Homegear Electric Recliner Chair Review

An electric recliner is always a fantastic choice for those who want the highest convenient without leaving behind comfort. And the Homegear Recliner Chair with an electrical system is precisely that and much more.
If you go over several reviews from the best recliners, you find out that not many come with an electric system that makes overall operation easier. So that alone puts this low-end but incredibly reliable chair up there among the best.
But this chair offers much more than that and we are here precisely for that. We want you to know everything as much as you can about it, so we’ve reviewed it entirely for you to learn. 
Are you ready to tackle more info about this exceptional recliner? Don’t waste more of your time and keep reading!

Homegear Recliner Electric Massage and Heat Overview

The electric system alongside one of the most comfortable design makes this gamer recliner one of the best opportunities out there. Whether you want it for purely sitting after a long day, watching TV or hooking up with your gaming setup – this is a perfect chair that doesn’t leave anything to be desired.

It starts its fantastic set of features with an electronic massage system that focuses on eight points around your back. The lumbar-pint heating capacity also achieves great value, increasing the overall comfort & functionality of this affordable chair.

Despite all that, it still holds one of the most stylish designs in the market. Featuring leather-like fabrics and with one of the softest surfaces, you can expect it to help you achieve outstanding comfort without problems.

You get several other comforts & convenience-oriented quirks that together complete a magnificent recliner chair in its entirety. It doesn’t matter what you want it for, it will deliver precisely that without any drawback and leaving you completely satisfied.

Just add the ability to change between different massage modes and the colossal design that fits all kinds of people, and you can guess this is a chair that won’t let you down. But there’s still a lot more to know about it, so keep going and find out!

Advantages of the Homegear Recliner Chair

When you take a look at a sofa like this, you need to find all the highlights & special functions it offers that others do not. Here we will focus precisely on that so you can learn why it’s such a great product to have. Take a look:


Relaxing Massages & Heat

Few recliners offer the chance to get a massage and a relaxing heating function on your lumbar area like the Homegear Electric Recliner does.

Let’s start with the massage, offering an 8-point area vibration mode that relaxes you to the highest level so you can get rid of stress in a matter of minutes. Whatever tension you got holding down your body, this chair will get rid of.

But you can still customize this massage depending on the mode & regions you pick so you can get a completely functional massage system with a timer so you can use it however you prefer.

Along with the massage you get the heat in the lumbar area that gets rid of tension & pain even more effectively – while still offering the chance to pick different modes according to your needs.

If all this doesn’t make this chair a top-notch opportunity, then nothing will do.


Large & Reliable Build

t is not precisely the largest chair in the market, but undoubtedly one of the comfiest thanks to its design. Measuring 34 inches wide, 37.5 inches long and 42.5 inches high – anyone either tall or short can fit on it without issues.

This build is hugely reliable entirely, following a strong wooden construction with an electric system with recline, massage and heat function that doesn’t let anyone down. You just need to connect the 71-inches power cable to the nearest outlet, and that’s it.

Just sit on it and relax. With the capacity to support up to 485 pounds of weight when not lifted, this is a chair for anyone and everyone.  


Comfy, Classy & Versatile

Despite the complete functionality for achieving the most relaxing afternoon of your life, this chair doesn’t let style & versatility behind.

The leather finish it offers looks terrific on any part of your house, makes it completely easy to clean thanks to an artificial surface, and still manages to feel as soft as the highest-quality leather you can think of.

The classy style & unique surface makes this chair a perfect option at such a low price. And you can still enjoy it with the 360-degree swivel that adds a versatile touch to its sitting so you can face wherever you want without having to stand up and push the whole chair altogether.


Convenience at its Best

One of the most comfortable, versatile, functional, and convenient chairs of its kind – it doesn’t fail to keep impressing even the most demanding of users.

Apart from all the previous features, you get a design with two cup holders that fit any soda can or container, while also coming with two front pouches and two more on the sides. Whatever you want to store or keep at hand without disturbing comfort while sitting – you’ll have the chance to enjoy everything this chair has to offer.  

Something that adds even more handiness to this design is the electric system that you can control using a remote. Yes, only select the type of mode and level you want, and with a simple touch of a button, you can pick the desired function without any hassle.

Finally, just grab the remote and put it inside one of the pouches and that’s it. As if everything else wasn’t enough.  

Disadvantages of the Homegear Recliner Chair

Even the best sofas in the world will come with several unpleasant characteristics to consider. As you may want what this chair offers that may not be of your liking, here we explain these factors thoroughly:

Springs Aren’t Deep Enough

Everyone wants the most comfortable chair possible. Doesn’t matter if it is a massaging, heating, reclining, or even a flying chair – it needs to be entirely comfortable without fault. Sadly, this chair is not precisely that.

While the thick padding on the armrest, backrest, and footrest feel really well almost at all times, it still leaves a little to be desired. The springs, for example, may not be deep enough inside the cushions so you may eventually feel them when sitting. And of course, this is something no one should dismiss.

Unreliable Footrest

The overall functionality of this chair is simply amazing. It leaves almost nothing to desire – apart from the footrest.

While it won’t wear out, tore, or break – it may leave you completely frustrated when it comes to bringing it high enough or just down. The mechanism on the footrest typically gets stuck and makes it a little frustrating when you have to stand up and take it to the desired level manually.

This won’t happen at first, but after some time the footrest mechanism will leave you stranded on a semi-upright position. And you may not like that at all.


Superb functions for massaging and heating your body to achieve maximum relaxation

Unique design with artificial leather for excellent softness & classy chair looks

Provides great handiness with cup holders, pouches and remote control for operation

Reliable and robust build using a wooden frame that holds up to 485 pounds effortlessly

Swiveling & reclining modes help you achieve the desired sitting position at any moment


May provide a little discomfort due to springs getting through the padding

The footrest can be pretty unreliable & frustrating to use when reclining

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How many colors are available for this chair?

A: You can pick three different colors: Brown, Black, and Cream.

Q: What kind of leather does this chair come with?

A: The leather is PU (polyurethane). It is one of the toughest and most durable out there. Just keep it clean, and it will last a lifetime.

Q: Does this chair get flat for people to lie down?

A: Yes, it achieves an utterly horizontal position for people to lie down without issues.

Q: Can this chair hold people of up to 485 pounds when lifted?

A: No, it only supports that kind of weight when it’s upright. When lifted or reclined, it may not be stable with that weight.

Q: Is the reclining function powered or electric?

A: The reclining feature of this chair is completely manual. You’ll have to pull a lever on the side to make it recline to your desired level.  

Bottom Line

So you want the a cheap recliner that doesn’t butcher comfort or handiness in any way? Then you’ll need the Homegear Electric Massager Recliner – one the best recliners you’ll find.

With only a few drawbacks with the footrest and a slight problem with the springs, this chair also boasts the most impressive set of functions & design quirks that you won’t find anywhere else. Capable of massaging and heating while reclining at the same time – this is an option not to dismiss.

If you want something with the most functional design and features out there, then this chair will be it. Just make sure you are familiar with its flaws, and there won’t be any problem later. Get it, and you’ll be delighted.