the Esright Massage Recliner Chair for Lounge Ergonomics.

As its name says, this enjoyable chair comes with the ability to recline, massage, vibrate and even heat up your body in the process. It does it all at a fantastic price point, making it an exceptional opportunity for low-budget users who want the most out of a single piece of furniture.

Apart from the functionality, this recliner comes with a polyurethane leather build, extra-padded sponges for support, and a pretty comfortable design that will relax you in a matter of seconds. Just sit on it and wait for it to di its fantastic job – you’ll forget that it is a chair.

It still manages to offer much more than that, including an electronic system for automatic operation, so you don’t have to move your body when using it. Add the superb set of handy quirks with the cup holders & the side bag – and you’ll get a product that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.

And despite its feature-rich design, this is still one of the most reliable options out there for an unbeatable price. If you want something that satisfies even the most demanding user, this is the chair to go for.

Advantages of the Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Even the smallest and less useful piece of furniture comes with its set of benefits. And surely, a couch like the Esright Recliner is probably one of the most valuable of all. So, we needed to explain the most important features it offers:


Hugely Cozy Design

The design of this chair is no less than magnificent. Yes, you’ll get everything you want from this piece of furniture thanks to the addition of soft PU (polyurethane leather) that adds an excellent feel to its surface. Even sitting wholly naked or with tons of clothes feels alright.

Add the set of padded sponge foams that will feel softer than most pillows, and you’ll get an ideal product for comfort-seekers. And don’t forget you also get excellent cushion & armrest support, making it easy to feel completely relaxed & comfy after the longest working days.


A Handy Design

This recliner also comes with two cup holders, four storage bags, and a remote controller for changing modes & levels of comfort. An unbeatable chair when it comes to handiness, making it easier to relax and have the time of your life without having to leave home. Just sit on it, turn on the massager & heater, and relax like never before.

All this comes with swiveling mechanism that goes 360-degrees around so you can point to any place on your house, adding to an already flexible chair. And with the 150-degree reclining angle, achieving the utmost comfort for sleeping, napping, or just resting will be easier than peeling a mandarine.


Unique Massaging & Heating

A chair that reclines is always a pretty interesting choice for any living room. But that’s the less exciting feature it can have when you can also find a massager and a heater.

We’re not joking, this fantastic recliner comes with the ability to massage, vibrate,  and heat up your body no matter the position you’re in. This way you can get all the health benefits from using it while feeling the most relaxed possible you can be on a chair.

The heat functions act specifically on the lumbar area, and the vibration motion helps to activate muscles when sitting. You also get massages with different intensities and many other functions that add to its amazing comfort & convenience.


Huge but Reliable

The massager & heater chair from Esright also boasts large dimensions, including 33.1-inches of length,  35.8-inches of width, and 43.2-inches of height so you can achieve the utmost comfort no matter how tall or big you are.

And with sturdy construction including polyurethane leather & extra-thick foam, you can expect several years of use out of this recliner. In the process, you’ll get a chair that still manages to look pretty good.

Disadvantages of the Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Even the most fantastic recliner will come with its own set of issues, and this chair is not an exception. Here we explain why this chair may not be ideal for you:

Slightly Inconvenient Swivel

The reclining, massaging, heating and vibrating options take almost nothing to activate and enjoy. But the swiveling feature does not.

To swivel the chair to your desired facing point, you’ll have to move it almost manually which can be huge trouble. Having to maneuver around the chair to achieve the right place may eventually become a liability you won’t like.

Not Independent Operation

As soon as you turn on the massaging feature, the heating function will also start. Many users will appreciate the straightforward activation process this brings, but others will probably hate it.

There’s nothing handier than a chair you can use to relax with a small massage after coming from work. And then, after taking a freezing shower, just sit on the chair and let the heater alone do its job.

Sadly, with this chair you’ll have to take the massage and heat at the same time. And that’s something not many people will like.


Unique functions to recline, massage, heat up and vibrate that you won’t anywhere else

Pretty large and reliable construction that fits the tallest or biggest person

Excellent-looking PU leather design with extra softness & six different colors to pick

Amazing controls & operation for the handiest experience with recliner chairs

A hugely comfortable set of extra-padded sponges with soft armrest & backrest supports


Swiveling capacity can be inconvenient & uncomfortable to use

Massaging and heating functions don’t function independently

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does this chair have a rocking feature as well?

A: No, it only comes with a massager, a heater, a vibrator, and a recliner.

Q: Can the heating feature make you sweaty?

A: No, the heating function only heats the lumbar area up to a warm feeling.

Q: How can I change the levels or vibration, recline, and heating?

A: The chair comes with a control you can use to pick two different massaging levels & heat at the same time. For reclining to 150 degrees, you’ll have to pull a lever on the side.

Q: Can I fit a coffee cup inside the cup holders?

A: No, it is large enough just to fit soda cans and regular glasses. Anything thicker than that like a coffee cup won’t suit inside.

Q: Is the PU leather better than real leather?

A: Not necessarily, but it can last a long time as long as you keep it clean and take care of it.

Bottom Line

Adding a hugely competitive cost, an impressive set of functions and a magnificent level of comfort & relaxation – this recliner becomes a superb choice like no other you’ll find.

As long as you can get over the swiveling and reclining method that’s a bit problematic, this chair will come like a gem. You could even say it is among the top rated recliners at such an affordable price range.

Overall, this chair doesn’t disappoint. Just remember that it is not the most durable out there. You get what you pay for, but it still manages to go over its price fact and deliver what others don’t.