Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner and Ottoman Review

The best recliner under 500 for many people, the most versatile for others, and a go-to option for low-budget users – Flash Furniture is always a reliable opportunity no matter the product. And when it comes to its Contemporary Recliner with Ottoman, you can expect the best of the best.
This brand doesn’t stop when it comes to low price. It wants the most out of every factor, including durability, looks, functionality, comfort, and more. You’ll get craftsmanship from masters without the inflated price tag. That’s what Flash Furniture has for you.
That’s precisely why we think this Contemporary recliner is an exceptional opportunity that you shouldn’t dismiss. 
If you’re on a hunt for a recliner that’s several steps ahead of its competition when it comes to quality and design – then this is the chair you want. So don’t waste more of your time and take a step further into this article to find out more about it!

Flash Furniture Contemporary Swiveling Mahogany Base Recliner Overview

A set comprising a recliner and an ottoman – that’s what Flash Furniture delivers this time. Among the highest quality recliners, this is an option for those who don’t care about the price but about the quality. And you can see that both on its looks & overall functionality.

At first look, you can see how the LeatherSoft upholstery alongside the mahogany wood on the base will satisfy your eye. It looks precisely how the comfiest chairs look, inviting you to sit on it.

It feels soft at first touch with plush arms, comfy headrest, and a leather-like surface that you can guess won’t stain too easily. This adds to its already attractive design so you can be more assured it is not a low-budget chair that disappoints, but actually the other way around.

While it doesn’t come with unique features such as a massager or a heating option, you’ll still get what every recliner should – amazing comfort & the ability to lie down flat at any moment.

It still manages to be a sturdy chair that holds several pounds of weight without problems. And despite its seemingly fragile base, it stands firm & comfortably even when reclined. This way you can expect it to offer no less than a fantastic experience.

The sponges go deep for comfort, everything feels right on its place, and the mechanism is a piece of cake to use. Whatever you could want out of a recliner at an affordable cost – this one has it.

Advantages of the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner

All the best leather couches come with a specific set of features that set them apart from the competition. Here we are going to talk about these features that set the Flash Furniture Contemporary recliner apart from the rest:


Elegant Design

Starting with the LeatherSoft fabric on the chair, you can see how it handles a sleek look without going over the top. It speaks wonders of the craftsmanship & skills of the men who built it with soft lines of sewn fabric across the build will attract even the most hesitant person to sit on it.

It is a subtle design in its entirety, including the stylish ottoman that adds a classy touch to the whole set.

You can pick the Brown Vintage, the Black, Beige or the Palimino colors – all of them boasting a unique touch of elegance that you can match to the most luxurious of rooms. It looks exactly like what millionaires would use for their office or living room, but without the millionaire price tag.


Maximum Comfort

Whether it is the armrests, the deep seat, and headrest, or the well-designed backrest – this chair manages to provide what others of even double the cost don’t. Sitting on it is one of the most comfortable experiences starting with the thick padding and the soft upholstery.

You’ll know this is not just any chair at first sitting. It’s free of any stress on your body and focuses on the most ergonomic design possible.

The armrests are on the perfect level so you can let your hands relax. With the integrated headrest, you can let your head fall on the padding without discomfort. And the deep comfortable seat takes the comfort to another level.

Enjoy all this while reclining and your feet on the padded ottoman and you’ll feel what no other chair can offer.


High-Level Convenience

The handiness of an ottoman is unmatched for a recliner chair. You won’t need to bring the chair up and down continuously to achieve the right angle or the desired comfort.

Just use your hand to bring the backrest to your desired level, then grab the ottoman, put your feet on it and rest. It may even become an excellent choice for an office, as the footrest is not necessary so it won’t become a liability when using.

To make it work, you just need to pull the reclining lever, and the backrest will do its job accordingly. In a matter of few seconds you can reach whatever position you prefer and without any setback.


Reliable, Functional & Stylish Base

The mahogany wood base of this recliner is probably unique on its kind. With an aesthetic design that adds a touch of elegance, you can expect this base to up to 250 pounds of weight without any issue.

The build of this base comes with a ball-bearing mechanism that adds to a smooth swivel function to the reclining capacity so you can face wherever you want while relaxing your body entirely.

In short, you could say the mahogany base offers it all from reliability to functionality and vibrant design that captivates the eye. And just for that, this is more than a great recliner to consider.

Disadvantages of the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner

Even the most comfortable sofa needs to have its own set of flukes. Here we explain in which areas the Flash Furniture Contemporary recliner with mahogany ottoman stays a little behind its competition:

Not the Sturdiest Build

The mahogany wooden base is strong, but not enough to match what the sturdiest chairs in the market. While other models can support up to 300 pounds or even more – this recliner doesn’t resist more than 250 pounds (and we’re being generous).

So if you are someone big or bulky and you want something to stand for years, then this is not the chair to go for. It may not even pass through the first few sittings, so be careful before making any choice.

No Special Features

Most recliners of this kind come with a massager, a heater, vibrator, or at least a power lift or power reclining feature for automatic operation. Unluckily, the Flash Furniture Contemporary recliner does not offer any of these.

You’ll get a comfortable & handy that looks amazing but doesn’t do anything more than that. If you want something more functional and capable of meeting your most demanding needs, then this chair won’t make it.


Impressively good-looking design with elegant seat & eye-catching mahogany base

Excellent reclining feature with pull lever along with smooth swiveling function

Outstanding comfort with thick padded seat, armrests, and integrated headrest

Highly convenient design boasting separate seat & ottoman for easy setup 

Unique style with a high-grade set of colors despite a low price


Doesn’t offer any special feature including either power lift or automatic reclining

May not hold much weight due to a slightly fragile mahogany base

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this a power recliner or lift chair?

A: No, this chair doesn’t recline or lift with an electric system. You can only recline manually.

Q: How far does the backrest recline?

A: You can recline to a 45-degree angle with this chair.

Q: What does LeatherSoft stand for?

A: LeatherSoft is a type of fabric from Flash Furniture that contains mixed leather and polyurethane to create a soft yet durable material for chairs.

Q: Can I fit this recliner inside my RV?

A: Yes, as long as your RV has a large enough door there shouldn’t be any problem. Otherwise, you may need to assemble the chair inside the RV.

Q: Does this chair fit tall people comfortably?

A: This is a very low and short recliner for people under 6 feet. While anyone taller won’t necessarily feel uncomfortable, it may not be the ideal choice nonetheless.

Bottom Line

If you want the best recliner under 500, then the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner with Mahogany Ottoman is probably your ideal choice.

It doesn’t have special features such as a massager or power lift, but all the rest of its design & build promote a hugely satisfying experience. The comfort and overall convenience it offers will make even the most determined users happy.

For anyone in search of a low-priced, reliable and still pretty good-looking chair for their living room or office – this one is a pretty good choice. If you get this chair, you won’t regret it.